Snowy White 33 Percent Chocolate Ingots
Choclatique's Snowy-White Chocolate 33% is made from cocoa butter (not vegetable shortenings), fresh creamery milk, Hawaiian cane sugar and real vanilla " like no other white choco
Prestige Milk 32 Percent Chocolate Ingots
Prestige Milk Chocolate is the same chocolate used in our fine confections. It's a great chocolate to eat all by itself. Choclatique's Prestige Milk Chocolate is made with real mil
Private Reserve 64 Percent Dark Chocolate Ingots
Choclatique's Private Reserve 64% Dark Chocolate is made from premium cacao beans grown around the world. Our chocolate is fermented, dried, roasted, and conched to an ultra-smooth
Colored Chocolate Ingots
Choclatique is more than just brown and white. Choclatique chocolate is a celebration of flavor and color. Our new colorful ingots prove there's a pot of gold in every rainbow. For
Azteca Mexican Milk Chocolate Ingots 8 Oz Bag
Choclatique's Azetca Mexican Milk Chocolate (32%) is most celebrated bringing us back to the roots of chocolate's ancient origins. The high level of cacao solids and careful conchi
Golden White Raw Cacao Bar Case Of 6
Invest wisely in our pound ingot of pure raw gold pleasure. This dairy and soy free vegan organic reinvention of white chocolate is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and
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Avail. Upon Request
Golden White Chocolate Raw Cacao 1/2lb Block
+ $3.00 handling