Caramels Covered In Milk Chocolate
Home made caramel covered in swiss milk chocolate.
Truffles Assorted 24 Piece Gift Box
Our Twelve Piece Assortment of Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate Truffles are the best of the best. Each truffle is made with the finest ingredients and the most loving intentions. A
Cashew Bark In Milk Chocolate By The Pound
Salted cashew pieces distributed in milk chocolate in a gift box.
Fudge Chocolate By The Pound
One pound of chocolate fudge in a gift box.
24 Piece Seasonal Assortment
Dolce Bella's seasonal assortment will bring you a balance of white, milk, caramel and dark chocolate centers in beautiful hand-molded shells. The assortment is ever changing, with
Almonds In Milk Chocolate By The Pound
Almonds enrobed in milk chocolate in a gift box.
Caramel Pecan Clouds Assorted By The Pound
Caramel Pecan Clouds assorted milk and dark chocolate by the pound in a gift box.

Truffles Dark Swiss Caramel
Twelve dark swiss caramel truffles in a gift box.