Zombie Peter Rabbit Chocolate Easter Bunny
Zombie Peter rabbit is Sugar Plum's Classic Chocolate easter Bunny with a Twist (ed), made of white chocolate and designed to be an original piece in your easter Basket that will m
Easter Bunny Holding A Decorated Egg
Adorable milk free nut free hollow chocolate easter bunny rabbit holding a decorated egg. (6 oz.)
Easter Floppy Bunny Senior
Enjou's Senior, Floppy Eared Bunny is over 1 1/4 pounds of delicious milk chocolate. Almost too cute to eat...Almost!
+ $2.00 handling
Easter Baseball Bunny
The easter Bunny playing your favorite sport!
+ $2.00 handling
Easter Skateboard Bunny
Bro! Check out this easter Bunny on a Skateboard! Perfect gift for the youth and adults alike!
+ $2.00 handling
Easter Bunny Pants
Our GREAT TAKE on the traditional easter basket. This stylish basket in the form of bunny pants features the following Fruit Jelly Beans, Spice Jelly Beans, Solid Chocolate rabbit,
+ $1.00 handling
Solid Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny 7 Oz
Large sitting bunny 7 ounces w/basket of solid milk.

Easter Family Gift Arrangement
This colorful arrangements is filled with a variety of specialty flavored flower lollipops, swirly pops and large chocolate rabbit head lollipop nestled in and around these tastey
+ $2.00 handling
Favorite Easter Gift Basket
The bigger the better!  This easter basket is full of easter favorites for the whole gang. This charming yellow wood basket full of springtime delights is brought to you courtesy
Avail. Upon Request
Easter Bag Of Chocolates
+ $3.00 handling