12 Red Green Chocolate Covered Oreo Gift Box
12 Chocolate Covered Oreo cookies with green and red edible tiny candy Christmas trees in gift box.
6 Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes W Ganache Frosting
Gluten Free, Corn Free, Vegan and Organic. delicious Chocolate cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache frosting (Ganache frosting included in accompanying container for shipping.)
Halloween Fortune Cookie Pail
6 Personalized Chocolate Dipped & Halloween Decorated Fortune cookies in a Chinese Pail. 6 PERSONALIZED Fortune Option.
16 Valentine\'s Day Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies Gift Box
16 Valentine's Day Milk Chocolate Covered Oreo cookies Gift
12 Pink Butterflies Designer Oreos
One dozen Box of Wilbur Chocolate Covered Oreo cookies, decorated with the Pink Butterflies design on Wilbur chocolate. The Oreos are dipped and boxed AFTER your order is placed. P
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12 Autumn Designer Oreos