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Products Matching "custom colors"
Medium Birch Basket
Medium wooden birch basket with handles filled with 1 10-pc white chocolate dipped pretzels, 1 8oz bag of cranberry almond popcorn, 1 4-pc bag of white chocolate dipped red licoric
Birch Logs 10 Piece
3.36 oz Cello bag filled with 10 white chocolate dipped short pretzel rods. Bag comes heat sealed to ensure quality and tied with a ribbon in the color of your choice. Our Birch Lo
Chocolate Fun In The Sun Kit
Feel the heat with this tropical treat! 1.76 oz Cello bag filled with 2 chocolate foil wrapped sandals, and 1 pair of chocolate foil wrapped sunglasses. Tied with ribbon color of y
Chocolate Constructing Excellence Kit
Build your business with chocolate tools! 1.92 oz Clear cello bag filled with 1 chocolate foil wrapped pipe wrench, 1 chocolate foil wrapped monkey wrench and 1 chocolate coin. Mix
Leather Look Box
Leather-look box filled with 4oz bag of chocolate pretzel twists, 8oz bag of chocolate foiled stars, 6 pc bag of chocolate dipped Oreo cookies, and 8oz bag of chocolate almonds. Ti
Tray Of Treats
Round wicker tray topped with our hand dipped specialty items. Assortment includes 8 peanut butter cups, 10 toffee rectangles, 10 caramel triangles, 8 chocolate dipped Oreo cookies
Coffee Tray Of Treats
Wooden printed tray topped with 6-2oz packs of gourmet coffee, 6 chocolate foiled espresso truffles, 2 chocolate dipped spoons, 4oz bag of chocolate espresso beans, 2 pc bag of cho

Wooden Clock Basket
Wooden hinged clock box filled with 12 pc assorted chocolate gift box, 8oz round filled with chocolate almonds and white coconut almonds, 10 pc bag of white chocolate dipped pretze
Gold Star Basket
Festive gold star basket with 2 pack white chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate foil wrapped star on a stick, 1 foiled chocolate covered Oreo, and 2 holiday light chocolates. Wrap
Cocoa Lover\'s Mug
For the cocoa lover in all of us. Oversized mug filled with 2 - 1.25oz hot cocoa packs, 6 pc bag of chocolate dipped Oreo cookies and 4 pc white chocolate covered pretzels. Wrapped
Chocolate Take A Chance Kit
Feeling Lucky? 2.72 oz Clear cello bag filled with 1 chocolate slot machine and 5 money coins. Tied with ribbon color of your choice. Available with or without Laketown Chocolates
2pc Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Favor Box
Our 2pc gourmet chocolate truffle favors are perfect for corporate events, mini thank you gifts or wedding favors.