Birthday Wishes Chocolate Gift Basket
A colorful mix of fruit candy and chocolate bars
+ $3.00 handling
Milk Chocolate Colorful Fish Marshmallow Favors
Milk Chocolate Covered Marshmallow w/colorful Fishy Candies
Nutty Cherry Mosaic
A colorful mosaic of roasted almonds, pistachios, and tart cherries on a thin sheet of 72% rich dark chocolate. A delectable Chocolatines creation for the fruit lovers and nut crav
+ $3.00 handling
Holiday Lights Tray
Holiday Lights Tray is packed with holiday goodies. You will recieve 6 chocolate covered graham crackers, 4 chocolate covered oreo cookies, 6 chocolate dipped pretzels, 8 assorted
ChocoMel Bites 25pc Nutty Basket
Assorted Bites. Cute small cup shaped white chocolate & milk chocolate filled with walnuts & peanuts in centre.  Chocolates wrapped with colorful  wrappers, Gift boxed in a clear
Colored Chocolate Ingots
Choclatique is more than just brown and white. Choclatique chocolate is a celebration of flavor and color. Our new colorful ingots prove there's a pot of gold in every rainbow. For
Las Vegas Landmark Collection 3 Pack
The newest addition to our wildly successful Landmark Collection, our three Las Vegas Landmark tins are as vivid and colorful as the "Strip" itself. The collection features tins of
+ $3.00 handling

Retro Cocktails Indulgence
It's Cocktail Time! During the 1900s, a cocktail was a normal part of the social fabric of life in America. It wasn't just a glass of cheap gin splashed over ice. It was an artisti