12 Pumpkin Spice Truffles
This is our popular seasonal flavor! It's the perfect treat when fall comes around! Whether you are buying them to decorate your dessert table for Thanksgiving or simply because
12 Red Velvet Truffles Rolled In Coconut
Our new twist on red velvet is very popular among all of our customers! The coconut adds a great taste to the red velvet truffle. Order your truffles today!
Love At First Bite Truffle Collection Red Swirl
Our "Love at First bite" truffle collection is packed with passion and filled with divine delights. Treat your Valentine to a 29 piece gourmet chocolate truffle assortment. A sophi
+ $2.00 handling
Dark Chocolate Truffle Fudge Bites With French Grey Sea Salt
Four 1 oz truffle fudge bites of smooth and creamy dark chocolate, coated in semi-sweet chocolate, and sprinkled with imported French Grey sea salt. Winner of the prestigious NASFT
+ $3.00 handling
ChocoMel Bites \'25 Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries\'
25 Simply delicious Strawberries! Perfectly ripe strawberries dipped in Dark Chocolate drizzled with thin chocolate ribbons and sprinkles. It's a combination that positively explod
Chic Cupcake Truffles Boutique
Mmmm, Cupcake Truffles...Cupcakes are the hula hoops of this millennium...without all the gyrations! But unlike a hula hoop that leaves you exhausted and frustrated, cupcakes leave

Avail. Upon Request
Coconut Eggs 12 Oz Box
+ $3.00 handling
Avail. Upon Request
Pernigotti Torroncini Bag
+ $3.00 handling