Artisanal Orange Hazelnut Blondie
Intensified by the flavor of brown sugar, these moist and refreshing orange hazelnut blondies are laden with toasted hazelnuts, candied orange peel, and chunks of toffee.
Dark Chocolate Bar With Hearts
Rich dark chocolate bar from France. all natural ingredients without oil or soy. Sugar hearts pink & white, a red satin ribbon is placed on the chocolate bar.
+ $2.00 handling
Roasted Soy Beans in Natural Chocolate 2 oz Box PACK of 12
Crunchy soy nuts lightly salted and coated in creamy chocolate. An all natural snack free of preservatives, additives and food dyes.
Soy Beans in Chocolate All Natural 8 oz Box PACK of 4
The benefits of soy beans and dark chocolate combine in this all natural treat. Crunchy soy nuts generously coated with high quality chocolate make a delectable snack free of food
All Natural Sea Salt Cashews in Chocolate 8 oz Box PACK of 4
all the flavor in an all natural recipe. We take whole cashews, lightly seasoned with natural sea salt, and coat them with high quality chocolate couverture. No dyes or artificial
All Natural Toasted Almond Biscotti Bites 6 oz Tub PACK of 3
Crunchy, buttery Italian cookies made with premium almonds and the finest ingredients. An all natural snack with just the right amount of sweetness.
Cherries in All Natural Chocolate 2 oz Box PACK of 12
These chocolate covered cherries are made of high quality, all natural ingredients. Enjoy the rich gourmet flavor free of artificial additives, preservatives and food dyes.

Jer\'s Chocolates 12 Pack Of Original IncrediBars
Try the flavor that started it all!  The Original IncrediBar is crisp rice and gourmet peanut butter covered in silky smooth milk chocolate! Stock up on a case of Jer's New Gourm
Jer\'s Chocolates Signature Trio Tower
This tower is one special gift. A three-stack pack of Jer's famous unique gourmet chocolates will have everyone drooling. The lucky recipient of this Signature Trio Tower will rece