Ebony Dark Chocolate Pastilles 72 Percent 16 Ounce Bag
Ebony Dark Chocolate is a very intense bittersweet chocolate used primarily for making very intense chocolate cakes, pies and puddings. It is much sharper than our Private Reserve
Heirloom Milk Chocolate Pastilles 41 Percent 16 Ounce Bag
Milk Farm Milk Chocolate is a European-style milk chocolate. It is best used for cookies, trifles, milk chocolate custards and brûlées. When you're not baking with it, it's a gre
Snowy White Chocolate Pastilles 32 Pecent 16 Ounce Bag
Snowy-White Chocolate is made from 100% cocoa butter, fresh creamery milk, Hawaiian cane sugar and real vanilla. It has no chocolate liquor, hence the white or creamy color.
Prestige Milk 32 Percent Chocolate Ingots
Prestige Milk Chocolate is the same chocolate used in our fine confections. It's a great chocolate to eat all by itself. Choclatique's Prestige Milk Chocolate is made with real mil
Savory 70 Percent Dark Chocolate Bar
This a dark chocolate lover's chocolate bar. We use El Rey's finest 70% cacoa to make this exquisite and tasty treat.
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