Roasted Cacao Nibs


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As chocolate makers we clean, roast, winnow and lightly crush the cacao beans. Their taste is nicely bittersweet, and they have the crunchy, toasty flavor of roasted nuts. Fans of dark chocolate will love these nibs, which are richer and more intense than the chocolate we make from them. Add to all sorts of baked goods and desserts: brownies, cookies, truffles, cakes, tarts, ice cream, whipped pie toppings. Even more fun to play with in savory sauces, moles, chilli, and salads or in any healthy shake or smoothie!

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Our quality is unsurpassed in the United States and perhaps the world. Our goal is to "make the richest, most flavorful chocolate from the purest and best cacao in the world." Our cacao nibs are a reflection of our amazing chocolate! First, our caca beans are brought in fro a variety of locations in the world, always searching out th highest quality beans, properl fermented. The beans then go through a cleaner, then a roaster where heated air gently toasts the at just the right temperature Th innower machine crushes the beans a bit an remove their thin shells. The results ar nown as cacao nibs These woul eventually be turned into cocoa powder and chocolate of the finest quality. W want to expose people to cacao as a rea food, to establish a connection between the plant and the finished chocolate product In addition, to encourage experimentation with flavors and t compliment other foods as well.
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Number of Pieces 1
Dietary Options Nut Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, All Organic, All Fair Trade, All Vegan

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