The Proper Way To Melt Chocolate

To Melt Chocolate

For safety and ease, always melt chocolate in the top of a double boiler over hot, not boiling, water, unless boiling for some special reason is specifically directed. Boiling water is bound to steam. The steam rising around the upper part of the double boiler is bound to condense. And when chocolate is being melted alone, it will "tighten" if even one drop of water falls into it -an unfortunate state of affaiirs which is a separation of the chocolate solids and its fat content. Oddly enough, this happens only with water in minute quantity. Chocolate may be melted with perfect safety in a quantity of water - even a few spoonfuls or with butter, or coffee or any liquid for that matter. A drop or two, however will ruin it.

"Tightened" chocolate may be made usable again by the addition of one or two tablespoons of some tasteless cooking oil which has no water content - corn oil, for instance. Merely add and stir vigorously until the chocolate becomes smooth once more. Do Not add butter.

Aside from its being the chocolate for use as flavoring, melted chocolate has some special uses, too, as in the making of such delectable fancies as these colettes, chocolate cups which may be filled with fruits or creams or both for special occasions.

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