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Organic Ball Assortment
Organic Ball AssortmentOrganic Ball Assortment
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Organic Ball Assortment


Smith Organic Chocolates


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-Vail C., Arkansas


Customer Reviews

Organic Ball Assortment
Review  | By Katrina Miller |  Jul 26, 2012
  This was the best gift that my mom just couldn't stop talking about. She described every single chocolate as more than delicious and she wants more!!! I think I may have created a chocolate monster :)  
Organic Ball Assortment
Review  | By scott |  Apr 4, 2012
  My wife loves the products from Smith's it the only place we buy from!  
Organic Ball Assortment
Review  | By Janet McIlroy |  Sep 13, 2011
  This was a delightful gift for my elderly mother ~ she greatly enjoyed it.  
Organic Ball Assortment
Review  | By Julia |  Feb 22, 2011
  Arrived on time and was quite delicious :)  My favorite was the coconut variety!  
Organic Ball Assortment
Review  | By Vicki Knowles |  Feb 1, 2011
  I sent them to my sister who was very ill to hopefully make her feel a little better and put some sweetness in her life. She thought they were wonderful. Chocolate always has made us feel better!  
Organic Ball Assortment
Review  | By Jennifer Love |  Jan 18, 2011
  I'd give it 4.5 stars and round up for being organic and fair trade. I enjoyed the freshness and the high quality of the ingredients. I noticed some reviewers complained it wasn't sweet enough, but I disagree - it was plenty sweet. It was quite satisfying and a nice variety.   
Organic Ball Assortment
Review  | By Laraine Coffey |  Dec 2, 2010
  Very good assortment, received in good condition, very good variety of chocolates  
Organic Ball Assortment
Review  | By jasstevtif merrychristmas |  Dec 24, 2009
  Another great one that I just couldn't put away. The coconut balls are a delicious addition to this assortment. Organic, Love It!  

About The Product

Organic 'Ball' Assortment is just that - an assortment of our balls. Includes our Signature Raw Almond Butter Balls, Organic Peanut Butter Balls, Organic Coconut Balls & our NEW Cashew Balls whenever available. Makes a great gift for the truffle lover on your list for any occasion! Everything with us is organic and our chocolates are hand-dipped. Our peanut butter balls are made from homemade peanut butter. Our almond butter is raw. Our coconut balls are creamy and rich! Packaged in our Simply Chocolate Brown or Cream box.
You'll love our 'Ball' Assortment. It's a great gift idea for anyone who is the chocolate lover on your list. It's a simple way to show someone you care. Our assortment includes Raw Almond Butter Balls, Organic Peanut Butter Balls, Organic Coconut Balls & and our NEW Cashew Balls (whenever available) - all handmade and shipped to you! The great thing about this is the variety of 'balls.' You know what you're getting, and you know that each one is going to melt in your mouth. The Organic Coconut Balls are made with Organic Neufchatel Cream Cheese. Neufchatel Cheese is lower in fat than traditional cream cheese. Every ball is dipped in dark chocolate and topped with a topping that shows you what you're eating. For example, a peanut butter ball is going to be topped with organic crushed peanuts. A coconut ball is going to be sprinkled with organic coconut. The almond butter balls are topped with our signature 'S' in organic white chocolate. The cashew balls are topped with crushed cashews, lighter in color than peanuts. Packaged in our Simply Chocolate Brown or Cream Box

Smith Organic Chocolates

Smith Organic Chocolates began almost on a whim. That may seem silly, but our passion for chocolate got the better of us. Perusing a gift catalog (the ones you throw away), Donna Smith found a little gadget that melts chocolate. It looked fun! In early 2007, Donna made a lot of chocolates and GAVE them away! People liked them and asked, "Are you going to sell these?" She thought, "Hmmm. Maybe I should." And a chocolate company that uses 99% certified organic ingredients was born in Lancaster County, PA. Since then, Smith Organic Chocolates has made many scrumptious organic......



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  • Packaged in our Everyday Elegance 2-piece Gold Box
  • 100% Organic


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The Global Chocolate Network is a network of shops offering product variety and local delivery. We feature chocolatiers and bakers that have a distinct creative touch. As a result, our product selection boasts a variety of ideas, ingredients, and styles. We offer popular items such as truffles, dark chocolate, and gift baskets. But we also offer unique items that will bring a delightful surprise to your loved one. We know that sending a gift requires several things: You need the right type of chocolate, packaged beautifully, to be delivered on a specific date with your gift message included. Our goal is to make this happen for you. Thank you for shopping with us.
I would like to take a moment of your time to tell you what an amazing employee I have found Ann  to be. She was so helpful to me during all facets of the gift ordering process. I have never dealt with your company before and it was with fear and trepidation that I emailed for help. I need'nt have worried because Ann was there. She took care of everything and made my holiday giving a pleasure. I have since ordered chocolates for family members and Ann was right there to be of assistance. Because of her I have made you guys my chocolatier of choice and record. You have a star here!  - Meg from Ontario, CA