Holiday Collection Raw Truffles

Holiday Collection Raw Truffles
Holiday Collection Raw TrufflesHoliday Collection Raw Truffles
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Our Pride & Joy of Winter 2009! Welcome to our box of Holiday Cheer... We are so proud to bring you our very first Truffle Collection! In true Gnosis Style - some of these flavors have never before been combined in chocolate. We are just amazed at how a truffle can embody the essence of an evergreen tree - or uplift the spirits with frankinsensce & myrrh... How gingerbread spices can make us feel so cozy, and how the depth of dark cacao and fleur de sel salt can inspire the palate's own creativity... All the while holding true as ever to our integrity of using only health-promoting ingredients without the use of sugar, dairy, cholesterol, artificial flavors, or a single unhealthy ingredient!
Ginger Bread Truffle .5oz (14g)
Cacao Beans, Palm Nectar, Cashews, Coconut, Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, Vanilla Bean, Fleur de Sel, Crystal Manna blue-green Algae, Gold Dust, Love. Gingerbread may just be the ultimate holiday comfort food. The center of our gingerbread truffle center is sweetened with palm nectar, regarded as the most sustainable sweetener in the world, and its uniquely creamy texture is thanks to the subtle nuttiness of cashews. The fiery bite of ginger (long regarded as a cure for the common cold), keeps wintry frost at bay. Cinnamon and clove combine with the cacao to deliver a powerhouse antioxidant trio with powerhouse taste. This season, take comfort in our representation of this classic taste in healthy chocolate.
Spruce Truffle .5oz (14g)
Cacao Beans, Agave Nectar, Spruce & Fir Tree Essential Oils, Vanilla Bean, Crystal Manna blue-green Algae, Green Luster Dust, Love. You may never have wondered what a Christmas Tree tastes like, but the elves and faeries here in the Gnosis workshop sure did, and they found out that not only do spruce and fir essential oils enjoy a long tradition of being used to relieve colds, coughs, and the flu (and muscle aches and pains from making rocking horses & other toys) but they combine in amazingly tasty piece of chocolate that tastes like a Christmas tree smells. Bright, cheery, invigorating... without any of the sticky sap.
Candy Cane Truffle .5oz (14g)
Cacao Butter, Coconut, Agave Nectar, Cashew, Water, Spearmint and Peppermint Essential Oils, Red Luster Dust, Love. Your every day garden variety candy cane is hard, crunchy, and over-the-top sweet, but our special-edition candy cane truffles are anything but! They're smooooth, creamy, and luscious chocolate gems flavored with peppermint and spearmint oil so they taste like a candy cane, with just the right amount of low-glycemic sweetness. Peppermint is called the world's oldest medicine (to treat nausea, headache, and ease breathing and upset tummies) but there's nothing old-fashioned about these minty mouthfuls. Take two and you won't need to call us in the morning ... they're that good.

North Star Truffle .5oz (14g)
Cacao Beans, Agave Nectar, Frankincense & Myrrh Essential Oils, Vanilla Bean, Crystal Manna blue-green Algae, Silver Luster Dust, Love. North Star is the guiding light of our truffle collection. Frankincense and myrrh have been prized for thousands of years not only for aromatherapy but also as anti-inflammatories and for combating mental fatigue. The exotic taste of our North Star truffle combines the brightly aromatic and refreshing tastes of frankincense and myrrh with the rich goodness of our chocolate in the most enlightening taste sensation in this, or any other, season. You will feel like a wise person for choosing this healthy indulgence - without the annoyance of having to trek through the desert and get sand in your shoes to enjoy one.

Deep Blue Truffle .5oz (14g)
Cacao Beans, Agave Nectar, Vanilla Bean, Fleur de Sel Sea Salt, Crystal Manna blue-green Algae, Blue Luster Dust, Love. Let's face it ... sometimes the holidays can be pretty overwhelmingly busy with family and presents and lights and decorations and cooking and music, music, music! It can be very hard to find a calm, quiet center which is why we created the Deep Blue truffle. It's a beacon of calm Simplicity spiced with just a hint of luscious Fleur de Sel Sea Salt. Blue is not a traditional holiday color but it is the color of the sea and the sea is where our elves went to harvest the salt, even though sea salt is not harvested where the sea is deep. And if all that is too Deep for you, then our Deep Blue truffle is exactly what you need to find your happy thoughts these holidays.

Cacao Leaf Box These unique boxes are handmade from Cacao leaf paper and 100% recycled box board! They are made by artisan women in villages in Thailand, thus creating jobs and fair wages. To process cacao paper involves careful consideration of the environment and the cacao tree. The paper is made from a blend of wild cogon grass pulp and cacao leaves which are gathered from local cacao farmers. All the cacao leaves used in the papers are from the fallen leaves so that the trees remain unharmed. Since the local cacao farms are quite small, the artisans have collaborated with cacao cooperatives to gather the leaves sustainability. This is a great example how working hand-in-hand on a commercial level can not only bring prosperity to an artisan group and empower their own community, but can also lead to improved sustainable practices that are pleasing to the eye and every bit as elegant than a high gloss, virgin paper box (we think much more so, actually!)
Mini Information Card Would you like to send this box as an introduction to just how amazing raw food can be? Or as a message that being healthy doesn't mean sacrificing the joys of eating? Or maybe you are just giving this to someone who absolutely adores all things chocolate and you'd like them to know just how special this chocolate is... Or perhaps to your grandmother who has diabetes and you'd like her to fall in love with something that will keep her spry! These booklets are made to educate the recipient with information about the amazing gift they are receiving!
Golden Dove (To: From:) Tag Each truffle box comes with its own Mini Golden Dove gift tag - gold on one side, white on the other - for you to address this lovely gift. And hey, no one minds if it says To: Me From: Me ! You deserve it :) If you'd like us to gift wrap your package, we would be more than happy to!

Gnosis Chocolate

Through each hand-crafted chocolate bar, Gnosis proves that health, palette, and consciousness can find a joyful meeting. Our chocolate bars, truffles, trail mixes, spreads, and other products are made with respect for the origins of thebroma cacao, the well being of our society, and the natural majesty of the earth.

* Certified Organic, Vegan, and Kosher
* Raw - never heated over 118f
* Refined Sugar Free
* Dairy Free, Soy Free, and Gluten Free
* Made freshly & shipped directly from our kitchen!
* Packaged & Produced Sustainably......



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