Chocolate.orgCookiesEverything Elsylee Sampler 72 Pcs
Everything Elsylee Sampler 72 Pcs
Everything Elsylee Sampler 72 PcsEverything Elsylee Sampler 72 PcsEverything Elsylee Sampler 72 Pcs
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Everything Elsylee Sampler 72 Pcs

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Elsylee Galetes Artesanals


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"We received your cookies. They are delicious. Probably the best I have ever had. ** Seriously*** "
-Lisa, Washington


Customer Reviews

Everything Elsylee Sampler 72 Pcs
Review  | By Brooke Stant |  Apr 24, 2011
  This was a stunningly impressive gift to receive - we adored the New York, Papete and Habana cookies the best! I've since sent Elysylee samplers as gifts twice!  

About The Product

Take an artisan cookie tour around the world with Elsylee's famously beautiful and flavorful handmade cookies from Almere (Delicious Almond Dough sprinkled with Roasted Jordan Almonds and Ceylon Cinnamon Sugar) to Papeete (Roasted Pecans and Fresh Shaved Coconut Meringue Clouds, Topped with Sparkling Sugar).
An elegantly packaged sampler with 72 cookies (3 of each flavor), and enjoy all of Elsylee's 19 specialty cookies made of the finest ingredients. Perfect for parties and house gifts.
Such as the following flavors: 
1. Valencia- Subtle hints of Valencia Oranges create this Rich Buttery Orange Sable Cookie. These are fantastic with Fine Teas.
2. New Orleans- Indulge in a Delicious Southern Treat, Brown Sugar Pecan Cookie. Topped with a Honey Roasted Georgia Pecan.
3. Caracas- A Crispy Tropical Delight, Poppy Seeds Thumbprint Filled with a Handmade Mango-Pineapple Conserve.
4. New Delhi- A Sweet and Exotic Treat, Valencia Orange Scented Cookie, Delicately Spiced Up with Curry, Cinnamon, Almonds and Toasted Coconut.
5. Lombardy- Flavorful Sophistication, Golden Valencia Almonds-Amaretto Macaroon. These are fantastic with Fine Teas, Coffees, after dinner liqueurs and even Cheese & Fruit Platters.
6. Palermo- Buttery Hazelnut Sandie Topped with a Silky Dark Chocolate Glace, Sprinkled with Freshly Roasted Hazelnuts.
7. Normandy- French Classic- A lovely sweet and salty harmony, Chocolate Sable Cookie with Dark Chocolate Chips and Fleur de Sel.
8. San Miguel- Refreshingly Sweet and Tart, Meyer Lemon Butter Cookie. Perfect with Selected Fine Teas.
9. Barcelona- Handmade Smooth Peanut Butter Ball Covered in Fine Milk Chocolate and Roasted Spanish Peanuts.
10. St. Marteen- One of a kind Confection, Luscious Nutty Thumbprint with a Handmade Cordon Rose Guava-Framboise Conserve.
11. Sevilla- Our best selling cookie! Melt-in-your-mouth Jordan Almond Snowballs Dusted with a Handmade Nielsen-Massey Madagascar-Bourbon Whole Vanilla Bean Sugar.
12. Almere- The best Almond Crisp Cookie you will ever taste! Delicious Almond Dough Sprinkled with Roasted Jordan Almonds and Ceylon Cinnamon Sugar. Perfect complement to any Coffee or Ice Cream!
13. Copenhagen- It is where Smooth Mint Chocolate goodness comes to life! Absolutely Delicious Minty Chocolate Treat, Rich Dutch Chocolate-Roasted Almond Macaroon, Flavored with Bailey's Mint and Filled with Smooth Mint Dark Chocolate.
14. Los Angeles- Triple the Chocolate, Valrhona Cocoa, Dark and Milk Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cookie with a hint of Espresso and Roasted Walnuts.
15. Shropshire- Described by many of our customer as "the best gingersnap" they've ever tasted! Crispy Gingersnap Cookie Accented with Crystallized Ginger.
16. Key Largo- Tart and Sweet. Roasted Pistachios and Sweet Cranberries, Key Lime Crisps, Topped with Silky White Chocolate.
17. Edinburgh- The Finest French Cocoa makes this Classic Exceptional! A Delicious Chocolate Shortbread Square. We use a three step baking process that ensures the best tasting buttery crumbly shortbread you will ever have.
18. Burlington- Most of our customer agree this is the best oatmeal cookie there is, period! Simply put, this Classic Never Tasted this Good. Oatmeal, Montmorency Tart Cherries and Roasted Almond Cookie.
19. Amsterdam- Speculaas (Ginger and other Flavorful Spices Melt in your mouth to create the perfect Spice Square Topped with Almonds).
20. Sicily- New Twist on the Classic Italian Cookie- Subtle Flavors of Anise, Citrus and Fine Dark Chocolate Harmoniously Blended Together to Create these Chianti Wine Cookies.
21. Aspen- Crisp Peanut Butter Cookie with a Marshmallow Cream Center Topped with Silky Fine Semi-Sweet Chocolate.
22. Papeete- Roasted Pecans and Fresh Shaved Coconut Meringue Clouds, Topped with Sparkling Sugar.
23. Vienna- Beautiful and Delightful Cookie, Almond and Cherry Shortbread Thumbprint with a Handmade Blackberry Conserve. Drizzled with Fine White Chocolate.
24. Paris- A Royal Treat, Almond Shortbread Cookie with a Handmade Hazelnut Infused Chocolate Truffle Middle, Topped with Silky Semisweet Chocolate and Chopped Roasted Almonds.

1. Valencia: unbleached wheat flour, rice flour, butter, sugar, fresh orange zest, salt.
2. New Orleans: unbleached wheat flour, butter, brown sugar, egg, pecans, vanilla extract, honey, baking soda, salt.
3. Caracas: unbleached wheat flour, almonds, butter, sugar, fresh mango, fresh pineapple.
4. New Delhi: unbleached wheat flour, butter, brown sugar, eggs, coconut, almonds, fresh orange zest, vanilla extract, curry powder, cinnamon, aluminum-free baking powder, baking soda, salt.
5. Lombardy: almonds, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, amaretto liqueur.
6. Palermo: unbleached wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, hazelnuts, chocolate chips, walnuts, vanilla extract, baking soda, cream of tartar, salt.
7. Normandy: unbleached wheat flour, dutch processed cocoa, chocolate chips, butter, brown sugar, vanilla extract, fleur de sel, baking soda.
8. San Miguel: unbleached wheat flour, rice flour, butter, sugar, fresh lemon zest, salt.
9. Barcelona: peanuts, butter, sugar, chocolate, sunflower oil.
10. St. Marteen: unbleached wheat flour, oatmeal, butter, sugar, almonds, eggs, fresh guava, fresh raspberries, vanilla extract, cinnamon, aluminum-free baking powder, salt.
11. Sevilla: unbleached wheat flour, almond, butter, sugar, whole vanilla bean.
12. Almere: unbleached wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, almonds, vanilla extract, cinnamon, salt.
13. Copenhagen: egg whites, dutch processed cocoa, almonds, sugar, chocolate chips, Bailey's Mint liqueur.
14. Los Angeles: chocolate chips, dutch processed cocoa, unbleached wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, walnuts, pecans, vanilla extract, espresso powder, aluminum-free baking powder, salt.
15. Shropshire: unbleached wheat flour, brown sugar, butter, eggs, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla extract, vinegar, baking soda, salt.
16. Key Largo: unbleached wheat flour, butter, sugar, almond, eggs, pistachios, cranberries, fresh lime, white chocolate chips, vanilla extract, baking soda, aluminum-free baking powder, salt.
17. Edinburgh: unbleached wheat flour, rice flour, dutch processed cocoa, butter, sugar, vanilla extract, salt.
18. Burlington: unbleached wheat flour, oatmeal, wheat germ, butter, sugar, eggs, cherries, almonds, vanilla extract, cinnamon, baking soda, aluminum-free baking powder.
19. Amsterdam: unbleached wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, almonds, vanilla extract, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, baking soda, salt.
20. Sicily: unbleached wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, Chianti wine, chocolate chips, fresh orange zest, fresh lemon zest, vanilla extract, cinnamon, aluminum-free baking powder, salt.
21. Aspen: unbleached wheat flour, almonds, peanuts, butter, sugar, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, salt.
22. Papeete: egg whites, sugar, pecans, fresh coconut, vanilla extract, fresh lemon juice, salt.
23. Vienna: unbleached wheat flour, almonds, butter, sugar, fresh blackberries, fresh raspberries, white chocolate chips.
24. Paris: unbleached wheat flour, almonds, butter, sugar, hazelnuts, chocolate chips.

Elsylee Galetes Artesanals

Experience a treasure trove of delightful, one of a kind cookies.

We offer a wide range of internationally inspired gourmet, all-natural artisan cookies. We only use the highest quality all-natural and organic ingredients. Our cookies work particularly well with fine teas, coffees and dessert and sparkling wines. Plus, they are great for gift baskets. Handmade on demand (instead of mass pre-production) and elegantly packaged, Elsylee Galetes Artesanals are the finest cookies you will find anywhere. Our cookies have been described by our customers and critics as "absolutely mouth......



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