ChocoMallows 3 Pack

ChocoMallows 3 Pack
ChocoMallows 3 PackChocoMallows 3 PackChocoMallows 3 Pack
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Customer Reviews

ChocoMallows 3 Pack 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 2 user reviews.
ChocoMallows 3 Pack
Review by Marty Adler Apr 29, 2013
These mallows are like little cakes of deliciously scruptious cocoa! If one likes chocolate, this is the quinessential chocolate experience! Wow! This conld not be better
ChocoMallows 3 Pack
Review by C. Mindel, Fairfax, VA May 2, 2012
Got the mallows yesterday. In a word: Holy .... . After I chomped one, delighting in the taste all the way, I ran quite a bit (and I’m not runner)!

About The Product

Enjoy the sweet, rich chocolate experience you crave, from the double cocoa and cocoa nibs our mallows are made with... and get the punch of 200 mg caffeine too! 
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ChocoMallows" are for all of us who love pure chocolate in a marshmallow. They still contain the equivalent in caffeine of a double cup of coffee - 200 mg to be exact.  
They are still marshmallows for grownups who need to stay awake. The caffeine is in the marshmallow, but all you experience is the soft, gentle feel of a ChocoMallow as it melts in your mouth. The innocent texture conceals a powerful punch of energy conveniently delivered in one large, luxurious bite. Or a few smaller bites. They are your instant wake-up call when what you crave is the pure pleasures of chocolate!
ChocoMallows” deliver all the chocolatey goodness and health benefits of the Royal mahagony cocoa we use. The richness and deep flavor are imparted by the cocoa butter, the most in any cocoa at 22-24%. Health benefits? They come from epicatechin and flavanols. Read on!
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Will  Epicatechin Outshine Antibiotics?
The health benefits of epicatechin, a compound found in cocoa, are so striking that it may rival penicillin and anaesthesia in terms of importance to public health, reports Marina Murphy in Chemistry & Industry, the magazine of the SCI. Norman Hollenberg, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, told C&I that epicatechin is so important that it should be considered a vitamin.
Hollenberg has spent years studying the benefits of cocoa drinking on the Kuna people in Panama. He found that the risk of 4 of the 5 most common killer diseases: stroke, heart failure, cancer and diabetes, is reduced to less then 10% in the Kuna. They can drink up to 40 cups of cocoa a week. Natural cocoa has high levels of epicatechin.
“If these observations predict the future, then we can say without blushing that they are among the most important observations in the history of medicine,” Hollenberg says. “We all agree that penicillin and anaesthesia are enormously important. But epicatechin could potentially get rid of 4 of the 5 most common diseases in the western world, how important does that make epicatechin?... I would say very important.”
Nutrition expert Daniel Fabricant says that Hollenberg’s results, although observational, are so impressive that they may even warrant a rethink of how vitamins are defined. Epicatechin does not currently meet the criteria. Vitamins are defined as essential to the normal functioning, metabolism, regulation and growth of cells and deficiency is usually linked to disease. At the moment, the science does not support epicatechin having an essential role. 
But, Fabricant, who is vice president scientific affairs at the Natural Products Association, says: “The link between high epicatechin consumption and a decreased risk of killer disease is so striking, it should be investigated further. It may be that these diseases are the result of epicatechin deficiency,” he says.
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Do Flavanols Increase Blood Flow Too?
Currently, there are only 13 essential vitamins. An increase in the number of vitamins would provide significant opportunity for nutritional companies to expand their range of products. Flavanols like epicatechin are removed from some commercial cocoas because they tend to have a bitter taste.
According to recent studies, cocoa flavanols, the unique compounds found naturally in cocoa, may increase blood flow to the brain. The researcher suggest that long-term improvements in brain blood flow could impact cognitive behavior offering future potential for debilitating brain conditions including dementia and stroke.
In a scientific study of healthy, older adults ages 59 to 83, Harvard medical scientists found that study participants who regularly drank a cocoa flavanol-rich beverage made using the Mars, Incorporated Cocoapro process had an eight percent increase in brain blood flow after one week, and 10 percent increase after two weeks.
The research on cocoa flavanols is promising, suggesting that cocoa flavanols may provide a dietary approach to maintaining cardiovascular function and health, and pointing towards new possibilities for cocoa flavanol-based interventions for vascular complications associated with cognitive performance, skin health and age-related blood vessel dysfunction.
These specific findings could offer future potential for the one in seven older Americans currently living with dementia. When the flow of blood to the brain slows over time, the result may be structural damage and dementia. Scientists speculate that maintaining an increased blood flow to the brain could slow this cognitive decline.
Can Type 2 Diabetes be improved with chocolate?
The findings from a recent Journal of the American College of Cardiology study hold significant promise for patients with type 2 diabetes, given the severe complications linked to blood vessel dysfunction in this population. Impaired blood flow and blood vessel dysfunction is an early stage in the development of cardiovascular disease and heart disease and stroke is the cause of death for two-thirds of those with diabetes. The findings reveal that those who drank a flavanol-rich cocoa beverage experienced a 30 percent improvement in their blood vessel health after 30 days of consumption.
Cardiovascular Health Benefits too?
And there is an article from Scientist Live that states cocoa, like coffee, is beneficial to our hearts. Cocoa shows specific cardiovascular health benefits in this study. Who can ask for anything more?
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How About Nutrition?
ChocoMallows, like all of our products, are made with non-GMO ingredients, are completely natural, and are Kosher too.
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Ingredient list:   
Sugar, Water, Cocoa, Cocoa nibs, K-Gelatin, Potato starch, Egg white, Caramel, Milk powder, Caffeine, Vanilla,  Cinnamon.
Kosher certification:   Ko Dairy    
GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) status:  GMO Free 
Nutrition facts, Single-Pack:
Serving size: 1 oz / 28 g
Servings per package: 1
Calories, total: 100 
Caffeine: 200 mg 

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Our office is in Montvale and our production plant is in Millington, New Jersey. We are Kosher approved - Ko Dairy - and make our products under the FDA’s GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices - regulations. 

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