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Chocolate Torte Dessert Truffles '4 Piece 8 Oz'

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Chocolate Torte Dessert Truffles '4 Piece 8 Oz'
Chocolate Torte Dessert Truffles '4 Piece 8 Oz'Chocolate Torte Dessert Truffles '4 Piece 8 Oz'
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Chocolate Torte Dessert Truffles '4 Piece 8 Oz'


Gabriella Chocolates & confections Inc

SHIPS FROM North Venice, FL, USA

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"I purchased 4 sets of the 4 piece variety Dessert Truffles for Mother's Day. They were very well received and very well eaten! They were delicious. You have at least 11 new fans."


Customer Reviews

Chocolate Torte Dessert Truffles '4 Piece 8 Oz'
Review  | By The Demma Family |  Mar 7, 2013
  These desserts are just delicious. We loved the truffles and the peppermint toffee was just incredible. I love that the ingredients are fresh and there are no preservatives. Great Job Gabriella Chocolates and Confections! We will be back for more.  

About The Product

This is reminiscent of the fabulous desserts found in those beloved European Bakeries!
At the heart of our Chocolate Torte Dessert Truffle is rich, creamy Chocolate Italian Buttercream that has been embraced by sumptuous chocolate cake. We finished this one in our 60 % Dark Chocolate to better contrast the lovely bitterness of its crunchy cocoa nib coatings.
Your experience begins with a beautiful round chocolate confection, about twice the size of a traditional chocolate truffle. But, there is nothing traditional about our truffles! Beneath that decadent dark chocolate shell, lies the creamiest, smoothest cake that you have ever tasted. It is so silky, that you can hardly believe it is cake, at all! Oh, but we are not done. Inside that sublime cake, you find an even more luscious delight... a magnificently, rich filling!! Your taste buds will be thrilled and you will want to try them all.
4 servings (Approx 1/2 lb)
Gabriella Chocolates & Confections take care to use only the finest quality all-natural ingredients for our creations. From the finest German chocolate to pure cane sugar and rich creamery butter. Our Italian Buttercream is made from scratch in the traditional European way, right down to the natural ground Vanilla Beans. Additionally, we only use Natural Oils and Extracts to flavor our confections.                                                                                                                       
Our products are made without any preservatives. So be sure to follow the special instructions included in your order, once it arrives. Store in refrigerator up to 2 weeks, or may be frozen for up to 2 months

Gabriella Chocolates & confections Inc

About Gabriella Chocolates & Confections

In February 2011, Nancy Byrne, an artisan chocolatier & classically-trained pastry chef, along with her husband, Mike Byrne, an award-winning sales professional, introduced Gabriella Chocolates & Confections. Basing its headquarters & production facility in Venice, Florida, Gabriella Chocolates & Confections established itself as a premium online retailer and wholesale confectioner.

Gabriella Chocolates & Confections offers the most decadent dessert confection called a Dessert Truffle… Your experience......
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Gabriella Chocolates & confections Inc SHIPS FROM North Venice, FL, USA

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8 oz

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