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89 Supreme Dark Rare Plantation Bar

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89 Supreme Dark Rare Plantation Bar
89 Supreme Dark Rare Plantation Bar89 Supreme Dark Rare Plantation Bar89 Supreme Dark Rare Plantation Bar
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89 Supreme Dark Rare Plantation Bar


Marsatta - Chocolate Maker

SHIPS FROM Redondo Beach, CA, USA

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"A recent customer was on the receiving end of a lovely gift or Marsatta Midnight Express Truffles. The customer emailed us to let us know that due to a health issue he was ordered by his doctor to be on a strict diet for the next 3 weeks. Unfortunately this did not include our truffles..."
-Kai Braden, Los Angeles, CA


Customer Reviews

89 Supreme Dark Rare Plantation Bar
Review  | By jc |  Jan 21, 2014
  melts in your mouth!  
89 Supreme Dark Rare Plantation Bar
Review  | By Harold Redfield |  Mar 1, 2011
  You can distinctly taste three different and tongue tantalizing flavors as you consume the chocolate sections. Dark chocolate is really good for you and I am not aware of any chocolate bar that exceeds 89% Cocoa or any 70% + Cocoa product that tastes as good! I am going to try other Marsatta products to see if this great quality is the rule and not the exception.  

About The Product

Bean 2 Bar - 89% Organic Cocoa Supreme Dark Rare Plantation Bar
Marsatta's Bean 2 Bar - 89% Organic Cocoa Supreme Dark is just that SUPREME! Take the most pleasant bar you have ever tasted and multiply it's flavor profile by 10. With it's fruity taste this supreme dark chocolate takes over all senses in your body. We have been told that once you close your eyes and taste this exquisite treat you will experience no less than four different flavor profiles in our chocolate. Enough said! We tend to agree! - A rare chocolate indeed with a personality all of its own! Vegan Friendly!!

Marsatta - Chocolate Maker

Marsatta Fancy Chocolates is an artisanal Chocolate Bean 2 Bar and confection company, specializing in elegant sweets infused with sophisticated ingredients. Even though he has been in business since 1994, Jeffray D. Gardner launched the new site for this Redondo Beach chocolate processing company one month ago concentrating on its popular chocolate bar line, truffles and its chocolate croissants and cakes. A new venture that has been quite the challenge is making some of his chocolate from the actual cocoa bean! From the cocoa bean Gardner can not only make chocolate but can also have the chocolate......
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  • Southern California's favorite authentic Supreme Dark 89% chocolate bar.
  • This is a 89% Single origin, organic, vegan bar, with no bitterness!


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Marsatta - Chocolate Maker SHIPS FROM Redondo Beach, CA, USA

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16 oz
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4 oz

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