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Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate Bar With Goldenberry 5 Pack
Pascha 55% Cacao chocolate with Organic Goldenberries Pascha's 55% cacao chocolate is topped off with organic goldenberries for a combination of sweet chocolate with the tartness of the goldenberry, a Latin American superfruit. Organic, fair trade, non-GMO, kosher, vegan, gluten-free and free of all 8 major allergens.
Organic Allergen Free Chocolate Bar With Cocoa Nibs 5 Pack
55% Cacao Allergen-Free Organic Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs Pascha's 55% cacao chocolate with organic cocoa nibs. Organic, fair trade, non-GMO certified, kosher, gluten free and vegan. Completely free of all 8 major allergens. Nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, peanut-free and wheat and gluten free.
Pascha Organic Dark Chocolate Bar 85 5 Pack
Organic Dark 85% Cacao A strong intense 85% cacao bar, but one of the smoothest 85% bars we have ever tasted - because of the fine aroma beans and being made in country of origin. Organic, fair trade, Non-GMO, vegan, kosher and completely free of the big 8 allergens.

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Nut Milk Raw Cacao Bar Case Of 6
 1 Review
Milk chocolate fans will love our innovative coconut milk chocolate. We use organic coconut in place of dairy or soy to replicate the smooth...
+ 3.00 handling
The chocolate bars are very delicious. The chocolate is smooth and creamy. - Hayley Hudson

8oz Raw Cacao Nibs Case Of 6
8oz Raw Cacao Nibs Case of 6...
+ 3.00 handling

Golden White Raw Cacao Bar Case Of 6
 1 Review
Invest wisely in our pound ingot of pure raw gold pleasure. This dairy and soy free vegan organic reinvention of white chocolate is rich in minerals,...
+ 3.00 handling
Great chocolate! - Melanie Jacobs

70 Percent Raw Cacao Bar Case Of 6
 1 Review
Creators of multi-award winning gourmet raw, vegan, organic sweets and confections, Organic Nectars introduces a line of hand tempered chocolates...
+ 3.00 handling
Even though the bar is very expensive, it is manufactured with wholesome and quality ingrdients. The bar has a tasty rich flavor, and I like the health benefits . - Loretta Marsh

Raw Guru, Bend, OR
 1 Review
Rawtella is a decadent hand crafted raw vegan treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth. We combine soaked and dehydrated organic hazelnuts and stone-grind...
+ 2.00 handling
Quite a good surprise : it's sweet but not too much, the cacao and hazelnut mix creates a really nice flavor... I love it ! It's not as creamy as I would expect though, but I will definitely buy more ! - ChocoLover

11 Oz Chocagave Raw Cacao Dessert Syrup
 4 Reviews
11 oz Chocagave raw cacao dessert syrup...
+ 3.00 handling
We loved a "dressed up" coffee at home. Use this to drizzle on the whipped cream on top. Found everyone coming in to put a teaspoon in their coffee. Great stuff! - Bakingismytherapy

54 Percent Raw Cacao Bar Case Of 6
 1 Review
Enjoy our dairy free raw semi-sweet raw cacao chocolate that will give you an amazing chocolate experience you will love! Creators of multi-award...
+ 3.00 handling
I ordered this chocolate with the hope that it would be as good as described. I have eaten raw cacao nibs in the past and almost died from the horrible taste. Yes, I want to have healthier chocolate, but quality of life matters too! It seems this product has solved that problem. Organic Nectar's Raw Cacao Bar is sinfully good. I feel like I'm cheating and eating the most rich chocolate... and it's healthy! It's raw, rich in antioxidants and great for that chocolate fix! Thanks Glenn Beck for helping to connect chocolate lovers with! What can I say about Organic nectars, you guys ROCK!!!! Great product! - Margarita S.

11 Oz Chocagave Raw Cacao Dessert Syrup Case Of 6
11 oz Chocagave raw cacao dessert syrup case of 6...
+ 3.00 handling

40g Raspberry Raw Cacao Bar
40g Raspberry Raw Cacao Bar...
+ 3.00 handling

India Sunset Sacred Organic Raw Chocolate
 1 Review
Allow your pallet to lead you on a journey through India. Sacred Organic INDIA SUNSET 1.44oz Perfect Golden Spiral Heart is CHAI CURRY RAPTURE...
+ 3.00 handling
This was my second Sacred Heart to experience, and it was no less of one than my first; when you look at the ingredients list, you have the idea that it will have a crunchy component, but, not so! The smoothness of the stone grinding process is at work, here; the result is an amazing creaminess which makes you wonder, just how did they do that? The curry and saffron notes spar with each other between bites, with little bitter points of the cacao nibs in between. You must try this to believe it, but take the time to savor and not just gobble. This is not for your daily chocolate consumption, but when you want to have a special moment! - Deliusfan

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