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There are many homemade items in our network of over 200 chocolate shops. When you place an order with, you are usually getting a product that is more fresh. Why? Because our shops are smaller and the items are made to order. We have many years experience helping customers with gift giving. We know it is a delicate process. The gift must arrive on-time, with the proper look and feel, and with a gift note. When you place an order with us, you will find that our system will help you through each of those steps. Chocolate is something that we take seriously, and we know that a great delivery will bring a smile to the important person in your life. 
Joyva Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Joys (24 count)
Nestle Goobers Chocolate Covered Peanuts 24 Count Box
Zero Candy Bar 24 Count Box
Goldenberg Milk Chocolate Peanut Chews 24 Count Box
Order your Pizza now! What a fun gift! This confection is sure to delight.
Twix Peanut Butter Cookie Bars (24 Count)
Charleston Chews Vanilla Candy 24 Count Box
I bought this for a gift for my Mum who is a fudge lover extreme, therefore I was not able to try it myself. However I see that it looks very smooth and creamy and smelled yummy. I bought two 1/2 lb pieces but it was sent as one whole pound piece rather than two 1/2 lb pieces. I was hoping and expecting it to be in two pieces but it's not a big deal. It came quickly and was packaged well.  - Darlene Pavlovich
We start wtih our smooth vanilla fudge and mix in the right amount of natural maple flavoring together with whole English Walnuts and voila, you got one of our favorite fudges.
M & M's Peanut Butter Candies 24 Count Box
Charleston Chews Chocolate Candy 24 Count Box
Milky Way Midnight 24 Count Box
One Pound of Truffles & Creams Foiled in Festive Colors Packed in a Sectional Gift Pack.

New Item
Pink Polka Dot Dark Chocolate High Heel Shoe filled with Assorted Chocolate Truffles
9 oz. of Truffles & Creams Foiled in Festive Colors in Our Halo Gift Pack.
Dark Chocolate Raisinets 36 Count Box
9 oz of Truffles & Creams foiled in Festive Colors. Packed in a reusable acrylic box.
6 oz. of Truffles & Creams Foiled in Festive Colors Packed in a Frosted Plastic Box.
A Delicious dark chocolate bunny lolly perfect for Easter. This lolly measures 5 1/4 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide.
This was very good - chocolate was delicious. Is there any way to make kosher chocolate for those who don't eat dairy? - DEK
Milk Chocolate Happy Chanukah Card
Orange flavored vanilla fudge swirled with Vanilla fudge to give you that old fashion popsicle flavor.
6 oz. of Truffles & Creams Foiled in Assorted Colors Packed in Our Elegant Hexagon Gift Pack
7 oz. of Truffles & Creams Foiled in Festive Colors Packed in a Deli-Style Plastic Tub.
New Item
Red and Black High Heel Shoe
M & M With Almonds 24 Count Box

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