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368 Milk Chocolate Products Found
Smooth, creamy, irresistible milk chocolates. What is a better way to say "I love you" or "Thank you for your help" or "You are a Chocolate Maniac?" Milk Chocolate has a balanced mix of cocoa solids and cocoa butter, leaving it in the middle of the spectrum between dark chocolate and white chocolate. When you browse for the right milk chocolate gift, please remember that you can see the shipping rates by entering the zip code of the package recipient. Our vendors are located all over the map. They have their own respective artistic touch and creativity. But, if you are looking to rush your chocolate gift to your loved one, we want you to find a vendor nearby. Click on the product, and enter your zip code for more shipping information.
This was absolutely the best toffee I have ever tasted. My guests over the holidays all raved about it also and I have forwarded them the link. Great quantity for the price! I will definitely order this again. - Beth E.
 Almond Toffee 2 Lb Milk Chocolate Covered:Ruth's fine almond toffee, milk chocolate covered
The flavor for Macadamia Trio Pack is good. I like chocolate and macadia. It's delicious; however, I feel like the macadamia is not very fresh. The price is pretty expensive! - Hung ma
 Macadamia Trio Pack:Good things comes in three's.  Stock up on our popular Macadamias and Chocolate.
 Ocumare Milk Chocolate: This premium milk chocolate has been made using artisanal methods to create an absolutely incredible chocolate. Crafted in small batches, to bring out the flavors of the Ocumare cocoa bean and special imported whole milk powder, this luxurious milk chocolate is one you will remember for some time for its incredible flavor. Beautifully...
Chocolate covered strawberries are my mother's favorite...she IS the connosieur! I sent them as a Mother's Day gift. She received them on the day I requested. She commented that they were "huge, plump, fresh and delicious. I didn't want to share them with anyone!". So I guess I can confidently say, via my mother's opinion, that they deserve an excellent rating. I'll have to try them myself someday! - Dee Bower
 12 Belgian Milk Chocolate Covered Strawberries:Simply delicious! Gorgeous, perfectly ripe strawberries dipped in the richest milk Belgian Chocolate then drizzled with thin chocolate ribbons. It’s a taste combination that positively explodes with sweet gorgeous goodness. Arrives in an elegant Chocolate Covered Company gift box perfect for giving.
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 Jer's Chocolates 12 Pack Of Original IncrediBars:Try the flavor that started it all!  The Original IncrediBar is crisp rice and gourmet peanut butter covered in silky smooth milk chocolate! Stock up on a case of Jer's New Gourmet Peanut Butter Bars.  Each box contains 2 Bars, giving you a total of 24 Bars in this case.   Great for a quick Chocolate Fix and easy to carry!
This was by far the best chocolate for our fondue we've ever had - don't get the fountain without it!! - Francine Vitrano
 Sephra Belgian Milk Fondue Chocolate 4lb Box:100% Pure Belgian Milk Fondue Chocolate. Special recipe that works perfect for chocolate fountains and fondue pots. Can also be used for baking. Products comes in 2 2lb bags of chips. Ingredients are Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla. Minimum Cocoa 37.2%.
 Caramels Covered In Milk Chocolate:Home made caramel covered in swiss milk chocolate.
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 Three Individually Wrapped Baking Block Bars:Three individually wrapped baking bars.
 Creek House 100 Pc Bulk Milk Chocolate Heart Truffles: Please order at least 2 business days in advance of required ship date. Heart shaped milk chocolate truffles enrobed in premium 38% milk chocolate and filled with a luscious milk chocolate ganache. They make a beautiful presentation. Approximately 1 1/2 in diameter, 1 1/4 tall, and 5/8 deep.  Each truffle is placed in a brown candy...
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 Jer's Chocolates 12 Pack Of Pretzo Change O Bars: Jer's Chocolates Pretzo Change-O milk chocolate peanut butter bars are perfect for the sweet and salty snack lover!  We've combined our premium peanut butter with a salty crushed pretzel mix to create a tasty center coated in rich milk chocolate.  Each box contains 2 Bars, giving you a total of 24 Bars in this case.   Great for a quick...
This is a beautifully packaged gift - very exquisite! And the chocolate is tasty and healthful. Very nice -- thank you!!! - Carolyn Monachelli
 Milk Bar Set:All three of our milk chocolate bars are tied with raffia and hot stamped with our Jade Chocolates logo. Perfect for any milk chocolate enthusiast. The cacao percentage ranges from 41% to 50%.
Best chocolate fondue I have ever bought! - Kayla Divelbliss
 Sephra Premium Milk Fondue Chocolate 4lb Box:Sephra Premium Milk fondue chocolate. Chocolate Chip form, ready to melt for chocolate fountains or fondue pot. No need to add oil. Great tasting, easy to use. Ingredients are Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, chocolate liquor, nonfat dry milk, butteroil, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanilla extract.

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Godiva Sampler Basket
 Godiva Sampler Basket:Simple, Elegant, Godiva®..
Caramels Assorted In Dark  And Milk Chocolate
I have enoyed these. The chocolate with the hint of salt tastes wonderful and the caramel is delicious. I will be ordering more when the present ones I have run out. - Kandyce Cia
 Caramels Assorted In Dark And Milk Chocolate:Assorted milk and dark chocolate caramels some sprinkled with Hawaiin white sea salt and some not all in a gift box.
San Francisco Landmark Collection 3 Pack Milk
 San Francisco Landmark Collection 3 Pack Milk: The San Francisco Landmark Collection Tins feature the sights and locations that make "The City by the Bay" one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This special collection contains three signature tins showcasing our most popular images: a Cable Car, The Golden Gate Bridge, and Lombard Street. All three tins contain 3.5 oz. each...
Turtles Giant 2 Lb Milk Chocolate Covered
 Turtles Giant 2 Lb Milk Chocolate Covered:Caramel and pecans, covered with milk chocolate. Quantity in box will vary with size of turtles.
Sephra Milk Chocolate Fondue Melts 4lb Box
This chocolate worked great in the fountain and was the best tasting chocolate fountain chocolate I have tried so far. It also worked great to make chocolate covered treats to give to people! - Misti
 Sephra Milk Chocolate Fondue Melts 4lb Box:Sephra Milk Fondue Melts are perfect for candy making, baking and chocolate fountains. Designed to harden faster when removed from heat, Sephra Melts are ideal for chocolate fondue, candy chocolates and more.
Creek House 100 Pc Bulk Peanut Butter Truffles
 Creek House 100 Pc Bulk Peanut Butter Truffles: Please order at least 2 business days in advance of required ship date. Bite into bliss with our milk chocolate peanut butter molded truffle. Premium milk chocolate on the outside, crunchy peanut butter, dark chocolate, cream, and a touch of white chocolate ganache filling. Truffles are bulk packaged, and are shipped in brown candy cups.
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Rich Milk Coco For A True French Hot Chocolate
 Rich Milk Coco For A True French Hot Chocolate:Rich milk coco for a true "French" hot chocolate. Made in France by Monbana Chocolatier since 1934.
Sephra Premium Milk Fondue Chocolate 20lb
Fantastic chocolate and fantastic service. Will definitely purchase again. - Billie Crow
 Sephra Premium Milk Fondue Chocolate 20lb:Sephra Premium Milk Fondue Chocolate is made for chocolate fountains and baking. Made in the USA.
Creek House 2 Pc Milk Chocolate Truffles
 Creek House 2 Pc Milk Chocolate Truffles: Please order at least 2 business days in advance of ship date. 2 all milk chocolate truffles in a classic dome shape.  Enrobed in our premium  milk chocolate and filled with a creamy milk chocolate ganache. Never any preservatives. Wonderful for wedding favors, party favors, and stocking stuffers. Packaged in a classic ballotin truffle...
Cashew Bark In Milk Chocolate By The Pound
 Cashew Bark In Milk Chocolate By The Pound:Salted cashew pieces distributed in milk chocolate in a gift box.
Caramel Pecan Clouds Assorted By The Pound
 Caramel Pecan Clouds Assorted By The Pound:Caramel Pecan Clouds assorted milk and dark chocolate by the pound in a gift box.
5 Piece Truffe Box With Chai And Cherry Milk Chocolate Bar
 5 Piece Truffe Box With Chai And Cherry Milk Chocolate Bar:5 Piece Truffle Box, Milk Chocolate Bar with Cherry and Anise, Milk Chocolate Bar with Chai Spices and Smoked Almonds

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