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Smooth, creamy, irresistible milk chocolates. What is a better way to say "I love you" or "Thank you for your help" or "You are a Chocolate Maniac?" Milk Chocolate has a balanced mix of cocoa solids and cocoa butter, leaving it in the middle of the spectrum between dark chocolate and white chocolate. When you browse for the right milk chocolate gift, please remember that you can see the shipping rates by entering the zip code of the package recipient. Our vendors are located all over the map. They have their own respective artistic touch and creativity. But, if you are looking to rush your chocolate gift to your loved one, we want you to find a vendor nearby. Click on the product, and enter your zip code for more shipping information.
 Champagne Truffles In Milk Chocolate 25 Piece Bulk Box:Creamy milk chocolate ganache flavored with real Marc de Champagne. Hand dipped in the highest quality milk chocolate couverture. A sumptuous delicacy fit for celebration.
 Milk Chocolate Meltaways 1lb:Smooth and creamy PMG chocolate blended with freshly roasted slivers of almonds and a touch of vanilla and then covered in our pure milk chocolate.
These chocolates r really mouth watering.....they simply melt in your mouth...thnks for bringing this product :) - Deeps
 Mavrakos Rosebud 8 Oz:An assortment of Mavrakos famous pieces including raspberry, lemon, vanilla and chocolate real fruit fondant bon bon creams, butter caramels, chocolate caramels, raspberry caramels, Pecan Burrs, Almond Butter Toffee, coconut crescents, imported glace apricots, cherrie cordials, and a milk chocolate "M" all made with Mavrakos famous milk and dark chocolate.
Delicious, delightful, delectable, creamy, fantastic, fabulous....need I say more? - David Jackson
 24pc Nut Free Maple Creams:Nut Free Maple Creams
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 Please Forgive Me Large Milk Chocolate Letters Gift:What Candy Says LLC
 Mocha Truffles In Milk Chocolate 25 Piece Bulk Box:The finest coffee liqueur combined with velvety milk chocolate ganache for a rich and creamy chocolate truffle. Treat yourself, or your favorite coffee aficionado.
 Amaretto Truffles In Milk Chocolate 25 Piece Bulk Box:Nutty Amaretto liqueur meets creamy milk chocolate ganache hand dipped in high quality milk chocolate couverture. An exquisite chocolate almond taste to please your palate.
The chocolates were delicious.  However, I saw no indication inside or outside the box of who sent them.  I would like to thank the sender. - Keith Guillory
 Milk And Dark Signature Assortment 1 Lb:The Milk & Dark Signature Assortment includes vanilla butter and chocolate caramels, mouth watering cherry cordials, fresh fruit Dreams, peanut butter smoothies, molasses chips, mint chips, English toffee and our signature logo all covered in our award-winning milk or dark chocolate.
Excellent - with a good amount of chocolate - Diane Dziewic
 Pecan Tootle Assortment 8 Oz:Pecan Tootles, also known as turtles, are one of our most popular items. We mix together our creamy butter caramel, freshly salted pecans, and our premium milk chocolate to make an irresistible creation.
 Ephemere Milk Chocolate Truffles 25 Piece Bulk Box:Creamy Milk chocolate ganache center hand-dipped in the finest milk chocolate couverture. Made with our signature Ephemere chocolate recipe.
 French Caramels In Milk Chocolate 25 Piece Bulk Box:Rich, velvety caramels made with the finest ingredients and premium walnuts. Each melt in your mouth caramel piece is coated in creamy milk chocolate.
 Rheingold Butter Pecan Toffee In Milk Chocolate 25 Pc Box:Ultra rich butter toffee made with high quality pecans. Each crunchy toffee piece is coated in creamy milk chocolate couverture.

Pecan Tootle Assortment 1 Lb
These delicious chocolates were wrapped in gold foil wrapping paper & carefully shipped in a thick styrofoam lined box. An ice pack helped keep it cool until I was able to taste them. They were as good as any I have ever eaten! The quality of chocolate was smooth & creamy, the pecans were fresh, and the caramel held it all together for these yummy candies!!! - Tammy Liberatore
 Pecan Tootle Assortment 1 Lb:A delicious combination of Pecans, Caramel, Milk Chocolate.
Nuts Chips And Chews Assortment 1 Lb
I loved the chocolate it was so delicious, I haven't had a flavorful chocolate like this in a long time. I enjoyed all the flavors especially the toasted pecans, pecan tootles, french almond and the almond clusters. I will definitely recommend this chocolate to all my friends.   - Christiane Glasgow
 Nuts Chips And Chews Assortment 1 Lb:The Nuts-Chips & Chews Assortment is a wonderful assortment of chocolate caramels, vanilla butter caramels, English toffee, mint chips, molasses chips, toasted pecans, pecan tootles, peanut butter crispies, almond clusters, and our unique french almond all covered in our award-winning milk and dark chocolate.
Gourmet Chocolate Malted Milk Balls 2 Lb
I have placed several orders for the malted milk balls with and have been more than pleased with each order. Ordering is quick and easy. Order arrives on time, packaged nicely and the quality is excellent. I highly recommend this product. - Janet Guidry
 Gourmet Chocolate Malted Milk Balls 2 Lb:Our old fashioned malt recipe has been a customer favorite for over 25 years. We double dip them in our creamy milk chocolate for an extra boost of chocolate and extra large size. Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union
Salted Caramels In Milk Chocolate 25 Piece Bulk Box
 Salted Caramels In Milk Chocolate 25 Piece Bulk Box:A best-selling Dilettante favorite. Rich, smooth caramel pieces coated in the finest milk chocolate couverture and sprinkled with all natural Cyprus sea salt.
Milk Bar Set
This is a beautifully packaged gift - very exquisite! And the chocolate is tasty and healthful. Very nice -- thank you!!! - Carolyn Monachelli
 Milk Bar Set:All three of our milk chocolate bars are tied with raffia and hot stamped with our Jade Chocolates logo. Perfect for any milk chocolate enthusiast. The cacao percentage ranges from 41% to 50%.
Gourmet Chocolate Malted Milk Balls 1 Lb
So good that I ate almost the whole pound of chocolate when it arrived. Detail to packaging and gift card included made it the perfect gift. I highly recommend this product. You will be pleased with how this product is packaged, and scheduled delivery was right on time. I will definately use this company and product again. - Nick Guidry
 Gourmet Chocolate Malted Milk Balls 1 Lb:Our old fashioned malt recipe has been a customer favorite for over 25 years. We double dip them in our creamy milk chocolate for an extra boost of chocolate and extra large size. Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union
Gourmet Chocolate Malted Milk Balls  8 Oz
OMG - the BEST malted milk balls I have ever tasted. These are not Whoppers or any of the other junk you find in stores. These are the real deal. They arrive well packaged and on time. I bought them as a gift for a friend and his words were "over the top good." I was on a quest for a great malted milk ball and I found them. Can't wait to try some of the other things offered. I am definitely a chocoholic and these are a WOW! - Leslie
 Gourmet Chocolate Malted Milk Balls 8 Oz:old fashioned malted milk balls double dipped in our premium milk chocolate
Milk Chocolate Almond Bark 1 Lb
My US family members adored this almond bark and also the dark and milk chocolate pecan bark. My mom, siblings and their kids raved about it and said they devoured it within hours of receiving it. They have asked me to send it every Christmas! I'm sorry I live in England and cant order some for myself too. I will be sending it every year to US family members though -- I have never had such an overwhelmingly positive response from any gift I've given. - Lisa Vaughan
 Milk Chocolate Almond Bark 1 Lb:A thin layer of milk chocolate blended with lightly salted almonds, simply delicious!
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Waffle Pecan Chocolate Bar
 Waffle Pecan Chocolate Bar:WAFFLE PECAN CHOCOLATE BAR (milk chocolate): Crunchy butter waffles and pecans glazed in maple syrup in creamy milk chocolate (with a whisper of anise).
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Jer's Chocolates 12 Pack Of Pretzo Change O Bars
 Jer's Chocolates 12 Pack Of Pretzo Change O Bars: Jer's Chocolates Pretzo Change-O milk chocolate peanut butter bars are perfect for the sweet and salty snack lover!  We've combined our premium peanut butter with a salty crushed pretzel mix to create a tasty center coated in rich milk chocolate.  Each box contains 2 Bars, giving you a total of 24 Bars in this case.   Great for a quick...
Get Well Chocolate Feet
received this as a gift after i had surgery on my foot. thought it was so unique and very affordably priced to send. chocolate was excellent and packaging also was very well done. first i heard of this site and have now listed this as one of my favorites for future reference in sending gifts to others. - Gary Mortman
 Get Well Chocolate Feet:Delicious Chocolate Feet with the inscription, "Hope you're back on your feet again soon."
Chocolate Numbers
This was the perfect compliment to my husband's 10th anniversary gift.  He loves chocolate & the wrapping was nice. - Lpr
 Chocolate Numbers:A Pair of Chocolate Numbers for any occasion: Birthday, Anniversary, and more... Please specify number desired during checkout.

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