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500 Milk Chocolate Products Found
Smooth, creamy, irresistible milk chocolates. What is a better way to say "I love you" or "Thank you for your help" or "You are a Chocolate Maniac?" Milk Chocolate has a balanced mix of cocoa solids and cocoa butter, leaving it in the middle of the spectrum between dark chocolate and white chocolate. When you browse for the right milk chocolate gift, please remember that you can see the shipping rates by entering the zip code of the package recipient. Our vendors are located all over the map. They have their own respective artistic touch and creativity. But, if you are looking to rush your chocolate gift to your loved one, we want you to find a vendor nearby. Click on the product, and enter your zip code for more shipping information.
 Chocolate Dreams Easter Basket With White Chocolate Bunny:Our Chocolate Dreams Easter Basket with White Chocolate Bunny is just for the "big kid" at heart.
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 Milk Chocolate Bar Almond Cashew Praline:A classic belgian milk chocolate bar of cashew and almond truffle praline
 Happy Valentine's Day Tote Box:6 oz. of red foiled milk chocolate hearts in a frosted plastic box with a Valentine's Day themed header.
The gift was great! The detail on the chocolate was very impressive and it tasted great too. - Joseph Alario
 Video Game Controller:Video Game Controller for that fan of gaming.......the best part is that it is totally edible.
 Sea Salt Caramels 8 Piece from Chocolate Chocolate Co.:Mediterranean Sea Salt is sprinkled on top of our signature Vanilla Butter Caramel. Unique and Delicious
My husband said - don't ever buy these again, they are toooo delicious - we must have gone to heaven - arrived in perfect condition, can't believe the excellent way these chocolates are packed with even a custom cooling pad in case it's warm outside. - Wonderful special treat - Nan M from Portland, OR
 Carmeltaways 12 Oz Box:Two of our most popular and delicious treats - a chewy caramel and a silky peanut butter meltaway - are blanketed together in a coating of thick, rich milk chocolate to create an irresistible taste sensation.
 Milk Chocolate Flat Houses:Impressive solid milk chocolate houses. Great for that new home owner as well as for realtors to give their clients. Also works for construction companies as premium incentive gifts.
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 Halloween Crispy Cluster:This spooky chocolate halloween rice crispy cluster complete with a chocolate spider will definitely make you run for more!
 Milk Chocolate Cashew Galores:Large roasted and salted cashews, with a dollop of homemade butter caramel, topped with rich milk chocolate
I ordered these as a gift for my friends birthday and she loved them! She said these are some of the best meltaways she's ever tasted and I must say I agree. - Bri
 Cappuccino Meltaways 10 Oz Box:Our creamy meltaway centers are infused with a jolt of rich cappuccino, covered in creamy milk chocolate and sweetly dusted with a froth of white chocolate shavings.
 Tennis Racquets:Tennis anyone? These Chocolate Tennis Racquets are a perfect gift for yourself and others.
 Champagne Bottle:Our realistic solid Milk Chocolate Champagne Bottle is a great way to celebrate your special occasion and show that you remembered.

Milk Chocolate Key
 Milk Chocolate Key:Impressive solid milk chocolate key suitable for many occasions. Great for that new home owner as well as for realtors to give their clients.
 Bulldog:Do Not mess with this Chocolate Bully! No worries though, he doesn't bite...
Engagement Ring Favor
 Engagement Ring Favor:A cute favor for an engagement party or bridal shower. A milk chocolate engagement ring comes packaged in a cellophane favor bag with two solid chocolate foiled diamonds
Eiffel Tower
 Eiffel Tower:A milk chocolate Eiffel Tower.
Piece Of Me
 Piece Of Me:Why does everyone want a piece of me? All Natural, Kosher, Premium Milk Chocolate 34% Cocoa 3.5 oz.
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Thanksgiving Turkey Lollipop Milk 6 Pieces
 Thanksgiving Turkey Lollipop Milk 6 Pieces:Gobble Gobble - This turkey is ready for Thanksgiving!
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Christmas Bear Lollipop
 Christmas Bear Lollipop:This adorable little snowbear is dressed for winter!
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I Miss You So Much Large Milk Chocolate Letters
 I Miss You So Much Large Milk Chocolate Letters:What Candy Says LLC
Caramelized Hazelnut Hand Painted Milk Chocolate Bar
This was shipped to us in the hot summer. The UPS driver left it in his truck all day, so it was melted when we received it. We put it in the refrigerator. The paper was stuck in it, so we had to throw it out. We did taste some of it though and it was very good with delicious hazelnuts and caramel. Anyway, was very apologetic and gave us a quick refund. We will try again in the cooler weather. - Jean
 Caramelized Hazelnut Hand Painted Milk Chocolate Bar: We begin making our Noisette milk chocolate bar by lightly toasting premium hazelnuts to emphasize the warm nuttiness of their flavor. Then we add warm, buttery caramel and let it cool until it hardens and creates the familiar toffee-like crunch. Next, we add generous amounts to our indulgent milk chocolate and spray a bright yellow...
Caramel Pecan Pleasures 10 Oz Box
 Caramel Pecan Pleasures 10 Oz Box:Fresh Georgia pecans crowned with luscious caramel and wrapped in pure milk chocolate.
Thank You Bar
 Thank You Bar:Express your thanks with our delicious solid milk chocolate bar.
Twelve Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods
They came wrapped so pretty with a curly bow and i loved the little gift card they sent by my request (Happy Valentines DAY) - Catherine eskin
 Twelve Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods:Twelve Double Hand Dipped Milk Chocolate Pretzel Rods

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