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500 Milk Chocolate Products Found
Smooth, creamy, irresistible milk chocolates. What is a better way to say "I love you" or "Thank you for your help" or "You are a Chocolate Maniac?" Milk Chocolate has a balanced mix of cocoa solids and cocoa butter, leaving it in the middle of the spectrum between dark chocolate and white chocolate. When you browse for the right milk chocolate gift, please remember that you can see the shipping rates by entering the zip code of the package recipient. Our vendors are located all over the map. They have their own respective artistic touch and creativity. But, if you are looking to rush your chocolate gift to your loved one, we want you to find a vendor nearby. Click on the product, and enter your zip code for more shipping information.
I am usually a dark chocolate person, but the milk chocolate french mints are increditable!  I cannot stay out of them. - Darlene Bynum
 Milk Chocolate French Mints 1lb:A smooth and creamy mint flavored center covered in pure PMG milk chocolate.
I was so excited to see a product with Blackberries! I was worried it was going to be overly sweet but they are fantastic! The chocolate is wonderful and creamy and the blackberry puree is sweet but not sickeningly so. I would order these again and will recommend them to every one. - Brenda Massey
 Milk Chocolate Blackberry Creams 1lb:Freshly picked blackberries are cooked down into a delicious puree and blended with our creamy fondant after being stirred for several hours. Our master chocolatier casts each piece into starch molds and then dips them in pure PMG milk and dark chocolate giving each one its signature stripe.
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 Please Forgive Me Large Milk Chocolate Letters Gift:What Candy Says LLC
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 Be My Valentine Large Alphabet Milk Chocolate Gift:What Candy Says LLC
 Milk Turtles 1/4 Pound Made W/ Gourmet Single Bean:It is all about the chocolate. We temper and mold our creamy milk chocolate with fresh pecans and creamy caramel in the shape of a real turtle. Turtles are sold in quarter pound increments.
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 Happy 16th B Day Large Milk Chocolate Letters Gift:What Candy Says LLC
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 Christmas Tree Lollipop:Put this tree under your tree!
The chocolates are very tasty and mouth watering. I received my gift in good condition and on time... - Niraj Modi
 I Love You Tote Box:6 oz. of red foiled milk chocolate hearts in a frosted plastic box with a I Love You header.
My husband said - don't ever buy these again, they are toooo delicious - we must have gone to heaven - arrived in perfect condition, can't believe the excellent way these chocolates are packed with even a custom cooling pad in case it's warm outside. - Wonderful special treat - Nan M from Portland, OR
 Carmeltaways 12 Oz Box:Two of our most popular and delicious treats - a chewy caramel and a silky peanut butter meltaway - are blanketed together in a coating of thick, rich milk chocolate to create an irresistible taste sensation.
I ordered these as a gift for my friends birthday and she loved them! She said these are some of the best meltaways she's ever tasted and I must say I agree. - Bri
 Cappuccino Meltaways 10 Oz Box:Our creamy meltaway centers are infused with a jolt of rich cappuccino, covered in creamy milk chocolate and sweetly dusted with a froth of white chocolate shavings.
 Chocolate Dreams Easter Basket With White Chocolate Bunny:Our Chocolate Dreams Easter Basket with White Chocolate Bunny is just for the "big kid" at heart.
 Peanut Butter Meltaway Hearts 24ct Box:A Gardners original! These heart-shaped Peanut Butter Meltaways are covered in our creamy milk chocolate and individually wrapped. These delectable treats are available in a 24 count box.

Piece Of Me
 Piece Of Me:Why does everyone want a piece of me? All Natural, Kosher, Premium Milk Chocolate 34% Cocoa 3.5 oz.
I Am Sorry Alphabet Milk Chocolate Gift
My fiance loved it! He thought it was very sweet : ) These alphabet chocolates can really be for any occasion and shows someone how much you care - -> iNdY
 I Am Sorry Alphabet Milk Chocolate Gift:What Candy Says LLC
6 Breast Cancer Awareness Milk Chocolate Bars 2oz
 6 Breast Cancer Awareness Milk Chocolate Bars 2oz:Six 2 ounce milk chocolate bars in a wrapper that reads, "Breast Cancer Awareness."
International Truffles  8 Piece
Sent these to my mother for mother's day and she loved them! They arrived perfectly on time.  - Asmallman
 International Truffles 8 Piece:Our new line of All Natural truffles with flavors inspired from around the world. This 8 piece collection includes: Swiss Chocolate, Euro Extra Dark Chocolate, German Chocolate, Italian Espresso, French Vanilla, Southern Grasshopper, Fresh Raspberry and California Pistachio
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Happy B Day Mom Large Milk Chocolate Letters Gift
 Happy B Day Mom Large Milk Chocolate Letters Gift:What Candy Says LLC
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I Miss You So Much Large Milk Chocolate Letters
 I Miss You So Much Large Milk Chocolate Letters:What Candy Says LLC
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Thanksgiving Lollipop Milk 6 Pieces
 Thanksgiving Lollipop Milk 6 Pieces:Ready for a little turkey?
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Christmas Bear Lollipop
 Christmas Bear Lollipop:This adorable little snowbear is dressed for winter!
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Christmas Candy Cane Lollipop
 Christmas Candy Cane Lollipop:Candy Cane anybody?
Milk Chocolate Cashew Galores
 Milk Chocolate Cashew Galores:Large roasted and salted cashews, with a dollop of homemade butter caramel, topped with rich milk chocolate
Keepsake Box Happy Valentine's Day
 Keepsake Box Happy Valentine's Day:8 oz of Red Foiled Milk Chocolate Hearts. Packed in a reusable acrylic box.
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Milk Chocolate Bar Almond Cashew Praline
 Milk Chocolate Bar Almond Cashew Praline:A classic belgian milk chocolate bar of cashew and almond truffle praline

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Limited Edition Red Velvet Truffle

byChocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company

A true testament to our master candy makers, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company has created a new Valentine's Day LIMITED EDITION Red Velvet Truffle. A smooth and velvety truffle center is drenched in our award-winning milk chocolate and marked with a red stripe. One bite and you think you're eating a piece of red velvet cake!