Our Guarantee

Product Quality
If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the product, we will provide a full refund. Please note: For orders over $120.00 Chocolate.org requires a return of goods to the shipper before refund will be provided.  

Timely Shipment
We guarantee the quality and timely shipment of our products. If your product ships late and arrives after the expected arrival day, we will provide a full refund of charges incurred for the shipment.

Timely Delivery
Chocolate.org depends on UPS and the US Postal Service for shipping products. UPS has an extremely high rate of on-time delivery. In cases where Chocolate.org ships a package on-time but UPS causes a late delivery, we will refund your shipping charges. US Postal Service provides cost-effective residential delivery. However, US Postal Service delivery dates are estimates only. We guarantee that your package will arrive within 2 business days of the estimated date for US Postal Service shipments. 

Return Policy
Returns must be sent within 10 days of delivery. Chocolate.org will provide the label for return. There are no restocking fees. An RMA/return authorization is not required. There are no limitations on the condition of the packaging. The majority of the consumable items must not be consumed. Refunds will be credited to payment account.

Delivery Exceptions
Due to package processing at customs, our late delivery guarantee does not apply to international shipments. When a late delivery is caused by conditions beyond the control of UPS including but not limited to: Bad weather conditions, power outages, network outages, acts of God, or acts of government, this guarantee does not apply.

Inaccurate Delivery Name or Address
Chocolate.org does not guarantee shipments with inaccurate or incomplete names or delivery addresses. It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide an accurate and complete name and delivery address. 

Delivery Attempts
If a signature is required for a particular shipment, it is the responsibility of the customer to make sure the recipient will sign for delivery. In most cases Chocolate.org does not force a signature. However, the UPS driver may decide that it is not safe to leave the package unattended. In those cases, a signature is required by UPS. Chocolate.org does not guarantee delivery of packages when the recipient is unavailable to sign for a package. The UPS driver will make repeated attempts to deliver. Chocolate.org sends email notification to the buyer so that he/she can notify the recipient of the attempted delivery. If all delivery attempts fail, the package will be held for a period of time by the shipping provider and then destroyed.

Heat Damage
Due to the fact that chocolate can be damaged by heat, Chocolate.org has special rules for hot weather shipping. When shipments are high risk, we will offer insurance (during checkout) to protect against heat damage. If insurance is offered but not purchased, the shipment is not guaranteed. All other cases are guaranteed against heat damage.

Order Cancellation
Orders under $120.00 USD can be canceled for any reason any time before shipment occurs. Orders over $120.00 must be canceled within 5 hours of placing the order. Customized/bulk orders requiring special preparation according to customer requests must be canceled two weeks prior to desired ship date.

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