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500 Gourmet Chocolate Products Found
Gourmet chocolate gifts from! What special occasion can survive without special chocolate? Elegant, inspiring, decadent, and hand-created artisan gourmet chocolate products are available here. You can send your gourmet chocolate selection along with a gift note, or simply send them to your own front door for an evening of gourmet delight. Next time you sit down to watch a DVD or entertain guests, forget the popcorn and soda. it's time that you treat yourself to a high-class confection. We hope that you find the right product in our gourmet chocolate selection. If you have any questions about these products, don't hesitate to contact us. The customer service link is available at the top of every page. Thank you for shopping at
Lots of nuts! Very tasty. - KMCB
 Dark Chocolate Selection:Even Señor Murphy's has a dark side... When the buttery evening sun sets over the Twin Peaks and the Nuts cluster together in the shodows of Canyon Road, the Creams and Caramels dess for the Opera, the Bolita Sisters and Three Tier Mints glam up for a night on the town, because the best things in Santa Fe happen in the dark!
This chocolate is quite delicious and the packaging was elegant and classy. The salt added so much to this already flavorful chocolate. I highly recommend this chocolate!!! - Amy Estlund
 12 Piece Box Chocolate Dipped Salted Caramels: Her Coconess' Chocolate Dipped Pink Flake Caramels were awarded gold in the comfort confection category at the 2010 San Francisco International Chocolate Salon. We start by making a "dry" caramel, made from pure cane sugar, and cook it to a deep dark color to bring out the richest flavor. We then stir in warm sweet cream flavored with...
 Artisan Sea Salt Caramels And Hot Chocolate Mix:A very sophisticated and fun combination of exotic caramel flavors, each paired with rare and unique sea salts, enrobed in 70% Ecuadorian dark chocolate  Hot Chocolate Mix (4 to 6 portions)
 3 Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bars With Chili Spices:3 Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar with Chili Spices
 Artisan Sea Salt Caramels And 5 Piece Truffle Box:A very sophisticated and fun combination of exotic caramel flavors, each paired with rare and unique sea salts, enrobed in 70% Ecuadorian dark chocolate and a box of five single origin dark chocolate truffles
Love these chocolates as delicious as they beautiful. I would recommend to anyone looking for that special gift! - Jill E Knight
 13 Pc Luxury Assortment:Assorted Chocolates and Caramel
Really good buttery toffee!!! - -Slobert
 Almond Toffee 1 Lb Dark Chocolate Covered:Ruth's Fine Almond Toffee, covered with dark chocolate
 El Rey 73 Percent Cacao Apamate Dark Chocolate Discos 11 Lbs:Premium Venezuelan single origin chocolate discos from Chocolates El Rey. This 73.5% dark chocolate is bulk packed, 11 lbs per box. Great for recipes or eating!
 Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar:Single Origin Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Bar
Best chocolate fondue I have ever bought! - Kayla Divelbliss
 Sephra Premium Milk Fondue Chocolate 4lb Box:Sephra Premium Milk fondue chocolate. Chocolate Chip form, ready to melt for chocolate fountains or fondue pot. No need to add oil. Great tasting, easy to use. Ingredients are Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, chocolate liquor, nonfat dry milk, butteroil, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanilla extract.
 Almond Toffee 2 Lb Dark Chocolate Covered:Ruth's Fine Almond Toffee, covered with dark chocolate
 Dark Chocolate Bar With Coffee Beans:Single Origin Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Bar with crushed Brazilian coffee beans

Dried Apricot  Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Dark Chocolate Bars
 Dried Apricot Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Dark Chocolate Bars:Single Origin Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Bar with dry apricots and roasted pumpkin seeds
Sephra Belgian White Chocolate Mousse
 Sephra Belgian White Chocolate Mousse:Sephra Belgian White Chocolate Mousse Mix. Highest quality gourmet taste, easy to make. Trans Fat Free. Only $0.61 per 4oz serving. Use for cake filling or by itself.
New Item
El Rey Icoa White Chocolate 2lb Block
 El Rey Icoa White Chocolate 2lb Block:Won the award for Best White Chocolate in the World in 2012. 2.2lb block of Venezuelan "Icoa" White Chocolate.
Old World Truffle Collection And Chai Milk Bar
 Old World Truffle Collection And Chai Milk Bar:Posh Chocolat 10 piece Old World Truffle Collection and Milk Chocolate bar with chai spices and smoked almonds
Combo Of Regular And Chai Hot Chocolates
 Combo Of Regular And Chai Hot Chocolates:Combo Package of Regular Dark Hot Chocolate and Chai Hot Chocolate
Orient Espresso Bar
the bar was beautiful wrapped in the lokta paper, with the uneven squares, each with a graceful design. the chocolate was smooth with a nice balance of light and dark with the coffee. - *rachel
 Orient Espresso Bar:Handcrafted 50% blend of milk and dark chocolate making for an extremely smooth and creamy chocolate blended with oak roasted espresso and cardamom.
Fudge Double Mint 2 Pound
 Fudge Double Mint 2 Pound:Smooth fudge with a layer of dark chocolate and a layer of creamy mint, with walnuts.
Winter Edition Chocolate Dipped And Decorated Oreos
Look at these!!!  Of course they're amazing!  Kids love them.  Adults love them.  Taste is amazing.   - Margaret
 Winter Edition Chocolate Dipped And Decorated Oreos:Our decadent Holiday Tin is filled to the brim with 2 tempting layers of Belgian Chocolate Holiday Oreos!
Mahal Bar
 Mahal Bar:Fall in love with the Mahal Bar. A sumputous blend of three aphrodisiacs: the ylang lang flower, cinnamon and dark chocolate will set the mood for a wonderful experience.
Terracotta Bar
 Terracotta Bar:41% cacao milk chocolate with tamari almonds and Himalyan Pink Sea Salt. It's a classic salty-sweet combination that's so addictive.
Sephra Premium Milk Fondue Chocolate 20lb
Fantastic chocolate and fantastic service. Will definitely purchase again. - Billie Crow
 Sephra Premium Milk Fondue Chocolate 20lb:Sephra Premium Milk Fondue Chocolate is made for chocolate fountains and baking. Made in the USA.
8 Piece Truffle Fudge Bar Assortment Box
The product came very timely ,, well pack and properly taken care off. It comes in ice cold pack to prevent the chocoloate from melting under the heat of the sun. Box were properly taped as well. I love the way the product was delivered and handled. Thank you - Stella fonacier
 8 Piece Truffle Fudge Bar Assortment Box: Eight piece flavor assortment of 1.7 oz and 1 oz bars housed in a beautiful gift box. Contains the following flavors: Semi Sweet Chocolate with Walnuts, Semi Sweet Chocolate, Semi Sweet Chocolate Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate with Walnuts, White Chocolate Vanilla with Walnuts, Semi Sweet Chocolate & Caramel with Red Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt,...

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