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 12 Valentines Day Red Classic Chocolate Covered Stawberries:Our perfectly ripe strawberries are dipped in the richest, most sinful milk, dark and white Belgian chocolates imaginable then drizzled with thin confection red ribbons and carefully packaged in a beautiful gift box. 
 24 Ultimate Chocolate Covered Pretzel Variety Assortment Gift Box: Our most extravagant variety of gourmet pretzel sticks and twists hand-dipped and drizzled in milk, dark and white Belgian chocolates. These masterpieces are embellished in a harvest of deluxe nuts and candies. This 24 gourmet pretzel assortment is the ultimate and intimate chocolate experience. Each pretzel is individually wrapped for ultimate...
 6 Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberries And 6 Gourmet Min: A Strawberry and Cheesecake Lovers Dream. 6 Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberries and 6 hand-dipped Mini-Cheesecakes. Creamy Mini-Cheesecakes are dipped in an assortment of rich milk, dark and white Belgian chocolates and are the perfect addition to compliment our classic drizzeld Chocolate Strawberries. Arrives in an elegant Chocolate...
 Creek House 100 Pc Bulk Jalapeno Truffles: Please order at least 3 business days in advance of shipment date. Take a bit of heat with our jalapeno truffle. We infuse the bittersweet chocolate ganache (the truffle filling comprised of chocolate & cream) with fresh jalapeno pepper, just enough to give it a kick of heat without burning. The truffle is enrobed in our 72% bittersweet...
 12 Hanukkah Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Absolutely luscious! Say Happy Hanukkah with the ultimate chocolate lovers dream. Our sweet and succulent Hanukkah strawberries are hand-dipped in the richest, most sinful imported milk, dark and white Belgian chocolates imaginable. Each strawberry is artfully decorated in our Hanukkah drizzle and sprinkles. There's no other indulgence...
 12 Classic Drizzled Belgian Chocolate Covered Cupcake Gift: Show how much you care by sending our 12 Gourmet Chocolate Covered Cupcakes. Our Cupcakes are hand dipped in an assortment of our delicious milk, decadent dark, and heavenly white Belgian chocolates. Our Cupcakes are artfully decorated with our signature milk, white, and dark drizzle. Each assortment is carefully packaged in a beautiful...
 Creek House 100 Pc Bulk White Chocolate Swan Truffles: Please order at least 2 business days in advance of required ship date. These beautiful white chocolate swan truffles are filled with an extraordinary ganache made with milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, and fresh cream. Delightfully crisp on the outside and so creamy on the inside. Our white chocolate is of the highest quality and not overly...
 Creek House 100 Pc Bulk Double Dark Heart Truffles: Please order at least 2 business days in advance of required ship date. Beautiful hearts with a classic dark chocolate ganache (cream, butter, and chocolate) filling, molded in 72% cacao bittersweet chocolate. A must for the dark chocolate lover! Truffles are bulk packaged, and are shipped in brown candy cups.  Great for weddings, gatherings,...
 12 Ultimate Belgian Chocolate Covered Cupcakes: Show how much you care by sending our Gourmet Chocolate Covered Cupcakes. Rich and tantalizing milk, decadent dark, heavenly white chocolate, and fresh cupcakes plus a combination of tantalizing toppings that includes assorted candy toppings (Heath Toffee®, mini peanut butter cups, multi-color chips) and a harvest of nuts. Each assortment...
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 Large Sweetheart Box:Beautiful, plush red velvet keepsake box with 19 award winning truffles in assorted flavors.
 Cornucopia Fall Table Center Piece:contains 40 chocolate candy bars and is great for group gatherings.
 Truffle Heart Box:Assorted Truffles (Milk Fudge, Raspberry, Coffee, Grand Marnier and Salted Caramel) in this heart shaped box. Sure to be a big hit with your sweetheart ! Milk Free, Nut Free, Gluten Free, Egg Free.

Pink Champagne Truffles On Valentine Heel
 Pink Champagne Truffles On Valentine Heel: Celebrate this Valentine's Day in style with Chocolatines' handcrafted white chocolate heel, handpainted with a red heart embellished with a red rhinestone and elegantly adorned with a red satin ribbon. This fashionable heel overflows with handmade pink champagne truffles dipped in rich dark and white chocolate. Each truffle is then...
Sephra Belgian A La Carte Chocolate Cups
 Sephra Belgian A La Carte Chocolate Cups:Sephra Mini Belgian Dark Chocolate Cups. 192 cups per box. Dimensions of each cup are 1 inch tall by 1.35 inches wide. Each holds approx. 1 oz of dessert.
Halloween Triple Chocolate Extra Large Brownies Set Of 12
 Halloween Triple Chocolate Extra Large Brownies Set Of 12:Delicious Brownies perfect for Halloween!
Something For Every Palate
 Something For Every Palate:A chocolate-lover's delight...this collection of 25 pieces of our best chocolates...the selection changes seasonally so you get our latest creations, along with our award-winning chocolates.
Western Cowgirl Boot Gift Vase
 Western Cowgirl Boot Gift Vase:Cowgirl Boot Vase filled with an 12 piece assortment of Roses, Boots and Hats. We've added our specialty flavors of Red Velvet Cake, Double Chocolate Fudge, milk and dark chocolate. Vase measures 8.34H x 7.5W x 3D hand painted resin.
Amano Chocolate Gift Box
 Amano Chocolate Gift Box:A 10 bar variety collection of Amano Chocolate's award winning chocolate.
Creek House 100 Pc Bulk White Espresso Truffles
 Creek House 100 Pc Bulk White Espresso Truffles: Please order at least 2 business days in advance of required ship date. The best of both! Premium white chocolate covers an espresso ganache filling that is made with our darkest chocolate. Our white chocolate is of the highest quality and is not overly sweet. It also makes a beautiful truffle. We use bittersweet chocolate that gives...

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New Gluten and Corn free Vegan Organic baked goods

byMindful Delights

Hello all! just wanted to thank everyone at for allowing us to offer our baked goods to everyone. Mindful Delights offers delicious options (new products are being added) in Vegan baked goods. All of our product offerings are Gluten and Corn free also. Check out Mindful Delights on the vendor pages-thanks again!

Jalapeno Chocolate Truffles

byCreek House Patisserie

We developed our Jalapeno Molded Truffles a few years ago, and happened to hit on just the right amount of heat and spice. Mention "jalapeno" and you might think "hot, hot, hot"!  But with the right use, jalapeno can add just a pleasant amount of heat and flavor without the burn.  Our goal was to achieve a pleasing combination of heat from the chili, the slight bitterness of dark chocolate, and a little sweetness.
We didn't want chocolate lovers to bite into the truffle and have it  burn their mouths!  Jalapeno Molded Truffles have earned a devoted following with their mild spicy heat and deep dark chocolate flavor.  

Different Types of Chocolate Truffles

byCreek House Patisserie

Not all chocolate truffles are the same. There is the classic round shaped truffle, made with a firm ganache, then rolled in cocoa powder, powdered sugar, or nuts. A dipped truffle has been formed, then dipped in tempered chocolate to coat or "enrobe" it in a thin crisp chocolate coating. A molded truffle or "bonbon" starts with heavy polycarbonate molds in different shapes. The mold cavities are coated with a thin coating of tempered chocolate, then filled with ganache, then closed or "capped" with another thin layer of tempered chocolate on the bottom. If made correctly, the truffles come out of the molds very easily after the chocolate has set or "crystallized". The final product should be a beautiful shiny truffle with a nice "snap" of chocolate when bitten into.

Take another look at white chocolate!

byCreek House Patisserie

A lot of people claim that they do not like white chocolate.  In reality, a lot of people do not like BAD white chocolate! What's the difference? A common ingredient in white chocolate is powdered milk instead of cream or whole milk. Powdered milk can be very overpowering in the white chocolate, and it can be a taste many people don't like.  Good quality white chocolate will contain NO powdered milk, but will use full cream instead.  The cream, along with cocoa butter and sugar gives the white chocolate a wholesome, pleasingly sweet and vanilla flavor. White chocolate does not contain the cocoa mass or liquor that dark chocolate and milk chocolate contain.  It should however contain a high percentage of cocoa butter instead of vegetable oil.
Our popular white chocolate truffles are made with a very high quality white chocolate that is made with cream and 35% cocoa butter.