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 Gourmet Snacker Gift Basket:A classic combination of our most popular gourmet snacks. Let them feast on mouthwatering chocolates, savory gourmet bistro chips, chocolate truffle cookies and more.
 4 Gourmet Brownies And 6 Chocolate Dipped Cookies Gift Box: A Delightful variety of our 6 gourmet Chocolate hand-dipped Cookies and our 4 enticing huge Gourmet Brownies. This variety will tempt any Chocolate Lover. These gourmet treats are hand-dipped in decadent milk, dark, and white chocolate, then beautifully drizzled. Our Brownie variety includes Moist Chocolate Chip, Creamy Peanut Butter...
 6 Belgian Mixed Chocolate Covered Apples Gift Box: Delicious Apples are boasting with flavor and are hand-dipped to perfection with our imported rich and creamy milk, decadent dark, and elegant white Belgian chocolates. Each assortment is carefully packaged in a beautiful gift box and delivered fresh, right to your special someone's home or office. Arrives in an elegant Chocolate Covered...
 Cake Pops Sprinkle Design Gift Pail Of 12: This adorable gift has 12 party sprinkle cake pops. Cake pops are a secret combination of ingredients and are insanely delicious. Our rich fugdy double chocolate cake recipe is combined with cream chees frosting; made into bite size pieces; coated with chocolate confectiona then embellished with multi colors non-pareils. These party...
Great chocolate! - Melanie Jacobs
 Golden White Raw Cacao Bar Case Of 6:Invest wisely in our pound ingot of pure raw gold pleasure. This dairy and soy free vegan organic reinvention of white chocolate is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and incredibly smooth, creamy and luscious.
 Creek House 50 Pc Bulk Milk Chocolate Heart Truffles: Please order at least 2 business days in advance of required ship date. Heart shaped milk chocolate truffles enrobed in premium 38% milk chocolate and filled with a luscious milk chocolate ganache. They make a beautiful presentation. Approximately 1 1/2 in diameter, 1 1/4 tall, and 5/8 deep.  Each truffle is placed in a brown candy...
 Hanukkah Chocolate Gift Tower:A festive stack of five blue and silver gift boxes packed with enough sweets to last for eight whole nights!
 Enjou's Chocolate Covered Pretzels:Salty and sweet, perfect together. One pound of milk, dark and white chocolate smothered pretzels.
What can I say? She loved it - she loved it - she loved it. From the box it came in - which she intends to re-gift - to the delicious toffee she is squirreling away to make it last as long as it can. I will definitely order this product again. Everything came on time and was done with great care. Bravo!!! - Clark
 Two Pounds Chocolate Swirl Almond Toffee:Two pounds of fresh, buttery, dissolve-in-your-mouth gourmet toffee drenched in marbled swirls of Swiss bittersweet and white chocolates and topped with chopped, roasted almonds.
 Large Velvet Heart:Our largest heart of the season, representing our full range of available chocolates from Lavender Flower to Strawberry Love. This gift comes complete with a large red bow and full color greeting card with your personalized message.
 Celebrate With Cookies: The perfect gift to send when there's something to celebrate and you can't be there! This yummy pair of brightly-colored, metallic-finish boxes come chock full of eight of our most popular gourmet cookies in the larger box, and six delightful mini cookies in the smaller box! It's the ultimate choice when sending your good wishes for the perfect...
 Gourmet Cookie Party Tray With 18 Cookies:Send this gourmet cookie party tray for any special event or family party... Each tray can have 18, 24, or 36 of our scrumptious gourmet cookies! Since each cookie is individually wrapped your guests can even take one home... Well, we usually see people put 2 or 3 in their pockets, so do not expect any cookies left over at the end of the day..

Nicobella Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate Truffle 3 Pack
 Nicobella Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate Truffle 3 Pack: This is the perfect gift for the ultimate chocolate lover- who isn't a chocolate lover? Ever mindful of her ingredients, Registered Dietician and nutritionist Nichole Dandrea has discovered the power of organic and vegan ingredients and incorporated them into an indulgent yet guilt free treat. The gift set includes 3 boxes of the 6 piece...
1 Lb 10 OZ Cavaliers Light
 1 Lb 10 OZ Cavaliers Light:The Best Silky Smooth Chocolates You will Ever Savor.
Easter Chocolates Gift Tray
 Easter Chocolates Gift Tray:Assorted Easter Chocolates Gift Tray
Menorah Lollies Pack Of Eight
 Menorah Lollies Pack Of Eight:This Menorah-shaped chocolate lollipop is a tasty reminder of the meaning of Chanukah. Perfect gift for the Jewish Holidays. (Pack of Eight)
Rum Truffles
 Rum Truffles:Our Rum Truffles take a hint of that wonderful rum flavor and mixes it with vanilla; finally we place that confection in a robe of milk chocolate.
Flavors Of The Heart 7 Piece Chocolate Truffle Assortment
 Flavors Of The Heart 7 Piece Chocolate Truffle Assortment:Show your love for that special someone with a selection of Dilettante's finest truffles nestled in an edible chocolate heart box. This one's sure to impress.
Holiday Mosaic Platter 13 Inch
The recipient of this gift was extremely pleased. - Ann Brosnihan
 Holiday Mosaic Platter 13 Inch:2 lbs. of our Deluxe Truffles & Milk Chocolate Croquettes on a 13 inch round platter. Chocolates are wrapped in Holiday colors.
One Pound Connoisseur Collection Chocolates
Very happy with gift I received. - Adrienne Kuba
 One Pound Connoisseur Collection Chocolates:A combination of our elegant truffles, decadent creams, smooth caramels, chocolate covered nuts and more. This Assortment of our most popular pieces is beautifully packaged with our trademark boxes and bow.
Raw Cacao Powder  Case Of 6
 Raw Cacao Powder Case Of 6:Raw Cacao Powder
Truffle Ballotin 24 Piece
 Truffle Ballotin 24 Piece:Truffle Ballotin 24 Pieces. Nothing compares to the exotic taste sensation of our handmade truffles. 
Medium Chanukah Tray
It was such a great surprise to receive this tray of goodies. The best present ever!! I received it in great condition and is really yummy! What a great assortment ! - Joel Tolchinsky
 Medium Chanukah Tray:medium Chanukah Tray of goodies
12 Belgian Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries
 12 Belgian Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries:Simply delicious! Gorgeous, perfectly ripe strawberries dipped in the richest dark Belgian Chocolates then drizzled with thin chocolate ribbons. It’s a taste combination that positively explodes with sweet gorgeous goodness. Arrives in an elegant Chocolate Covered Company gift box perfect for giving.

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Non Dairy or Vegan Chocolates

byCreek House Patisserie

Chocolate truffle lovers who are allergic to dairy, or just prefer not to consume dairy or any animal products can still enjoy good chocolate truffles.  The fillings for non dairy or vegan truffles can be combined with several alternatives to the traditional cream without loss of flavor.  Using a high fat coconut milk in place of cream is one example, and if produced properly the filling will not taste of coconut milk. Proper ratios of liquid, chocolate, and flavor infusions can produce a wonderful chocolate truffle that will enhance fine chocolate, and may even be better than some traditional truffles containing cream.

New Gluten and Corn free Vegan Organic baked goods

byMindful Delights

Hello all! just wanted to thank everyone at for allowing us to offer our baked goods to everyone. Mindful Delights offers delicious options (new products are being added) in Vegan baked goods. All of our product offerings are Gluten and Corn free also. Check out Mindful Delights on the vendor pages-thanks again!

Perfect for Holiday Gifting - Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Say Happy Holidays with the ultimate chocolate lovers dream. Sweet and succulent Christmas strawberries from Chocolate Covered Company™ are hand-dipped in the richest, most sinful imported milk, dark and white Belgian chocolates imaginable. Each strawberry is artfully decorated in Christmas drizzle, sprinkles, and festive candies.  There’s no other indulgence quite like it. Arrives in an elegant gift box perfect for giving. Perfect for Corporate Gifts.

Cake Pops and Cake Truffles Make Great Gifts

byVeronica's Treats

Have you heard of cake pops? We have seen quite an explosion in the sale of our hand crafted, had decorated cake pops and cake truffles. We are processing way over 100 orders a week of these absolutly deliciious treats. They come in many designs from a classic box of 12 chocolate cake truffles to an Easter Egg Truffle box of 12 to a gift bouquet of 24 pops. Any way you send them - they will be quite the memorable gift. They are also a nice sweet fix for all of you chocoholics out there. Just two bites of pure bliss. We are currently offering them in chocolate and carrot cake flavors but we have a few new flavors coming including: cookies and cream and coconut. Cake pops are the hottest thing out there slowly replacing the cupcake. Now that Starbucks is selling them the word will spread like wildfire. You haven't tasted a cake pop until you have tasted a Veronica's Treats Cake pop. We use a secret blend of baked cake and creme cheese frosting along with an additional few ingredients to make just the right consistency. Trust me, you will be begging for more and will not want to share. Send them as a gift, you will not be disappointed in the response...we promise :)


3 French Dark Chocolate Christmas Bars
3 French Dark Chocolate Christmas Bars $21.50
3 French Dark Chocolate Christmas Bars :3 chocolates bars with traditional Christmas recipe from France. White chocolate Christmas decorations, with cranberries and marshmallows makes very special Christmas gifts!
Chocolate Truffle Cubze Bulk Pack
Chocolate Truffle Cubze Bulk Pack $300.00
Chocolate Truffle Cubze Bulk Pack :Cubze, unique cube-shaped truffles, are smooth, creamy and extraordinarily rich in taste. They are handmade in small batches from only the finest ingredients including heavy cream, butter, sugar, rich chocolate and high-quality flavorings. The signature truffle Cubze are single-serving pieces coated in rich milk or dark chocolate. The chocolate coating balances the rich, creamy center and makes our Cubze unique and pleasing to the palate. All of our truffle Cubze are hand foiled and contain an inspirational quote about happiness as an added treat! CONTACT US FOR DETAILS ON WHICH FLAVORS YOU WOULD LIKE.
Gemstone Collection Chocolate Gift Box  Purple
Gemstone Collection Chocolate Gift Box Purple $24.50
Gemstone Collection Chocolate Gift Box Purple :CO COA CONFECTIONS has debuted its own line of handmade Belgium chocolate. Expect rich intense flavor in each luscious bite. These decadent treats include such tempting varieties as cafe au lait, irish rum, praline, pomegranate, dark chocolate ganache and more. For your palate there is always something that is right on target. Packaged in smart rustic boxes in a variety of pantone color sleeves these chocolate gift boxes leave a lasting impression of luxury and indulgence. SURE TO IMPRESS