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 Asbach Assorted Easter Eggs In Gift Box:This Asbach Gift Box contains an assortment of 14 Easter eggs, including chocolates with and without a sugar crust and a truffle variety.
 Reber Gift Box With 8 Truffle Eggs:This gift box holds an assortment of 8 delicious chocolate truffle filled Easter eggs.
 Hachez Chez Hachez Classic Gift Box:Hachez Chez Hachez Classic Gift Box
 Reber Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny With Hazelnut:This hollow but substantial hazelnut milk chocolate Easter Bunny is great to put into Easter baskets.
 I Love You Mommy Alphabet Milk Chocolate Gift:What Candy Says LLC
 Chocolate Marshmallows:Handmade marshmallows with a hint of citrus flavor are dipped in dark chocolate and adorned with golden cocoa nibs. Fluffy and chocolatey, these bite-size treats will have you wanting more!
 Gold Flecked Pink Champagne Truffles:Delicate pink champagne merges with sultry dark chocolate to create this luxuriously seductive union for this Valentine's day. Chocolatines' decadent handmade truffles are each dipped in rich dark and white chocolate, and lavishly decorated with pink drizzles and extravagant flecks of 24 karat edible gold.
 Happy Easter Edible Image Milk Chocolate Lollipop:Edible Happy Easter Image Chocolate Lollipop
 Easter Bunny Rabbit Emerging From Egg:Milk Free Nut Free Easter Rabbit Bunny Emerging from Egg. Very Cute. Gluten Free
 Easter Chocolate Figurine House Milk And Nut Free:Small Easter Chocolate Figures Milk Free and Nut Free wrapped in festive holiday foil. Gluten Free
 Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies In Hat Gift Box:12 Chocolate Covered Mini Oreo® Cookies are decorated to match this lovely hat gift box. Candy pink satin hat with rainbow striped sheer ribbon hat band. Ribbon pattern may vary slightly. 4 inch diameter and one and a half inches tall. Gift card included. There are so many uses for this keepsake gift box. Oreo Cookies are a registered trademark of Nabisco Co.
 Gluten Free Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Cookie:Gluten Free, Corn Free, Vegan and Organic. A generous 3 oz cookie exploding in chocolate and chocolate chips.

Get Well Soon Alphabet White Chocolate Gift
 Get Well Soon Alphabet White Chocolate Gift:What Candy Says LLC
Hachez Lemon Taler
 Hachez Lemon Taler:A refreshing splash of lemon smothered in chocolate
Thank You So Much Large Milk Chocolate Letters
 Thank You So Much Large Milk Chocolate Letters:What Candy Says LLC
Santander Dark Chocolate Mini Bars Display Box
 Santander Dark Chocolate Mini Bars Display Box:Send chocolate to family and friends. This 70% cacao, 144 piece dark chocolate box will be enjoyed at home or at your business.
Merry Christmas Large White Chocolate Letters
 Merry Christmas Large White Chocolate Letters:What Candy Says LLC
Verpoorten Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs In Gift Box
 Verpoorten Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs In Gift Box:This 150g gift box contains 10 Verpoorten Easter Eggs filled with the famous Verpoorten Egg Liqueur. Imported from Germany.
Reber Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny
 Reber Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny:This hollow but substantial milk chocolate Easter Bunny is great to put into Easter baskets.
Hachez Chez Hachez Fruit And Nuts Gift Box
 Hachez Chez Hachez Fruit And Nuts Gift Box:Hachez Chez Hachez Fruit and Nuts Gift Box
Hachez Chez Hachez Hot And Spicy Gift Box
 Hachez Chez Hachez Hot And Spicy Gift Box:Hachez Chez Hachez Hot and Spicy Gift Box
Edible Photo Chocolate Graduation Favor
 Edible Photo Chocolate Graduation Favor:Congratulations Class of 2014 - Cap & Diploma design personalized with graduate's name.
Merry Christmas Alphabet White Chocolate Gift
 Merry Christmas Alphabet White Chocolate Gift:What Candy Says LLC
Safe Santa Clauses Chocolate Milk Free Nut Free Gluten Free
 Safe Santa Clauses Chocolate Milk Free Nut Free Gluten Free:Rich and Creamy Milk Free, Nut Free, Gluten Free Chocolate Santa Clauses. Great Gift for The Holidays! Hollow inside.

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New Gluten and Corn free Vegan Organic baked goods

byMindful Delights

Hello all! just wanted to thank everyone at for allowing us to offer our baked goods to everyone. Mindful Delights offers delicious options (new products are being added) in Vegan baked goods. All of our product offerings are Gluten and Corn free also. Check out Mindful Delights on the vendor pages-thanks again!

Perfect for Holiday Gifting - Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Say Happy Holidays with the ultimate chocolate lovers dream. Sweet and succulent Christmas strawberries from Chocolate Covered Company™ are hand-dipped in the richest, most sinful imported milk, dark and white Belgian chocolates imaginable. Each strawberry is artfully decorated in Christmas drizzle, sprinkles, and festive candies.  There’s no other indulgence quite like it. Arrives in an elegant gift box perfect for giving. Perfect for Corporate Gifts.

Cake Pops and Cake Truffles Make Great Gifts

byVeronica's Treats

Have you heard of cake pops? We have seen quite an explosion in the sale of our hand crafted, had decorated cake pops and cake truffles. We are processing way over 100 orders a week of these absolutly deliciious treats. They come in many designs from a classic box of 12 chocolate cake truffles to an Easter Egg Truffle box of 12 to a gift bouquet of 24 pops. Any way you send them - they will be quite the memorable gift. They are also a nice sweet fix for all of you chocoholics out there. Just two bites of pure bliss. We are currently offering them in chocolate and carrot cake flavors but we have a few new flavors coming including: cookies and cream and coconut. Cake pops are the hottest thing out there slowly replacing the cupcake. Now that Starbucks is selling them the word will spread like wildfire. You haven't tasted a cake pop until you have tasted a Veronica's Treats Cake pop. We use a secret blend of baked cake and creme cheese frosting along with an additional few ingredients to make just the right consistency. Trust me, you will be begging for more and will not want to share. Send them as a gift, you will not be disappointed in the response...we promise :)

Jalapeno Chocolate Truffles

byCreek House Patisserie

We developed our Jalapeno Molded Truffles a few years ago, and happened to hit on just the right amount of heat and spice. Mention "jalapeno" and you might think "hot, hot, hot"!  But with the right use, jalapeno can add just a pleasant amount of heat and flavor without the burn.  Our goal was to achieve a pleasing combination of heat from the chili, the slight bitterness of dark chocolate, and a little sweetness.
We didn't want chocolate lovers to bite into the truffle and have it  burn their mouths!  Jalapeno Molded Truffles have earned a devoted following with their mild spicy heat and deep dark chocolate flavor.