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 Tiger Butter Fudge Half Pound:This is the peanut butters lovers dream. Smooth Vanilla fudge layered with peanut butter with mouth watering chocolate fudge drizzled on top.
 Reeses Big Peanut Butter Cups 16 Count Box:Reeses Big Peanut Butter Cups 16 Count Box
New Item
 Football Treat:Perfect gift for your Football Fans if they play or just watch they will love this chocolate treat. Available in White or Milk Chocolate.
 Milk Kettle Chips 1/4 Pound Made W/ Gourmet Single Bean:We use either Kettle Cooked potato chips and cover them with our delicious milk chocolate. It is perhaps the finest sweet, salty, crunchy food on the planet. Please note, we make these per order to insure freshness. May take an extra day or two to fulfill your order.
 You Deserve It Gift Box French Vanilla:Six ounces of our Signature French Vanilla Truffles packed in a gift box perfect to show You Deserve It.
New Item
 Thanksgiving Pilgrim Boy Lolly:Thanksgiving Pilgrim Boy Lolly is great for placesettings at your Thanksgiving table.
New Item
 Christmas Candy Cane Lollipop:Candy Cane anybody?
New Item
 American Flag Lolly:American Flag Lolly decorated in Red White and Blue and made of delicious milk chocolate.
New Item
 Chocolate Millenium Falcon:chocolate Millenium Falcon
 Happy Chanukah Tote Box:6 oz. of blue & silver foiled milk chocolate croquettes in a frosted plastic box with a Chanukah themed header.
New Item
 Hot Red Velvet Beverage Mix:Hot Red Velvet Beverage Mix
 Chocolate Heath English Toffee Fudge Half Pound:Heath English Toffee fudge on the bottom & Chocolate fudge on top then sprinkled with more English toffee pieces

Jelly Bean Jar
 Jelly Bean Jar:Phillips Candy House Custom Jelly Bean Jar
Time Out Gift Box Strawberry Kiwi
 Time Out Gift Box Strawberry Kiwi:Six ounces of our Signature Strawberry-Kiwi Truffles packed in a gift box perfect for a Time Out
Happy Chanukah Diamond Box
 Happy Chanukah Diamond Box:Happy Chanukah Diamond Gift Pack with Assorted Signature Truffles.
Time Out Gift Box Java Roast
 Time Out Gift Box Java Roast:Six ounces of our Signature Java Roast Truffles packed in a gift box perfect for a Time Out
Gourmet Jelly Beans
 Gourmet Jelly Beans:One pound of fruity gourmet jelly beans
Cookies And Creme Holiday Box
 Cookies And Creme Holiday Box:Enjoy the great taste of your FAVORITE sandwich cookie filled with rich creme and coated in pure PMG milk chocolate. We add a nice sugar decoration to each piece to add that special touch for the holiday.
New Item
Cupid Poop Handmade Marshmallow Hearts
 Cupid Poop Handmade Marshmallow Hearts:Silky, Fluffy, Bite-Sized, Handmade Marshmallow Hearts, covered on Powdered sugar!
New Item
Valentine's Heart White 6 Pieces
 Valentine's Heart White 6 Pieces:Melt your heart!
Milk Chocolate Pecan Galores
 Milk Chocolate Pecan Galores:Large roasted and salted pecans, with a dollop of homemade butter caramel, topped with rich milk chocolate
New Item
Red Hat Cupcakes 12
 Red Hat Cupcakes 12:Affordable and Delicious 12 Fudgy Chocolate Cupcakes Topped with Chocolate and Red Hat Decorations.
Big Shooters Sampler With 8 Liquor/Alcohol Filled Chocolates
It was very well packaged and appealing. The sizes were a bit small on these. They looked bigger in the display picture. They were well worth the money though. - Kayla m Shacklee
 Big Shooters Sampler With 8 Liquor/Alcohol Filled Chocolates: Shooters are made with creamy ganache infused with a touch of alcohol/liquor, inside of a Belgian chocolate toasting cordial cup. Each Shooter contains less than 3% alcohol by volume. FLAVORS are assorted and could include: Apple Martini, Bailey's Irish Crème, Fire Jack, Hazelnut, Lemon Drops, Malibu Pina Colada, Margarita, Mojito,...
New Item
Chanukah Chocolate Coins 100 Dollars Bill
 Chanukah Chocolate Coins 100 Dollars Bill:20 Chanukah dark chocolate coins

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New Gluten and Corn free Vegan Organic baked goods

byMindful Delights

Hello all! just wanted to thank everyone at for allowing us to offer our baked goods to everyone. Mindful Delights offers delicious options (new products are being added) in Vegan baked goods. All of our product offerings are Gluten and Corn free also. Check out Mindful Delights on the vendor pages-thanks again!

Perfect for Holiday Gifting - Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Say Happy Holidays with the ultimate chocolate lovers dream. Sweet and succulent Christmas strawberries from Chocolate Covered Company™ are hand-dipped in the richest, most sinful imported milk, dark and white Belgian chocolates imaginable. Each strawberry is artfully decorated in Christmas drizzle, sprinkles, and festive candies.  There’s no other indulgence quite like it. Arrives in an elegant gift box perfect for giving. Perfect for Corporate Gifts.

Cake Pops and Cake Truffles Make Great Gifts

byVeronica's Treats

Have you heard of cake pops? We have seen quite an explosion in the sale of our hand crafted, had decorated cake pops and cake truffles. We are processing way over 100 orders a week of these absolutly deliciious treats. They come in many designs from a classic box of 12 chocolate cake truffles to an Easter Egg Truffle box of 12 to a gift bouquet of 24 pops. Any way you send them - they will be quite the memorable gift. They are also a nice sweet fix for all of you chocoholics out there. Just two bites of pure bliss. We are currently offering them in chocolate and carrot cake flavors but we have a few new flavors coming including: cookies and cream and coconut. Cake pops are the hottest thing out there slowly replacing the cupcake. Now that Starbucks is selling them the word will spread like wildfire. You haven't tasted a cake pop until you have tasted a Veronica's Treats Cake pop. We use a secret blend of baked cake and creme cheese frosting along with an additional few ingredients to make just the right consistency. Trust me, you will be begging for more and will not want to share. Send them as a gift, you will not be disappointed in the response...we promise :)

Forrest Had the Wrong Box

byTempting Truffle

We've all done the impression.  Let out in a slow, southern drawl: "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."  Simple, wise words.  If only life was like a Box of Sugar Plum Assorted Gourmet Truffles.  You still may not know what you're going to get, but at least you know it's always going to be amazing!  A perfect gift for any occasion, our Assorted Gourmet Truffles come in 1/2 lb. or 1 lb. holiday boxes, wrapped with a festive ribbon.  Always a welcomed surprise!