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 12 Red Green Chocolate Covered Oreo Gift Box:12 Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies with green and red edible tiny candy Christmas trees in gift box.
New Item
 Hanukkah Lollipops White 6 Pieces:Happy Hanukkah White Pops
 Old Fashioned Peppermint Bark Candy 8 Oz Bag:Old Fashioned Peppermint Bark Candy 8 oz bag.
 Happy Purim Card Classic Box:Dark Chocolate Happy Purim Card - Classic Box
 Peppermint Bark 8 Oz:Rich dark chocolate infused with pure peppermint oil and layered with creamy white chocolate adorned with peppermint swirls. Packaged in our tin box to retain minty freshness and finished with a satin red ribbon.
 Organic 74 Percent Dark Chocolate Primal Spirit Bars:2 Organic 74% Dark Chocolate Bars, Grand Cru, single-origin (Dominican)
Tasty, and pretty good for the price. - David C
 Holiday Peppermint Bark Candy To Go 2 Oz:Holiday Peppermint Bark Candy To Go 2 oz Bags
 Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Heart:2.2oz of Milk Chocolate then filled with real peanut butter in the shape of a Heart, foiled in Red placed in a cello bag with silk ribbon. Wonderful for the peanut butter and chocolate lover at Valentine Day, Sweetest Day, Mother's Day or student to student, teacher to student.
 Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies In Foil 2 Pac: Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookie Foiled 2 Pac. This 2 Pac makes a great High School, College, Professional team favor or fund raiser. For tailgate parties for football, soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, horseback riding or any sport. You can do and fit this product with any event or party. You can request any color you need for you event,...
 Fall Leaves In Cello Bag:Fall Leaves in Cello Bag. You have 1.5oz of milk chocolate within 3 leaves. Red, Gold, and Orange colors makes a easy match when finding favors for your Fall or Thanksgiving events.
 Chocolate Card In Classic Box:1 oz. bar of delicious milk or dark chocolate in an attractive wrap-around box. The chocolate card can have any of our stock messages and the box can be personalized with two lines of any text you wish or a logo. (Logo setup fee is $75.00)
What a yummy treat! I have not tasted milk chocolate for many years, since I was diagnosed with milk allergies. This nut bar is silky smooth - like real milk chocolate. The chocolate taste is fresh - must be the raw cacao.  The creamy texture of milk in this case comes from cashews - a brilliant solution. - Mary Ellen Grace
 40g Nut Milk Raw Cacao Bar:40 g Nut Milk Raw Cacao Bar

Solid Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny 7 Oz
 Solid Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny 7 Oz:Large sitting bunny 7 ounces w/basket of solid milk.
9pc Contempo Collection
 9pc Contempo Collection:Jewel-like artisan chocolates with a bouquet of fruit, nuts, liqueur and coffee flavors. What's inside: lavender honey, ginger, caramel, banana flambe, raspberry, almond gianduja, Champagne, Moka, pistachio, Earl Grey Tea.
Imperial Indecision 03
 Imperial Indecision 03:Milk, Dark and White chocolates with Assorted filling of truffles, nuts clusters, luscious fruits,chocolate cover layers of praline and biscuit wafers.
A Couple Of Kisses
This chocolate tastes very good. It is the right amount of chocolate with the two kisses in the bag. Also, the packaging made it a great gift to give someone for any occasion. - SLC
 A Couple Of Kisses:2oz Milk Chocolate Lips (A Couple of Kisses) each lip is 1oz of chocolate foiled in Red placed in a cello bag with a silk ribbon. Great gift or table favor for Valentine Day, Sweetest Day or Mother's Day.
Partridge In A Pear Tree Gold Box
 Partridge In A Pear Tree Gold Box:Partridge in a Pear Tree. Here you have 2 green 2oz pears and a 2oz partridge of milk chocolate, packaged in a gold box with white shred and a gold stretch loop. A great stocking stuffer for Christmas or as a causal gift.
40g 70 Percent Raw Cacao Bar
 40g 70 Percent Raw Cacao Bar:70 Percent Raw Cacao Bar
Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Pretzels
Enjoyed the pretzels. Chocolate tasted perfect! - Joan Jefferys
 Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Pretzels:Crisp pretzels are hand-dipped into decadent sugar-free chocolate. One pound of pretzels arrive in an elegant dark brown gold stamped window gift box with gold bow.
Dark Chocolate Pretzel Gift Box By CPH
 Dark Chocolate Pretzel Gift Box By CPH:Decadent hand dipped dark chocolate pretzels are packaged in an elegant dark brown, gold stamped window box and gold bow. A great gift for the dark chocolate lover! Our pretzels make a wonderful birthday, anniversary or get well gift! 1 lb.
Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookie Pear Box
This product was a huge hit with our clients! They loved the cookies and the chocolate pear box was a good size. We had searched online for a fun "Pear" item to go along with our company name, Creative Pear. This was perfect! Packaging was great and customer service was very helpful - we ordered a large qty. as holiday gifts. Thanks for making holiday shopping so easy! - P. Smith
 Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookie Pear Box: Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookie Pear Box. This gift is a great anytime for someone who loves milk chocolate and Oreo Cookies. You have a pear shaped box that is made out of milk chocolate with 7 milk chocolate covered Oreo cookies. The cookies are foil wrapped and placed inside the pear box. Then packaged in a cello bag with ribbon. Call...
Chocolate Drizzled Gourmet Popcorn 8 Oz
 Chocolate Drizzled Gourmet Popcorn 8 Oz:Chocolate drizzled gourmet popcorn the salty and sweet treat.  8 oz bag.
Caramel Corn Small Bag
 Caramel Corn Small Bag:Rich and sweet, just like it should be! Our freshly popped popcorn is enrobed with rich, buttery caramel and made with real butter, sugar and tons of whole glazed nuts - almonds, cashews and pecans. Artisan crafted in small batches with premium natural ingredients, you can taste the quality in this caramel corn from the first bite.
Chocolate Card In Premium Box
 Chocolate Card In Premium Box:1 oz. bar of delicious milk or dark chocolate in an attractive window box. The chocolate card can have any of our stock messages and the box can be personalized with two lines of any text you wish or a logo. (Logo setup fee is $75.00)

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New Gluten and Corn free Vegan Organic baked goods

byMindful Delights

Hello all! just wanted to thank everyone at for allowing us to offer our baked goods to everyone. Mindful Delights offers delicious options (new products are being added) in Vegan baked goods. All of our product offerings are Gluten and Corn free also. Check out Mindful Delights on the vendor pages-thanks again!

Perfect for Holiday Gifting - Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Say Happy Holidays with the ultimate chocolate lovers dream. Sweet and succulent Christmas strawberries from Chocolate Covered Company™ are hand-dipped in the richest, most sinful imported milk, dark and white Belgian chocolates imaginable. Each strawberry is artfully decorated in Christmas drizzle, sprinkles, and festive candies.  There’s no other indulgence quite like it. Arrives in an elegant gift box perfect for giving. Perfect for Corporate Gifts.

Jalapeno Chocolate Truffles

byCreek House Patisserie

We developed our Jalapeno Molded Truffles a few years ago, and happened to hit on just the right amount of heat and spice. Mention "jalapeno" and you might think "hot, hot, hot"!  But with the right use, jalapeno can add just a pleasant amount of heat and flavor without the burn.  Our goal was to achieve a pleasing combination of heat from the chili, the slight bitterness of dark chocolate, and a little sweetness.
We didn't want chocolate lovers to bite into the truffle and have it  burn their mouths!  Jalapeno Molded Truffles have earned a devoted following with their mild spicy heat and deep dark chocolate flavor.  

Different Types of Chocolate Truffles

byCreek House Patisserie

Not all chocolate truffles are the same. There is the classic round shaped truffle, made with a firm ganache, then rolled in cocoa powder, powdered sugar, or nuts. A dipped truffle has been formed, then dipped in tempered chocolate to coat or "enrobe" it in a thin crisp chocolate coating. A molded truffle or "bonbon" starts with heavy polycarbonate molds in different shapes. The mold cavities are coated with a thin coating of tempered chocolate, then filled with ganache, then closed or "capped" with another thin layer of tempered chocolate on the bottom. If made correctly, the truffles come out of the molds very easily after the chocolate has set or "crystallized". The final product should be a beautiful shiny truffle with a nice "snap" of chocolate when bitten into.