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135 Featured Chocolate Products
Chocolate Naturals SUGARLESSe Gift Box 5 Flavors
"As a chocolate addict, these healthy morsels of chocolaty delight, so exquisitely packaged, have become my personal favorites. Send more!" " Vicki Gilmore, Miami Beach, FL
ChocoMint Naturals SUGARLESSe 10 Pack Gold Box
"Sugarlesse mint chocolates have become a part of my ritual which also includes organic tea. They are light, sweet, delicious, and do not cause that dreaded sugar rush." -- Ben Sassoon, Arlington, VA
ChocOrange Naturals SUGARLESSe 10 Pack Gold Box
"We give parties and your chocolates are always the favorite snacks for everybody - especially the orange ones, as one would figure to be the case in Florida." -- Helene and Stanley Karp, Palm Beach, FL
ChoCoffee Naturals SUGARLESSe 10 Pack Gold Box
"Never thought I'd like sugar free chocolate like ChoCoffee, but being both a coffee and chocolate addict did the trick for me. So did less calories and the fab package!" -- Eve Harper Close, Malibu, CA
Chocolate Naturals SUGARLESSe 3 Pack Gold Box
"What a surprising and delightful discovery! I never though I would ever find a really good tasting sugar free chocolate!" -- Sarah Werrin, Malibu, CA
ChocoMint Naturals SUGARLESSe 3 Pack Gold Box
"I love minty chocolate and having it in a healthy sugar-free product is what I've been looking for since I was told I was on my way to becoming pre-diabetic. Thank you Sugarlesse!"  -- Mike Share, Ridgewood, NJ
ChocOrange Naturals SUGARLESSe 3 Pack Gold Box
"The scent of ripe orange in a rich dark chocolate. No overpowering sweetness. Sugar free too - now, that's for me and my family, especially my father-in-law with diabetes!" -- Judy Bletcher, Mountainside, NJ
ChoCoffee Naturals SUGARLESSe 3 Pack Gold Box
"Bought these coffee chocolates for my staff and myself  as a Christmas treat. We all enjoyed them, appreciating the fact they were not only tasty but healthy too. Recommend it for 'Good Dental Practice!'" -- Doug Bush DDS, Chester, NJ
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