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91 Fair Trade Chocolate Products Found
Fair Trade is a way of doing business that creates a partnership between the buyer and the seller. Fair wages are paid to the producers and workers, and sustainable practices are developed for the good of both. Fair Trade can actually change the lives of some of the world's poorest people. Their fair wages allow them to purchase food, shelter and medical care. Chocolate is one of several products that are available in the Fair Trade marketplace.
Best Seller
My biggest concern was the heat. I live in Florida and it's above 95 here. Let me say that the pretzels weren't melted one bit and were actually cool to the touch. If you live somewhere the temperature is above 95 you have the option to pay an additional 4 dollars to pack them with those liquid gel packs that you can refreeze. It is well worth it. The chocolate was not even the slightest melted and the liquid ice packs are freezable. These were the best pretzels I have ever had. The chocolate is sooooooo good. - Tony
 Dark Chocolate Covered Mini Pretzels 8 Oz:freshly baked mini-pretzels are covered in our premium dark chocolate. VOTED BEST DARK CHOCOLATE IN ST. LOUIS! Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union
My cousin, whom I have sent chocolates from here, several times, and I bought these for, upon delivery, called me immediately, and said that these were among the very best yet! He said that the waffles themselves had a wonderful vanilla taste, and that the chocolate was his favorite, dark & velvety! - Marty {in Louisville Co Usa }
 BELGIAN WAFFLE:Organic Soft Chocolate Covered Belgian Waffles (5 Piece Box)
 Marsatta Dark Thin:The most incredible tasting dark notes in chocolate!
Wow! Are these really vegan?!? So smooth, so creamy, I would swear they were made with cream . . . if I hadn't read the ingredients on the box. Buy these, you won't regret it! - Susan Laird
 Nicobella Truffle 6 Piece Pure Cocoa Bliss:A 6 piece box of your favorite Nicobella Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate Truffle flavor, Pure Cocoa Bliss. The package contains 6 Pure Cocoa Bliss truffles in an elegant Nicobella Box.
I have enoyed these. The chocolate with the hint of salt tastes wonderful and the caramel is delicious. I will be ordering more when the present ones I have run out. - Kandyce Cia
 Caramels Assorted In Dark And Milk Chocolate:Assorted milk and dark chocolate caramels some sprinkled with Hawaiin white sea salt and some not all in a gift box.
 Confetti Dark Chocolate Giant Fortune Cookie:Our most versatile and popular cookie, each one is showered with festive Candy Confetti for a perfect Gift and Greeting Card All In One for every occasion!
 1 Lb Creams With And With Out Nuts Mixed:The Best Silky Smooth Chocolates You will Ever Savor.
 Nicobella Mama Munch 3 Pack:Nicobella Mama Munch is a truly healthy indulgence. Our ingredients are simple, wholesome and delicious: organic and Fair Trade 75% dark chocolate with no fillers or additives blended with crunchy candied walnuts and toasted flaxseeds, which are rich natural sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, lignans, antioxidants and fiber.
 Flavor 65:flavor 65 cacao nibs, lightly roasted, covered in 65% dark chocolate for true chocoholics-yum!
I love chocolate covered pretzels and these were wonderful!! I am actually going to order more ASAP. We have OXO air tight containers and I open the packs and pour them in the container; that way I can eat a few a day without them getting stale. I also ordered a dark choclate bag - I am not a dark chocolate fan but those were great too! - Britni
 Milk Chocolate Covered Mini Pretzels 8 Oz:freshly baked mini-pretzels are drenched in our premium milk chocolate
These chocolates are the best carmels I have ever had. They melt in your mouth. Also, when I originally ordered them it was summer, and they arrived totally melted. I was very impressed when the owner Mona, told me she would reship them in the fall. I would definitely order again from Mona's Chocolates. - Donna M. Brewer
 Caramels Covered In Dark Chocolate Kissed With Sea Salt:Dark Chocolate Caramels Kissed With Sea Salt.
 1 Lb Traditional Mixed:The Best Silky Smooth Chocolates You will Ever Savor.

Truffles Dark Chocolate Tahitian Vanilla
 Truffles Dark Chocolate Tahitian Vanilla:Dark chocolate ganache infused with Tahitian vanilla and cherry puree presented in a 12 piece gift box.
Thanksgiving Milk Chocolate Giant Fortune Cookie
 Thanksgiving Milk Chocolate Giant Fortune Cookie:A delightful & festive Thanksgiving Gift & Greeting All In One!
Cashew Bark In Milk Chocolate By The Pound
 Cashew Bark In Milk Chocolate By The Pound:Salted cashew pieces distributed in milk chocolate in a gift box.
Caramel Pecan Clouds In Dark Chocolate By The Pound
 Caramel Pecan Clouds In Dark Chocolate By The Pound:Our famous caramel melted over small pecan pieces and then dipped in our dark chocolate from Ecuador.
Almonds In Milk Chocolate By The Pound
 Almonds In Milk Chocolate By The Pound:Almonds enrobed in milk chocolate in a gift box.
2 Lb Creams With Out Nuts Mixed
 2 Lb Creams With Out Nuts Mixed:The Best Silky Smooth Chocolates You will Ever Savor.
Truffles Assorted 12 Piece Gift Box
 Truffles Assorted 12 Piece Gift Box:Our Twelve Piece Assortment of Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate Truffles are the best of the best. Each truffle is made with the finest ingredients and the most loving intentions. A perfect indulgence for yourself or someone you love.
Caramel Pecan Clouds Assorted By The Pound
 Caramel Pecan Clouds Assorted By The Pound:Caramel Pecan Clouds assorted milk and dark chocolate by the pound in a gift box.
Caramel Pecan Clouds In Milk Chocolate By The Pound
 Caramel Pecan Clouds In Milk Chocolate By The Pound:One pound of caramels and pecans covered in milk chocolate in a gift box.
Almonds In Dark And Milk Chocolate
 Almonds In Dark And Milk Chocolate:Almonds in an assortment of dark and milk chocolate in a gift box.
LAVENDER Classic Large Bar
I purchased the Lavender Milk Chocolate bar by New Tree.  This chocolate was very rich and creamy.  It was infused with lavender.  The taste was incredible.    - Catv9
 LAVENDER Classic Large Bar:A siesta with the fragrance of Provence, milk chocolate. LAVENDER ORGANIC AND FAIRTRADE 50% MILK CHOCOLATE

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