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500 Dark Chocolate Products Found
Dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids than other types of chocolate. In other words, it has more of the chocolate element in relation to the sugar and cocoa butter. In recent years, the news of the health benefits of Dark Chocolate has been rising exponentially. It is recommended by many studies that you eat an ounce of Dark Chocolate per day. Why? Because it is rich with flavonoids which have an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property. Translation: It can help to reduce your risk of Cancer. There are dozens of other health benefits not the least of which is a high magnesium and copper content which is good for your blood pressure. Enough science, let's talk taste. Most of the products we have here in our Dark Chocolate section are indulgent gifts - not the type of product that you would store next to your vitamins. But rest assured, the dark chocolate contained in these tasty treats is GOOD FOR YOU! If you have questions while browsing our gift selection, please contact us.
 Peppermint Truffles 15 PC:A creamy peppermint truffle center is covered in our award-winning dark chocolate and topped with crushed candy cane. So delicious, so decadent.
The chai ganache was smooth and creamy, then entire experience was a decident escape from the mundane, otherwise known as my normal lunch. I would recommend these to anyone who loves chai or dark chocolate. - Sarah Wimer
 Chocolate Chai Buddha Truffle:Dark or Milk Chocolate Buddha truffle with chai tea infused filling.
 Organic Dark Chocolate With Superfruit Snack Size Bar:An irresistible and healthy on-the-go treat with a quite extraordinary taste experience. 65% Organic Dark Cocoa with Pomegranate, Cranberry, Papaya and Grape seed extract.
I loved the fact that I could order Leonida's chocolates online! The box was beautiful and the chocolates were wonderful. Everyone loved them! Perfect Christmas gifts. - Christine Ackerman
 Classic Leonidas Ballotin:Classic 1 lb. Leonidas praline mix in a gold ballotin
 Imperial Indecision 1KB: Alexandra & Nicolay signature assorted tin contains creamy truffles, luscious fruits soaked in special syrup and a delicious blend of hazelnuts and honey all enrobed in premium white, dark and milk chocolate. Today every Alexandra & Nicolay chocolate is prepared with one goal in mind: to bring a little ruthless indulgence to the Czar...
 85 Percent Raw Cacao Bar Case Of 6: Our amazing raw bold dark chocolate gives you the lowest GI with the pure chocolate taste!All free of refined sugar, dairy, soy and gluten and made in a dairy-free, allergen-free studio. We use raw cacao for its antioxidant and magnesium power, palm nectar for its low glycemic index (35) and micronutrient, vitamin, mineral content and non GMO sunflower...
 Raspberry Raw Cacao Bar Case Of 6:Our luscious bittersweet raw cacao chocolate gets a delicious dose of organic raspberry for an amazing chocolate experience you will love! Certified organic, vegan and kosher parve. All free of dairy, soy, refined sugar and gluten.
Best Seller
My biggest concern was the heat. I live in Florida and it's above 95 here. Let me say that the pretzels weren't melted one bit and were actually cool to the touch. If you live somewhere the temperature is above 95 you have the option to pay an additional 4 dollars to pack them with those liquid gel packs that you can refreeze. It is well worth it. The chocolate was not even the slightest melted and the liquid ice packs are freezable. These were the best pretzels I have ever had. The chocolate is sooooooo good. - Tony
 Dark Chocolate Covered Mini Pretzels 8 Oz:freshly baked mini-pretzels are covered in our premium dark chocolate. VOTED BEST DARK CHOCOLATE IN ST. LOUIS! Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union
I purchased this for someone who likes dark chocolate and pretzels, and he loved it! He asked me where I purchased it so I referred him to this site. I would definitely buy this product again. - Hjb
 Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels 8 Oz Box:Our popular chocolate covered pretzels are so good, it's easy to become addicted.
New Item
 Star Lollipop:Thin layer of white chocolate and dark chocolate
 Happy Purim Card Premium Box:Dark Chocolate Happy Purim Card - Premium Box
 Kosher For Passover Matza:Kosher for Passover Chocolate Matza

Kosher For Passover Bulk Chocolate
 Kosher For Passover Bulk Chocolate:Bulk Kosher for Passover Chocolate suitable for baking, cooking and eating! Kosher Parve. Dark Chocolate.
New Item
Chocolate Chunks
 Chocolate Chunks:Dark and milk chocolate chunks with hazelnuts, orange bits, lavender, almonds, pepper...A great mix in a original packaging.  Nice and unique gift.  You can try many flavors.
Dark Chocolate With Strawberries And Champagne
 Dark Chocolate With Strawberries And Champagne:54 percent cocoa and strawberries and champagne! What more do you need - healthy and yummy! Kosher, 120 1 oz. squares.
Chocolate Liqueur Cups Bulk
Received order and am very happy with tracking option. Knew when to expect it and was waiting on ups man when he rang the door bell. May have given him a bit of a scare. Got two bottles of Nassau Royale and my daughter is now ready for her bachlorette party:) thanks! - Lenore G. Johnston
 Chocolate Liqueur Cups Bulk:Sip the drink, nibble the cup! AS FEATURED IN THE SOUTH BEACH DIET! Kosher.
Imperial Seals II
 Imperial Seals II:Alexandra & Nicolay signature assorted tin contains creamy truffles enrobed in premium white, dark and milk chocolate. Today every Alexandra & Nicolay chocolate is prepared with one goal in mind: to bring a little ruthless indulgence to the Czar and Czarina in all of us, because everyone deserves to be royally pampered and spoiled.
Hanukkah Nosh
 Hanukkah Nosh:Ahh Hanukkah. Eight nights of celebrations make room for eight nights of chocolate. Make sure it's Bloomsberry all natural kosher premium dark chocolate (55% cocoa) Does nosh get any better?
Dark Chocolate With Orange Peel
 Dark Chocolate With Orange Peel:64 percent cocoa makes this rich dark chocolate with a hint of orange peel wonderful and healthful! Kosher
Fosteriffic Peppermint 6 Bars
 Fosteriffic Peppermint 6 Bars:Mint-Lovers, here it is: Rescue Chocolate's minty dark chocolate with crunchy cacao nibs. Heaven in a chocolate bar!
2 Dark Chocolate Mint Chocopologie Bars
 2 Dark Chocolate Mint Chocopologie Bars:Two bars of invigorating mint blended with rich dark chocolate for a refreshing experience.
Milk And Dark Signature Assortment 1 Lb
The chocolates were delicious.  However, I saw no indication inside or outside the box of who sent them.  I would like to thank the sender. - Keith Guillory
 Milk And Dark Signature Assortment 1 Lb:The Milk & Dark Signature Assortment includes vanilla butter and chocolate caramels, mouth watering cherry cordials, fresh fruit Dreams, peanut butter smoothies, molasses chips, mint chips, English toffee and our signature logo all covered in our award-winning milk or dark chocolate.
2 Lb Chocolate Sampler Made With Gourmet Single Bean
 2 Lb Chocolate Sampler Made With Gourmet Single Bean:A wonderful assortment of the best of our chocolates. There will be a variety of White, Milk & Dark Chocolates that are in this mouth watering sampler. Snyder's Pretzels, Turtles, caramels, Ritz's crackers and much more. If there are any special request, please tell us in the notes and we will add them.
Pick Me Pepper 6 Bar Set
 Pick Me Pepper 6 Bar Set:A little bit sweet, a little bit salty, with a kick of spice at the end of each bite! All net profits go to animal rescue groups.

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I am curious to know why make chocolate from the bean? Is it the freshness of the end product that caused chocolate maker Jeffray D. Gardner to go to this level of complexity? Possibly. Or maybe it comes from the challenge of taking the raw bean, in its purest state, from the grower and produce and market his chocolates; and from the point of visualization, sees delight in the faces of customers as they taste the richness of the Marsatta chocolate treats in pleasure. In my mind, it’s not an easy task to make chocolates from its raw state, I have a hard enough time selecting a chocolate from the variety pack! So, enjoy it while it lasts, there’s more where this came from.