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500 Dark Chocolate Products Found
Dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids than other types of chocolate. In other words, it has more of the chocolate element in relation to the sugar and cocoa butter. In recent years, the news of the health benefits of Dark Chocolate has been rising exponentially. It is recommended by many studies that you eat an ounce of Dark Chocolate per day. Why? Because it is rich with flavonoids which have an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property. Translation: It can help to reduce your risk of Cancer. There are dozens of other health benefits not the least of which is a high magnesium and copper content which is good for your blood pressure. Enough science, let's talk taste. Most of the products we have here in our Dark Chocolate section are indulgent gifts - not the type of product that you would store next to your vitamins. But rest assured, the dark chocolate contained in these tasty treats is GOOD FOR YOU! If you have questions while browsing our gift selection, please contact us.
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 20 Assorted Chocolate Squares Neapolitans:5 flavors, 4 pieces each.
Just received this "sweet" gift for my birthday. I love dark chocolate and this product is very yummy. - Elizabeth Milligan
 1 Lb Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds By Phillips:Dark chocolate covered almonds
 Sea Salt Caramels 8 Piece from Chocolate Chocolate Co.:Mediterranean Sea Salt is sprinkled on top of our signature Vanilla Butter Caramel. Unique and Delicious
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 Valentines Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Assortment:13 chocolated covered marshmallows with valentines sprinkles
 Dark Sea Salt Caramel 1/4 Pound Gourmet Single Bean:This is a bite size treat with huge flavor. Our Dark chocolate sea salted caramels Each caramel is dipped in 58.5% dark cacoa with a dash of coarse ground sea salt on top for perhaps the most sublime mix of sweet and salty known to man. Sold individually.
 Dark Chocolate Pecan Nut Bark:Enjoy the perfect blend of rich, creamy chocolate and hand roasted nuts.
Melt in your mouth goodness! Absolutely will buy again and send to others as gifts. - Mary Jo Schaffer
 Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Pecan Bar:Mavrakos famous marshmallow, freshly salted pecans and Mavrakos Dark Chocolate all blended together in an 8 oz. log
 Hedgehog Caramel Truffle Milk Or Dark Chocolate:Milk or Dark Chocolate Caramel Hedgehog Truffles
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 Dark Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies 12:12 Dark Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies
This chocolate bar lived up to every expectation! I remember having perfume mints at tea parties when I was young and this took me back to those fun times, but with chocolate! The rose water with the dark chocolate is amazing :) - Vanessa
 Dark Chocolate With Rosewater Chocopologie Bar:A distictly intense, rich dark chocolate blended with delicate rose buds
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 Sriracha Devil Whips:Red licorice whips dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with spicy Sriracha powder
These pretzels arrived very quickly and delicious! - Elliott
 Dark Pretzel 1/4 Pound Made W/ Gourmet Single Bean:We start off with a Snyder's thick and crunchy Old Tyme Pretzel and enrobe it with El Rey Venezuelan single bean dark chocolate (58.5% cacao). The best of North America meets the finest of South America in a sweet, salty and crunchy sensation.

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B2B Dark Cacao Nib
 B2B Dark Cacao Nib:Bean to Bar Dark Chocolat made with cacao beans from Peru,        72 - 75%. Happily Vegan and Gluten Free. Cacao Nibs, Cocoa Butter, Turbinado Sugar, Vanilla Bean Paste.
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B2B Dark
 B2B Dark:Bean to Bar Dark Chocolat made with cacao beans from Peru, 72 - 75%. Happily Vegan and Gluten Free. Cacao Nibs, Cocoa Butter, Turbinado Sugar, Vanilla Bean Paste.
Caotina Noir Hot Chocolate
 Caotina Noir Hot Chocolate:The Swiss Dark Chocolate Drink Made from Real Chocolate.
Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Nut Whip 10 Oz
This is one of best chocolates ever. Me and my husband enjoyed the candy as a special treat at Christmas time. I saved one box his Valintines gift. Love the dark chocolate. - JUDY SPARKS
 Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Nut Whip 10 Oz:Fresh Marshmallows whipped together with chopped almonds and premium dark chocolate
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Dark Chocolate Molasses Puff 1 Lb
I received these from my husband on Valentines Day. As a young girl my best Valentines memory was receiving a traditional box of Mavrakos Puffs from my Papa. We lived in the St. Louis area. I was devastated that they went out of business and searched and searched for my favorite confection. I've had "honeycomb" and a few other substitutes that were okay but just never quite as good. You have managed to recreate the quintessential puff and I dont know which was nicer - the high quality and magic of finding these or how sweet it was of my husband to remember me this way. Thanks Jeffory and thanks Melissa Calhoun - Jeffory Calhoun
 Dark Chocolate Molasses Puff 1 Lb:Crunchy molasses sponge center covered in premium dark chocolate. Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union
Dark Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers
This is the first time I have ordered from I will definitely order from them again. The chocolates were delicious. The order was shipped immediately and I received them in two working days. - SHERRY WEST
 Dark Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers:Fresh Graham Crackers are covered in our premium dark chocolate
Mission Feral Fig 6 Bars
 Mission Feral Fig 6 Bars:Mission Feral Fig: Hello mission figs, cranberries and almonds! This chewy-crunchy combo is a flavor experience with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and fleur de sel, to boot! With Mission Feral Fig, Rescue Chocolate brings awareness to feral cat colonies.
Milk And Dark Samplette 8 Oz
I sent the Samplette as a "missing you" to my son who lives in New York.  He told me that the chocolates arrived in packaging that kept them protected from some rather hot days they were having. I was really delighted about that as chocolate sent from other companies had not held up very well.  Instead of a melted mess, he was able to savor every last bite. Thanks very much.   - Barbara Madrid of San Francisco, CA
 Milk And Dark Samplette 8 Oz:The Samplette Assortment is a popular assortment of fresh cherry cordials, smooth butter caramels, pecan tootles, English toffee, fresh fruit creams, Molasses Chips, and peanut butter smoothies all covered in our award-winning milk and dark chocolate
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Dark Chocolate Sriracha Bunny
 Dark Chocolate Sriracha Bunny:A Modern Twist on an Easter Classic - Our Dark Chocolate Sriracha Easter Bunny will make a hot addition to your Easter basket.
Milk And Dark Signature Assortment 2 Lb
 Milk And Dark Signature Assortment 2 Lb:The Milk & Dark Signature Assortment includes golden butter caramels, mouth watering cherry cordials, fresh fruit creams, peanut butter smoothies, molasses chips, mint chips, English toffee and our signature logo all covered in our award-winning milk or dark chocolate.
Chocolate Dreams Easter Basket With Dark Chocolate Bunny
 Chocolate Dreams Easter Basket With Dark Chocolate Bunny:3 Sisters Chocolate's Chocolate Dreams Easter Basket with Dark Chocolate Bunny is just for the "big kid" at heart.
Milk Chocolate Blackberry Creams 1lb
I was so excited to see a product with Blackberries! I was worried it was going to be overly sweet but they are fantastic! The chocolate is wonderful and creamy and the blackberry puree is sweet but not sickeningly so. I would order these again and will recommend them to every one. - Brenda Massey
 Milk Chocolate Blackberry Creams 1lb:Freshly picked blackberries are cooked down into a delicious puree and blended with our creamy fondant after being stirred for several hours. Our master chocolatier casts each piece into starch molds and then dips them in pure PMG milk and dark chocolate giving each one its signature stripe.

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I am curious to know why make chocolate from the bean? Is it the freshness of the end product that caused chocolate maker Jeffray D. Gardner to go to this level of complexity? Possibly. Or maybe it comes from the challenge of taking the raw bean, in its purest state, from the grower and produce and market his chocolates; and from the point of visualization, sees delight in the faces of customers as they taste the richness of the Marsatta chocolate treats in pleasure. In my mind, it’s not an easy task to make chocolates from its raw state, I have a hard enough time selecting a chocolate from the variety pack! So, enjoy it while it lasts, there’s more where this came from.