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500 Dark Chocolate Products Found
Dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids than other types of chocolate. In other words, it has more of the chocolate element in relation to the sugar and cocoa butter. In 2007, news of the health benefits of Dark Chocolate has been rising exponentially. It is recommended by many studies that you eat an ounce of Dark Chocolate per day. Most of the products we have here in our Dark Chocolate section are indlugent gifts - not the type of product that you would store next to your vitamins. But rest assured, the dark chocolate contained in these tasty treats is GOOD FOR YOU! As you browse our selection of Dark Chocolate, please remember that we can answer your questions if you click the customer service link at the top of the page.
Box was packaged nicely and quality was great. Arrived on time and couldn't be more satisfied with chocolate dot com. I didn't know someone actually wrote the note though... i thought it was typed. - Ryan Tiojanco
 No Weight Gain:No Weight Gain Chocolate* Guaranteed no weight gain** 3.5oz (100g) bar all natural, premium, certified kosher dark chocolate. (Cocoa 55%)
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 Mustache Lollipops Set Of 12:12 mustache lollipops in dark, milk and white chocolate.
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 Dark Chocolate Bar With Hazelnuts:Classic Belgian dark chocolate bar, naturally vegan it's just chocolate and hazelnuts
 Sea Salt Caramels 8 Piece from Chocolate Chocolate Co.:Mediterranean Sea Salt is sprinkled on top of our signature Vanilla Butter Caramel. Unique and Delicious
 Dark Chocolate Mayan Spice Bars:3 - 72% Dark Chocolate Mayan Cocoa God Spice Bars
This chocolate is amazing. I think it may be the best chocolate I've ever had. The spicyness is intense in a really good way. I can't get enough of this. - Sabrina Eveland
 Dark Chocolate Chili And Cranberries:Dark Chocolate, Chili and Cranberries - Hot & Spicy - All Natural
 Easter Chocolate Egg:Large Filled Chocolate Easter Egg
Expectations were high when, upon opening the box, we saw the Emergency Chocolate Bar. Expectations rose when we read the usage and dosage directions. Expectations, however, were simply that this would be a very good piece of dark chocolate, mildly bitter, not oversweet. We were not disappointed in this regard and our expectations were met, but our expectations were exceeded by a completely surprising malt- like flavor. Most excellent. And most unexpected. - Zeke Flaton
 Rescue Dark Chocolate:The new doctor of craving relief. Doctor Dark. Book your 'choc' up today. 3.5oz (100g) bar All natural, premium, certified kosher chocolate. Dark Chocolate Cocoa 55%
I only eat dark chocolate and I love it. This dark chocolate is rich and very tasty. The cherries and cranberries are both sweet and tart and compliment the chocolate. I live only 60 miles from Mackinaw so this brand and chocolate is special to me. - Elizabeth Gustafson
 Very Berry Dark Chocolate Bark:Dark chocolate bark with Michigan cherries and cranberries, drizzled in white chocolate and dusted with maple sugar. A complex and decadent treat. Approx 8 oz.
Crunchy, salty-sweet goodness! Perfect afternoon snack! - Wendy B.
 12 Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods:12 Double Hand-Dipped Dark Chocolate Pretzel Rods
 40g 85 Percent Raw Cacao Bar:40g 85 percent raw cacao bar
 Dark Malt Balls:Dark Chocolate Malt Balls

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Assorted Chocolate Mustache Filled Tin
 Assorted Chocolate Mustache Filled Tin:I 'mustache' you a question... Will you be mine?
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Valentines Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Assortment
 Valentines Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Assortment:13 chocolated covered marshmallows with valentines sprinkles
Dark Chocolate Pistachio Bark 1/4 Lbs W/ Gourmet Single Bean
The bark with pistachios was very good, an excellent combination! - Elliott
 Dark Chocolate Pistachio Bark 1/4 Lbs W/ Gourmet Single Bean:We take our delicious 58.5% dark chocolate and mix it up with pistachios in a thin layer to make a heart healthy treat. Sold in quarter pound increments.
Phillips Chunk Dark Chocolate
 Phillips Chunk Dark Chocolate:14 oz chunk of dark chocolate
Dark Chocolate Pecan Nut Bark
 Dark Chocolate Pecan Nut Bark:Enjoy the perfect blend of rich, creamy chocolate and hand roasted nuts.
2 Cacao Nib Bars
 2 Cacao Nib Bars:Delicious dark chocolate Bar with Cacoa Nibs.
Dark Chocolate Mama Bunny Lolly
 Dark Chocolate Mama Bunny Lolly:Dark Chocolate Mama Bunny Lolly Carrying a basket full of Easter Eggs. This Lolly is so cute and in delicious dark chocolate!
Dark Chocolate Eiffel Tower
 Dark Chocolate Eiffel Tower:A single boxed dark chocolate eiffel tower.
High Protein Edamame Bar
 High Protein Edamame Bar:Delicious dark chocolate Bar with lightly salted Edamame. Great for vegetarians!
Dark Chocolate Turtle Gourmet Single Bean 1/4 Pound
 Dark Chocolate Turtle Gourmet Single Bean 1/4 Pound:It is all about the chocolate. We temper and mold our rich dark chocolate (58.5 cacao) with pecans and creamy caramel in the shape of a real turtle. Turtles are sold in quarter pound increments.
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Sriracha Devil Whips
 Sriracha Devil Whips:Red licorice whips dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with spicy Sriracha powder
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Dark Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies 12
 Dark Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies 12:12 Dark Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

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I am curious to know why make chocolate from the bean? Is it the freshness of the end product that caused chocolate maker Jeffray D. Gardner to go to this level of complexity? Possibly. Or maybe it comes from the challenge of taking the raw bean, in its purest state, from the grower and produce and market his chocolates; and from the point of visualization, sees delight in the faces of customers as they taste the richness of the Marsatta chocolate treats in pleasure. In my mind, it’s not an easy task to make chocolates from its raw state, I have a hard enough time selecting a chocolate from the variety pack! So, enjoy it while it lasts, there’s more where this came from.