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500 Dark Chocolate Products Found
Dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids than other types of chocolate. In other words, it has more of the chocolate element in relation to the sugar and cocoa butter. In 2007, news of the health benefits of Dark Chocolate has been rising exponentially. It is recommended by many studies that you eat an ounce of Dark Chocolate per day. Most of the products we have here in our Dark Chocolate section are indlugent gifts - not the type of product that you would store next to your vitamins. But rest assured, the dark chocolate contained in these tasty treats is GOOD FOR YOU! As you browse our selection of Dark Chocolate, please remember that we can answer your questions if you click the customer service link at the top of the page.
Dark Chocolate Happy St. Patricks Day Shamrock Lollipop.
Scrumptious! The chocolate taste was exquisite, with just a hint of vanilla bean. It was hard to limit myself to one-a-day! - Candace Gebhart
Sensory, vanilla bean's aromatics can't be missed in this chocolate truffle.
Delicious chocolate! Husband loved the variety. - Sheri eddy
For those who prefer the rich taste of dark chocolates, this is the perfect choice.
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Our new Chunky Gourmet bars are sure to delight all of your senses. 7.16oz of rich dark chocolate with the surprising kick of red pepper flakes is sure to leave you wanting more. Packaged in clear box with silver or gold stretch band bow and Laketown Chocolates Label.
Rich and dark, this bar is a new favorite for its brisk snap and cocoa forward flavor profile. The chocolate used in this bar is hand blended for a cacao content in the range of 59-62%. With just enough bitterness to keep it interesting our dark chocolate bar is hand cast to weigh an impressive 3.5oz.
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12 mustache lollipops in dark, milk and white chocolate.
An All Dark combination of our elegant truffles, decadent creams, smooth caramels and delicious chocolate covered nuts. Beautifully packaged.
The bark with pistachios was very good, an excellent combination! - Elliott
We take our delicious 58.5% dark chocolate and mix it up with pistachios in a thin layer to make a heart healthy treat. Sold in quarter pound increments.
A sweet gift for any occasion that could use an umbrella... bridal shower, baby shower... or maybe just to thank someone for taking care of you.
Set the Hook into the Largemouth Chocolate Bass! Tastes MUCH better than the real thing. Delicious in Dark Chocolate!
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A Delicious dark chocolate bunny lolly perfect for Easter. This lolly measures 5 1/4 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide.
It is all about the chocolate. We temper and mold our rich dark chocolate (58.5 cacao) with pecans and creamy caramel in the shape of a real turtle. Turtles are sold in quarter pound increments.

40g 85 percent raw cacao bar
I only eat dark chocolate and I love it. This dark chocolate is rich and very tasty. The cherries and cranberries are both sweet and tart and compliment the chocolate. I live only 60 miles from Mackinaw so this brand and chocolate is special to me. - Elizabeth Gustafson
Dark chocolate bark with Michigan cherries and cranberries, drizzled in white chocolate and dusted with maple sugar. A complex and decadent treat. Approx 8 oz.
Mediterranean Sea Salt is sprinkled on top of our signature Vanilla Butter Caramel. Unique and Delicious
Crunchy, salty-sweet goodness! Perfect afternoon snack! - Wendy B.
12 Double Hand-Dipped Dark Chocolate Pretzel Rods
I love the alpha, one of the best dark chocolate I tried. - Lovesuger
Pure Dark Chocolate with Flax Seeds and Crisped Rice
We invite you to enjoy a new experience with the intensity of Esmeraldas cacao which offers fruit, nutty and honey flavors. This 60 % cacao bar has a complex flavor profle with great smoothness and a long finish. Pacari selects the finest ingredients and brings out the best of the bean to offer you a premium chocolate - made at the source in Ecuador.
Dark Chocolate Malt Balls
Very good. I love dark chocolate and I also love cherry. Perfect combo! - Noelle
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12 Dark Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies
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Dark Chocolate Mama Bunny Lolly Carrying a basket full of Easter Eggs. This Lolly is so cute and in delicious dark chocolate!
14 oz chunk of dark chocolate
This is a bite size treat with huge flavor. Our Dark chocolate sea salted caramels Each caramel is dipped in 58.5% dark cacoa with a dash of coarse ground sea salt on top for perhaps the most sublime mix of sweet and salty known to man. Sold individually.

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