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500 Dark Chocolate Products Found
Dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids than other types of chocolate. In other words, it has more of the chocolate element in relation to the sugar and cocoa butter. In recent years, the news of the health benefits of Dark Chocolate has been rising exponentially. It is recommended by many studies that you eat an ounce of Dark Chocolate per day. Most of the products we have here in our Dark Chocolate section are indulgent gifts - not the type of product that you would store next to your vitamins. But rest assured, the dark chocolate contained in these tasty treats is GOOD FOR YOU! If you have questions while browsing our gift selection, please contact us.
 Dark Chocolate Pretzel Gift Box By CPH:Decadent hand dipped dark chocolate pretzels are packaged in an elegant dark brown, gold stamped window box and gold bow. A great gift for the dark chocolate lover! Our pretzels make a wonderful birthday, anniversary or get well gift! 1 lb.
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 Chocolate Bar Assortment Dark Nutty Vegan Belgian:Almond Sea Salt, Hazelnut, Café Praliné, Crunchy Orange Cashew
 Half Pound ALL DARK ASSORTMENT Box:An All Dark combination of our elegant truffles, decadent creams, smooth caramels and delicious chocolate covered nuts. Beautifully packaged.
 The Fix 6 Plain Dark Chocolate Bars:Pure, rich 66% dark chocolate. No harsh bitterness, just the deep chocolate goodness you need!
I can't believe 70% chocolate could taste so good. Great chocolate product that I do not feel guilty about eating.
 Flavor 70:Rich dark chocolate, 140 calories
These chocolates are excellent. Chocolate with sea salt is such a great combination. I would definitely recommend them for someone who likes something other than the ordinary. - Stephanie Barnett
 Milk And Dark Sea Salt Caramel Assortment 1lb:Our ever popular, home-made butter caramels, are dipped in a a thick layer of our pure PMG chocolate, then liberally sprinkled with Mediterranean sea salt. A confection that is both sweet ans savory!
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 Sriracha Dark Chocolate Bars Set Of Four Bars:This combination is sure to set your taste buds on fire!
The bark with pistachios was very good, an excellent combination! - Elliott
 Dark Chocolate Pistachio Bark 1/4 Lbs W/ Gourmet Single Bean:We take our delicious 58.5% dark chocolate and mix it up with pistachios in a thin layer to make a heart healthy treat. Sold in quarter pound increments.
 Easter Chocolate Egg:Large Filled Chocolate Easter Egg
this was a great product and the receiver was very happy. - Cynthia Guidry
 PMG Signature Collection 1lb: Our special "Best of the Best assortment reserved for rare occasions. Chocolate and Vanilla Butter Creams, Orange Creams, Sea Salt Caramels, Raspberry Caramels, Premium Truffles, Pecan Burrs, Meltaways, Peanut Butter Smoothies, Peanut Butter Crispies, Marshmallows, our unique one of a kind French Almonds, Individual Pecans, and our Solid...
 Dark Chocolate MOM Letters:Solid Delicious Dark Chocolate Mom letters.
 Large Velvet Heart:Our largest heart of the season, representing our full range of available chocolates from Lavender Flower to Strawberry Love. This gift comes complete with a large red bow and full color greeting card with your personalized message.

Aztec Pyramid
 Aztec Pyramid:Dark chocolate pyramid filled with caramel and coffee liqueur.
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Cafe Praline Dark Chocolate Bar Coffee Truffle Filling Vegan
 Cafe Praline Dark Chocolate Bar Coffee Truffle Filling Vegan:Café Praliné made with cashew nuts and 100% Arabica, semisweet on the inside, bittersweet on the outside.
Holiday Peppermint Bark 1 Lb
Great quality chocolate. A tasty combination of dark and white chocolate along with crushed peppermint. - Kevin
 Holiday Peppermint Bark 1 Lb:This creative combination of the classic holiday candy cane is a mixture of refreshing white and dark chocolate, blended with crushed peppermint candy canes and topped with even more candy cane! Packaged in an exclusive holiday red and white Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company box.
Coal Dark Chocolate
 Coal Dark Chocolate:Dark Chocolate Coal. Perfect Stocking Stuffer!
16pc Classic Collection
Every piece unique and delicious. This gift was greatly appreciated. - Robert s perra
 16pc Classic Collection:Chocolatines' originality meets timeless French flavors in this elegant collection.
Bass Fish
 Bass Fish:Set the Hook into the Largemouth Chocolate Bass! Tastes MUCH better than the real thing. Delicious in Dark Chocolate!
Spicy Mouse Dark Or Milk Chocolate Truffle
 Spicy Mouse Dark Or Milk Chocolate Truffle:Milk or Dark Chocolate Mouse Truffle made with cinnamon, vanilla and habanero pepper!
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Dark Chocolate Tablet Double Happiness
 Dark Chocolate Tablet Double Happiness:If you just want to try a little piece of dark Belgian chocolate 72%.
Umbrella Favor
 Umbrella Favor:A sweet gift for any occasion that could use an umbrella... bridal shower, baby shower... or maybe just to thank someone for taking care of you.
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Mustache Lollipops Set Of 12
 Mustache Lollipops Set Of 12:12 mustache lollipops in dark, milk and white chocolate.
Dark Chocolate Happy St Patricks Day Shamrock Lolly
 Dark Chocolate Happy St Patricks Day Shamrock Lolly:Dark Chocolate Happy St. Patricks Day Shamrock Lollipop.
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Dark Chocolate Bar With Hazelnuts
 Dark Chocolate Bar With Hazelnuts:Classic Belgian dark chocolate bar, naturally vegan it's just chocolate and hazelnuts

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