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65 Chocolate Wedding Favors Found
Delightful and one-of-a-kind chocolate wedding favors are available from a variety of chocolate shops at at all price ranges. We work with chocolate providers who have artisan and handmade truffles, milk chocolates, and specialty creations. They can be packaged in a custom box or sold in bulk for you to package on your own. Due to the high volume of chocolate items that are usually required for events, many orders for event favors require expedited shipping. To find product with the best shipping options, please use our filtering options to narrow your search by zip code. You can also select the price range that is best suited for your event. Many of our products have pricing tiers available so that you can see the discount for high volume orders.  Thank you for visiting
Tasty, and pretty good for the price. - David C
 Holiday Peppermint Bark Candy To Go 2 Oz:Holiday Peppermint Bark Candy To Go 2 oz Bags
 Terracotta Bar:41% cacao milk chocolate with tamari almonds and Himalyan Pink Sea Salt. It's a classic salty-sweet combination that's so addictive.
 Baby 12 Shower Chocolate Flavored Coffee Spoon Favor:Cute Baby Shower Chocolate Covered Flavored Coffee Spoon Favors
 2oz Chocolate Peach Boxed:2oz Chocolate Peach Boxed. This peach is milk chocolate foiled in peach and packaged into a clear box with white shred as a base. Wrapped with a gold stretch loop this gift does well for weddings, table favors, home made gift baskets, and can be hung on the Christmas tree for a yummy surprise on Christmas morning.
 White Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Favors:Party or Wedding Favors - White Chocolate Marshmallow Treat
 Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Pop:An enrobed brownie, on a stick. Sounds too simple to be so good. We took our regular sized brownie bite and gave it a stick. It allows for better dunking we think. Others think it make great gifts for kids, or favors for parties. Try and decide yourself!
 Edible Photo Chocolate Wedding Favors:The lollipops are 3" in diameter flower shaped, they will be in a cello bag and tied in a satin ribbon.
 Sephra Belgian A La Carte Chocolate Cups:Sephra Mini Belgian Dark Chocolate Cups. 192 cups per box. Dimensions of each cup are 1 inch tall by 1.35 inches wide. Each holds approx. 1 oz of dessert.
 12 White Vintage Lace Designer Oreos:One Dozen Box of Wilbur Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies, decorated with the White Vintage Lace design on Wilbur chocolate. Our designs are produced using edible food-grade ink mixed with a cocoa butter base. The design melts right in to the chocolate, so there is no taste or texture, just the silky chocolate on our crunchy Oreos!
 Yes I Do Alphabet Milk Chocolate Gift:What Candy Says LLC
 Munch 3 Pack Mama CocoNut MapleNut Munch:1 each: mama munch, coco-nut munch and maple-nut munch, each bag 2 oz
 12 Autumn Designer Oreos:One Dozen Box of Wilbur Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies, decorated with assorted Autumn Leaves designs on Wilbur chocolate.

Gold Clear View Box Of 6 Oreo Picture Cookies
 Gold Clear View Box Of 6 Oreo Picture Cookies:A Gold Box of 6 Oreo® Picture Cookies from Lady Fortunes® is a picture perfect gift for every occasion!
Creek House 100 Pc Bulk White Espresso Truffles
 Creek House 100 Pc Bulk White Espresso Truffles: Please order at least 2 business days in advance of required ship date. The best of both! Premium white chocolate covers an espresso ganache filling that is made with our darkest chocolate. Our white chocolate is of the highest quality and is not overly sweet. It also makes a beautiful truffle. We use bittersweet chocolate that gives...
Bulk Award Winning Artisan Chocolates
 Bulk Award Winning Artisan Chocolates:Bulk Award Winning Artisan Chocolates
Santander Dark Chocolate Espresso Coffee Mini Bars Box
 Santander Dark Chocolate Espresso Coffee Mini Bars Box:70% Cacao, Columbian Single Origin, 100% Espresso Coffee, and perfect for home or business. Send these 1 oz. chocolates that friends and family will love!
9 Milk Chocolate Banana Nut Cake Pops
 9 Milk Chocolate Banana Nut Cake Pops:9 Milk Chocolate Banana Nut Cake Pops

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