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500 Chocolate Truffles Found
We offer chocolate truffles in elegant boxes and in a variety of creative styles and contents. Our vendors provide chocolate gift boxes full of delightfully creative ideas: rolled in powder, filled with ganache, rich and creamy, dark and delicious, filled with champagne, filled with fruits, mixed with hazelnuts, almonds, and coffee. If you have any questions about the chocolate truffles we offer here, please contact us via the customer service section (see link at the top of the page). Thank you.
OMG! I am a very persnickety chocolate eater. Not a chocoholic, I only eat dark chocolate and only if it's VERY good. I originally purchased from just to keep one of my mileage programs intact. My husband will eat anything chocolate (even if it tastes like wax), so I figured I could get points with him and my mileage program at the same time. But, he has yet to taste one of these double dark chocolate heart truffles because they are so good I'm hoarding them! Seriously, before this, my favorite chocolatier was in Sonoma. But, I believe these chocolates are even better! Even more impressive, the company called me to ask me to wait for the UPS truck to ensure they didn't get too hot waiting outside all day. They take the quality of their chocolate seriously. As much as I do! I will absolutely positively order from again and again! - Lynn Kesterson-Townes
 Creek House 24 Pc Double Dark Heart Truffles: Beautiful heart shaped bittersweet chocolate truffles filled with a creamy all dark chocolate center. A must for the dark chocolate lover.  A classic truffle flavor enhanced with our premium chocolate, pure ingredients, and caring touch. Dark chocolate ganache filling is enrobed with our 72% cacao bittersweet chocolate.  Gift boxed...
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 Philadelphia Candies Assorted Dark Chocolates Gift Box: Our signature assortment of dark chocolates. Each piece is made-from-scratch using the finest ingredients available. Enjoy rich creams, fruits, nuts, caramels, nougats and meltaways. Each gift box contains the following exact assortment. Nuts: 1 almond, 1 pecan, 2 dates, 2 brazils, 2 cashews, 2 filberts (10 nut pieces); Creams: 1 blueberry...
These were a gift for my grandmother and she said they were absolutely beautiful. She loved the packaging, presentation and the cake truffle treats were delicious! - R.Ventimiglia
 Rose Cake Truffle Gift Box Of 12: Just in time for Mother's Day. These decadent cake truffle roses have a secret combination of ingredients to make them insanely delicious. Our rich fugdy double chocolate cake recipe is mixed with just the right amount of cream cheese frosting; made into bite size treats; drenched in white chocolate coating; then embellished with a beautiful...
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My first order and of course a concern. I was told they are delicious - awesome. I'll order again. - Colleen fraser
 12 Truffle Variety Box: There is something about the nature of truffles that can hypnotize. From the succulent aroma to the decedent flavor explosion, each bite allows you to taste the slow pour of rich dark chocolate over moist cake, fusing them into one mouth-sized symphony. Truffles are our passion. We make them in small batches with quality ingredients...
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The German Chocolate and Italian Espresso take me back to some great European trips ! Am just slowly working up nerve to go get a different one - - maybe a bit selfish ? - David Carey
 Premium Truffle Assortment 1 Lb:a premium assortment of our mouth watering truffles. Award-Winning chocolates that please the palate, delight your taste buds and please the palate! Including some new and exciting flavors such as Southern Grasshopper, California Pistachio, German Chocolate and Italian Espresso to name a few!
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My wife ordered PMG TRUFFLE ASSORTMENT 1LB gift for my birthday. I loved all the chocolates. The box was wrapped beautifully. We received it on time. EMAIL follow up of shipping, to delivery was very impressive and prompt. I will definitely be recommending your company again to all family and friends... and be a returning customer as well. Thank you for excellence in service!!... - Michael keating
 PMG Truffle Assortment 1lb:A mouth watering selection of our very best handcrafted truffles with flavors including Champagne, Hazelnut, Amaretto, Tiramisu, Raspberry, Chocolate, Caramel and MORE!
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 Sweetheart Sampler:Beautiful, plush red velvet keepsake box with 9 award winning truffles in assorted flavors.
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 Valentine's Day Truffle Collection: For the LOVE of chocolate! Share dark chocolate truffle love with your special sweetheart and all the important people in your life. Flavored with warm, sweet spices and the citrusy tang of passion fruit, this 12 piece truffle collection is sure to please all of your loved ones. Don't forget some chocolate love for yourself, too! Contains...
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 Love At First Bite Truffle Collection Red Swirl:Our "Love at First Bite" truffle collection is packed with passion and filled with divine delights. Treat your Valentine to a 29 piece gourmet chocolate truffle assortment. A sophisticated treat for someone sweet!     
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I think this assortment has some of the finest dark chocolates you can find. The makers recommend you enjoy it within two you know it is fresh. No preservatives and only the best ingredients go into these creations. Worth the money and you will get it quickly. I am easy to please, but I love when something makes me proud to have found the best of the best. - Chrisstian
 32 Piece Chocolate Collection:A journey through our complete line of available chocolates presented in our elegant staircase box with a hand tied ribbon and bow. We recommend that all of our fresh all natural chocolates are enjoyed within two weeks of receiving.
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 Red Velvet Truffles In A Pink Heart Box:14 red velvet truffles in a heart shaped box with dragonflies
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 Philadelphia Candies Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles:Think all peanut butter chocolate is created equal? If you are a true peanut butter fan, you'll instantly taste the difference when you try our famous Peanut Butter Truffles. Our own made-from-scratch peanut butter center is blanketed in rich, smooth Philadelphia milk chocolate. A classic favorite with 28 truffles per box.

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Philadelphia Candies Milk Chocolate French Mint Truffles
 Philadelphia Candies Milk Chocolate French Mint Truffles:Our own, made-from-scratch french mint meltaway centers are blanketed in rich, smooth Philadelphia milk chocolate. Each box contains 28 meltaways, enough for a dinner party or as a hostess gift.
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Philadelphia Candies Assorted Milk Chocolates Gift Box
 Philadelphia Candies Assorted Milk Chocolates Gift Box: Our signature assortment of classic chocolates. Each piece is made-from-scratch using the finest ingredients available. Enjoy rich creams, fruits, nuts, caramels, nougats and meltaways. Each gift box contains the following exact assortment. Nuts: 1 almond, 1 pecan, 2 dates, 2 brazils, 2 cashews, 2 filberts (10 nut pieces); Creams: 1 blueberry...
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Luxury  French Chocolate Magnetic Gift Box
This was the first chocolate valentines gift I had given, and I was glad to learn it was very good.  The recipient loved every single piece, and he enjoyed trying out various flavors in this box.  The fact that it looked luxurious was a plus as well! - Rae
 Luxury French Chocolate Magnetic Gift Box: Exquisite international awards winners artisan French chocolates. Contains 15 pieces of delicious ganaches, pralines & truffles. Dark 73% cocoa, milk 54% cocoa and white. Flavors as Rose ganache dark chocolate, truffle dark chocolate, marron glace caramel milk chocolate, dark chocolate ganache covered on white chocolate salted butter,...
Christmas And Holiday Ultimate Truffle Gift Box
These chocolates are wonderful! They are absolutely to-die-for! The gift box is gorgeous and was beautifully adorned by a gold bow. This item was shipped and received quickly. I will definitely order from Rexies again! - Donna Powers
 Christmas And Holiday Ultimate Truffle Gift Box:If you are looking for that perfect gift for someone you want to impress or someone who has just about everything, try our most exclusive presentation " a red quilted leather look two-tier box filled with an assortment of 32 pieces of Sweet Rexie's award winning signature chocolate truffles and assorted chocolates.
Truffles Assorted 24 Piece Gift Box
 Truffles Assorted 24 Piece Gift Box:Our Twelve Piece Assortment of Dark, Milk, and White Chocolate Truffles are the best of the best. Each truffle is made with the finest ingredients and the most loving intentions. A perfect indulgence for yourself or someone you love.
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Chocolate Torte Dessert Truffles '4 Piece 8 Oz'
 Chocolate Torte Dessert Truffles '4 Piece 8 Oz':This is reminiscent of the fabulous desserts found in those beloved European Bakeries!
Flavors Of The Heart 7 Piece Chocolate Truffle Assortment
 Flavors Of The Heart 7 Piece Chocolate Truffle Assortment:Show your love for that special someone with a selection of Dilettante's finest truffles nestled in an edible chocolate heart box. This one's sure to impress.
28 Pc Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Gift Set
Very nice product and was delivered on time. - Rashmi sinha
 28 Pc Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Gift Set:The perfect gift - chocolate! These truffles will delight the receiver, so whether you are saying thank you, job well done, I love you or I'm sorry, this is the perfect gift for you. Give the chocolate truffles gift set today!
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Medium Signature Collection
 Medium Signature Collection:12 Piece box. Includes Caramel with sea salt, mint, tangerine and ancho chili, dark chocolate, hazelnut, elderflower, Strawberry/lemon-thyme, rosemary with mushroom salt and Madagascar green peppercorn and black lava salt
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Assorted Hazelnut Truffles Gift Box 6oz
 Assorted Hazelnut Truffles Gift Box 6oz:Fourteen Count Assortment of our Award Winning Hazelnut Truffles in a Beautiful Gift Box.
16 Piece Espresso Chocolate Truffles
 16 Piece Espresso Chocolate Truffles:Toscano espresso creates a mocha experience with our chocolate ganache.
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Philadelphia Candies Milk Chocolate Assorted Meltaways
 Philadelphia Candies Milk Chocolate Assorted Meltaways:Our own made-from-scratch meltaway centers are blanketed in rich, smooth Philadelphia milk chocolate. Enjoy Amaretto, Cappuccino, Cherry Cheesecake, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, French Mint, Kahlua, Peanut Butter, and Raspberry meltaways in this delicious assortment! Each box contains 28 pieces for a full variety.

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Different Types of Chocolate Truffles

byCreek House Patisserie

Not all chocolate truffles are the same. There is the classic round shaped truffle, made with a firm ganache, then rolled in cocoa powder, powdered sugar, or nuts. A dipped truffle has been formed, then dipped in tempered chocolate to coat or "enrobe" it in a thin crisp chocolate coating. A molded truffle or "bonbon" starts with heavy polycarbonate molds in different shapes. The mold cavities are coated with a thin coating of tempered chocolate, then filled with ganache, then closed or "capped" with another thin layer of tempered chocolate on the bottom. If made correctly, the truffles come out of the molds very easily after the chocolate has set or "crystallized". The final product should be a beautiful shiny truffle with a nice "snap" of chocolate when bitten into.