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WowWee Maui's Corp

WowWee Maui's Corp is based in Kahului, HI and has been a Chocolate.org vendor since May 7, 2012. Chocolate.org offers 0 products from WowWee Maui's Corp.

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About WowWee Maui's Corp

Once upon a time there was a Candy Man who lived at the top of Haleakala Crater Maui. Lost, lonely and searching for his future, he journeyed down the mountain into the unknown. Although he had a nutrition background he braved the elements with all he had to his name: sugar, cocoa, butter and skim milk. One day, he was spotted by some children who yelled out, "Yo! Candy Man!" At that moment, the Candy man had a vision. His purpose in life was, among other things, to create a good tasting candy bar that would not only be chewy, but commercially viable. Believing that, "What the mind can conceive and what the heart can believe, you can achieve," he embarked on a voyage to make his dream for all a reality. With nothing but a deep commitment and a great deal of hope and faith, he created 8 different candy bars within one year and a few more in the melter. These candy bars are: 

Milk Chocolate with Macadamia Nuts and Chewy Banana
Milk Chocolate, Kona Coffee and Caramel
White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Crunch
Milk Chocolate and Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts
Milk Chocolate and Hawaiian Coconut
Milk Chocolate, Maui's Kaanapali Estate Coffee, Toffee
Wow-Wee Maui Kava Chocolate Bar 
Maui KITCH'N COOK'D Potato Chip and Chocolate 

At this time, he had everything but more hours in a day, a lamp and a "name" for the candy bars. Seeking clarity, at the edge of dawn, he returned to the crater of Haleakala, only to see Maui's rope whistling towards the horizon to capture the sun god, as his first rays of light pierced the chocolate darkness. The blazed Candy Man found his name only after vowing to forever give excellent universal service and the best candy bar for all man and woman kind. Yes! the handsome youthful Candy Man saw a magical Candy Lady! "WOW-WEE!" the Candy Man exclaimed. ...the rest is confectionary history. 

WowWee Maui's Corp is located at 333 Dairy Rd # 101, Kahului, HI 96732 United States.


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