World's Best Toffee

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World's Best Toffee
22440 Cypress Place, Suite 100, Santa Clarita, CA 91390 United States
Founded ten years ago by two sisters-in-law, World’s Best Toffee is a true family business, employing family members in every aspect of our operation.

World’s Best Toffee is a top secret family recipe; entirely hand made and every order is fresh to you. We use the finest ingredients, and no preservatives. We use Ghirardelli chocolate and pure cane sugar.

World’s Best Toffee is elegant and exclusive, maintaining the home made goodness upon which the company was founded.

Our toffee has that kind of special sweetness that evokes the most basic sensation of delicious satisfaction. With that in mind, we invite you to experience World's Best Toffee.

World’s Best Toffee, Spreading Love one Bite at a Time!
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