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VE Chocolates
8662 Avenida de la Fuente, Suite #15, San Diego, CA 92154 United States
At VE Chocolates, creating chocolate truffles can often be a complex matter. We pride ourselves in pairing our proprietary ganaches (fillings) with the chocolate whose intrinsic flavor and qualities best serve to enhance the ganache it is coating. Our Maître Chocolatier achieves this by capitalizing on his expertise and internationally acquired experience to achieve confections with flavors and textures uniquely sublime. For example using exclusively Varlhona Chocolates, our dark raspberry chocolates are paired with 64% Manjari™, which are Criollo™ and Trinitario™ cocoa, beans from Madagascar: a blend of exquisite but powerful notes of red fruits, which combine perfectly with our raspberry ganache. Our coffee truffle is made with 66% Trinitario coca beans from the Caribbean Islands maximizing on its rounded, harmonious, but mild base with just a hint of sweetness and delicate notes of almond and roasted coffee to fully bring out the flavor. 
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