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340 Great Road, Acton, MA 01720 United States
The Happy Chocolatier™ LLC and his Cubze™ concept were born from a love of chocolate. Paul McMahon is known to family and friends as “the candy man,” which began with his six-year stint at a local retailer/manufacturer of traditional American chocolates. He arrives for any visit, birthday or holiday with chocolates in hand, making people smile with delight. The future became the present when he left his long-time job at the start of 2011 and decided to make a go of a career in the chocolate business. An entrepreneur at heart, Paul dusted off the briefcase full of ideas and created a business, The Happy Chocolatier, and his signature confections line, Cubze. Cubze, creamy rich truffles in a unique cube shape coated in chocolate, are each hand wrapped and include an inspirational message about happiness. They are hand made with high-quality ingredients. Cubze are available in a delicious variety of flavors such as cappuccino, chocolate, chocolate mint, chocolate walnut, cookies & cream, cranberry walnut, peanut butter and maple, coated in either milk or dark chocolate. Paul’s idea is that people can enjoy a single piece or share the happiness by giving the chocolate as a gift.
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