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The Brandied Cake
E18056 State Hwy 82/33, Hillsboro, WI 54634 United States
We specialize in elegant liquor cakes for the discerning palate.  Made with only the finest of ingredients and top shelf liquors, our cakes make the perfect gift or dessert for your special occasion!

About us...
What started out as one family request for my late mother's Kahlua Fudge Cake, grew to people asking us to create cakes in more of their favorite cocktail flavors! We soon realized it was our destiny to bake the most incredible tasting liquor cakes available on the market. But that wasn't enough. Our customers were asking for custom designs on those cakes. We listened! Now, every cake that leaves our bakery is artfully designed, custom cake quality, available to everyone!  
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Madison, WI  |  LaCrosse, WI  |  Dubuque, IA