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Taza Chocolate
561 Windsor Street, Suite B106, Somerville, MA 02143 United States
Founded in 2006, Taza Chocolate was born out of a desire to combine the Mesoamerican tradition of chocolate with a modern, high-quality product manufactured in a socially responsible way.

In 2005, Taza cofounder Alex Whitmore traveled to Oaxaca to steep himself in the history and culture of Mexico. There, he learned about the pre-Columbian ritual of “xocolātl” in Latin America, and the customs that surrounded the transformation of cacao into a drink. Having grown up eating European-style chocolate candy, Alex was surprised and inspired by the simplicity of the Oaxacan treatment of chocolate. He was compelled by the minimal processing and traditional method of stone grinding the beans… so much so that he was moved to start a business dedicated to crafting artisan, Mexican-style chocolate in the United States.

Today, Taza produces thousands of chocolate bars each month, which are sold in almost every state. Our chocolate has been featured in major publications like Gourmet Magazine, The Art of Eating, Food & Wine, and more. Some of the best restaurants in the country use Taza Chocolate in their kitchens. Best of all, we are proud to say we have had a positive effect on our community, our industry, and livelihood and welfare of our growers. Taza Chocolate looks forward to a bright future crafting innovative new products and setting the trend for industry reform.
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Taza Chocolate is based in Somerville, MA and has been a seller in our gift network since June, 2010. Chocolate.org offers 11 products from Taza Chocolate.

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