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SWEET EXPERTISE, LLC - Employees Sweet Expertise is the retail division of our wholesale confectionery company. In early 2006, we initially began as a wholesale operation until the retail sector literally came knocking on our door. When we first opened, people would knock on our door wanting to know if they could come in and buy our chocolates directly. The requests were so numerous and the responses were so favorable that we founded this company just to keep up with the demand. From humble beginnings, we have come a long way since our inception. Sweet Expertise has recently been through significant growth as we branch out into new market places and new product lines. This expansion has allowed Sweet Expertise to enter the internet and premium gourmet chocolate retail markets as well. Our chocolates are now available through mail order, online and at specialty shops both nationwide and internationally. Sweet Expertise has also had the honor of being notably recognized in various media outlets. While simultaneously leading 2 businesses within our organization, we remain dedicated to crafting delicious chocolates. From our carefully selected ingredients to our artisan process and custom packaging, we strive to provide the finest treats. We want to go beyond the ordinary and provide products that are not found in mass market candy stores. Our commitment to quality goes beyond our gourmet products and includes our service to our customers as well. Our goal is to treat every customer as special. Despite our festive work atmosphere, everyone here is committed and serious about what they do. We think that chocolate should be exciting. Combining premium ingredients with imagination and flair is something we are all passionate about. We hope that you enjoy browsing through our current offerings for some great gift ideas. Sweet Expertise hopes you enjoy consuming our products as much as we enjoy making them. We look forward to helping make your next special occasion a sweet one!
Gift Box SWEET EXPERTISE, LLC is based in Hamden, CT and has been a seller in our gift network since November, 2007. Chocolate.org offers 178 products from SWEET EXPERTISE, LLC.

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