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83 Sugar Plum Chocolates Products Found   About The Seller
I gave this as a gift & was impressed with the presentation & quality as well as the uniqueness of the product. It was a very interesting twist on a cupcake and lasts longer than the cake type of cupcakes. - Kelli
Cookies 'n Creme Ch'up Cake  White Belgian Chocolate crushed cookies
Belgian Chocolate Espresso Ch'up Cake
Sugar Plum's Easter Bunny Pizza is the perfect chocolate treat
Assorted Easter Chocolates Gift Tray
Arrived speedily and allowed me to make a board presentation with a humorous beginning. Thanks - Royal
Chocolate Gavel is perfect for the Law graduate
This was a birthday gift for my chocoholic father and he loved it! They sent me a photo when it arrived and I loved the pic. Presentation was wonderful and he said the chocolate was good all the way till the very last bite. - R.Ventimiglia
Beautiful Tropical Dream Tray will whisk you away to an island of chocolate delights. 
Our famous chocolate pizza pie!
This tray of goodies is a winner for any chocolate dessert lover.
Chocolate Golf Ball set with Tee.
Our famous chocolate pizza made just for Dad.  The perfect fun gift for any Dad!
Chocolate Eruption Gift Tray

Our Halloween Chocolate Handmade Pizza is made of solid Premium Milk Chocolate & crushed Oreo Cookies, then topped off with chocolate gravestones, pumpkins, bat, witches moon & a white chocolate mummy.
These were fun! - Robin Jones
Sink your fangs into a Zombie Bar from Sugar Plum Chocolates!.. These premium chocolate bars come in zombie green with crispies added for that extra crunch. Ghoulicious!
Sugar Plum's second biggest platter is huge crowd-pleaser. Literally! It's a huge assortment of our classics treats!
A delectable sweet and salty snack that was created for a sweet tooth craving some crunch in their life!
A gourmet pretzel tray that packs a crunch! Our Gourmet Pretzel Tray is great for indulgent snacking!
With all of our most popular items in one basket, it'll be a challenge to make this delicious assortment last for eight days!
A festive stack of five blue and silver gift boxes packed with enough sweets to last for eight whole nights!
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8oz of hand-crafted, Stout Beer-flavored cashews come in a veritable conversation piece - redneck wine glass. 
New Item
 8oz of hand-crafted, Tennessee Whiskey-flavored almonds come in a veritable conversation piece
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24oz assortment of our mouth-watering, hand-crafted, Irish Stout Beer-flavored cashews, Jamaican Lager Beer-flavored peanuts and Tennessee Whiskey-flavored almonds
New Item
16oz Tennessee Whiskey Almonds Tin
New Item
 8oz Jamaican Lager Beer Peanuts in Redneck Glass

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