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Sterling Confections
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From the moment you first experience the Sterling Truffle Bar, you expect something extraordinary. Its triangular shape. The vibrant colors. Its contemporary designs. And most importantly, anticipating how the spectacular flavors will come together. Not unlike an original painting, each Sterling Truffle Bar is a one-of-a-kind chocolate experience. Sterling has transformed the common truffle into a distinctive chocolate canvas, hand-painted with vivid and artistic designs that not only entice the eye, but also tempt the palate. But the real beauty of Sterling Truffle Bars is more than skin deep. With the first bite, you’ll experience how each Sterling Truffle bar begins with some of the finest chocolate available in the world. Next, we flavor each truffle bar with a unique blend of original flavors that not only stand out on their own, but also complement one another. Finally, we customize each Sterling Truffle Bar with a hand-decorated design that creates a completely new confection that is so unique, we’ve applied to patent the manufacturing process. If you think you’ve had it all when it comes to chocolate, Sterling Truffle Bars smashes those beliefs. Pineapple ginger macadamia nut, double hazelnut caramel, rocky road, banana honey caramel and white chocolate raspberry and peppermint are only a handful of the rich flavors we’ve skillfully infused in our truffles bars. We’ve framed these decadent flavor combinations in a luxurious chocolate truffle that tempts, teases and ultimately satisfies the senses.
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