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30 Third Street, Akron, PA 17501 United States
Smith Organic Chocolates - Employees Smith Organic Chocolates began almost on a whim. That may seem silly, but our passion for chocolate got the better of us. Perusing a gift catalog (the ones you throw away), Donna Smith found a little gadget that melts chocolate. It looked fun! In early 2007, Donna made a lot of chocolates and GAVE them away! People liked them and asked, "Are you going to sell these?" She thought, "Hmmm. Maybe I should." And a chocolate company that uses 99% certified organic ingredients was born in Lancaster County, PA. Since then, Smith Organic Chocolates has made many scrumptious organic chocolate truffles, barks, clusters, and holiday molded treats - all made by hand - and 99% of our ingredients are certified organic (just a few non-FD&C dyes for our white chocolate are all-natural, & all from vegetable sources). Our specialties & signature chocolates usually elicit a reaction of "OMG!" or "Wow!" In the summer of 2008, Smith Organic Chocolates was mentioned in an article by the Associated Press entitled "High Tech Chocolate Makers Seek Sweet Success" first published on In February 2011, The Daily Green mentioned us for Valentine's Day. Donna is a 2008 graduate of an online chocolate school, where she graduated at the top of her class. Our Non-Dairy Dark Chocolate Truffles were reviewed by VegNews Magazine (Jan-Feb. 2011) in a taste test comparison with other dark chocolate truffles. We came out well. They went head-to-head with other truffles, some of them dairy. We make both vegan & dairy truffles. We are approved by the PA Dept. of Agriculture & are currently in the process of USDA Organic Certification, which we hope will be completed in 2012.
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Smith Organic Chocolates is based in Akron, PA and has been a seller in our gift network since June, 2009. offers 43 products from Smith Organic Chocolates.

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