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Roni-Sue's Chocolates
120 Essex Street, # 11/12 Essex Street Market, New York, NY 10002 United States
Roni-Sue’s Chocolates—the finest and freshest ingredients artfully crafted into a selection of homemade truffles, our critically acclaimed honey & tea lollipops, caramels, seasonal specialties and of course buttercrunch—our signature candy.
Rhonda Kave, an entrepreneur and chocolatier owns and operates Roni-Sue’s Chocolates in the historic Essex Street Market on NYC’s Lower East Side. With over twenty years of experience making handmade chocolates, she’ll win you over with her unique and deeply flavorful treats! Kave draws inspiration from exploring both exotic and local markets to find new and special ingredients—layering different elements to create a nuanced flavor profile.
Hometown favorite Roni-Sue has been featured in the NY Times, NY Magazine, TimeOut New York, NY Post, Daily News, Newsweek, Gourmet, Newsday, Washington Post, an in depth profile in Edible Manhattan as well as numerous mentions in the foreign press. Roni-Sue has appeared on Martha Stewart radio and T.V.’s Fox & Friends and is the subject of frequent comments in the blogosphere from Serious Eats, Grubstreet, Blondie & Brownie, Feedbag, UrbanDaddy, etc. Yelp recently declared Roni-Sue’s Pig Candy one of New York’s Best Dishes of 2008.
Featured on several NYC food and chocolate tours including City Food Tours, the Enthusiastic Gourmet and SweetWalks NYC Chocolate tour Roni-Sue’s Chocolates, where everything is handmade on site, is a destination stop for locals and visitors to NYC alike. While strolling through the Essex Street Market it’s a treat to stop and watch them hand-roll and hand dip their truffles, stir their buttercrunch toffee in a huge cast iron skillet or hand pour each of their delicate tea & honey lollipops. You know it’s fresh and delicious when you watch it being made right before your eyes! It truly is, “simple on the outside, special on the inside.” Why not try some today and see for yourself??
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