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R and R Chocolate Palace, Inc

R and R Chocolate Palace, Inc - EmployeesR and R Chocolate Palace, Inc - Facility R and R Chocolate Palace, Inc is based in Valley Village, CA and has been a vendor since September 30, 2010. offers 0 products from R and R Chocolate Palace, Inc.

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About R and R Chocolate Palace, Inc

R and R Chocolate Palace, Inc R & R Chocolates are exquisite handcrafted chocolates made with single origin and single plantation chocolates from around the world using local sweet butter and the finest natural flavorings. Our goal in making these chocolates is to create a perfectly balanced and satisfying confection that reflects the natural flavors in these amazing single origin chocolates.

These delights highlight the wonderful flavor profiles of the rarely encountered Fine Flavor Cacao Beans that these chocolates are made from. Fine Flavor Cacao Beans account for only about 5% of all cacao harvested. The notable beans are the Criollo, Trinitario, and a fine flavor bean of the Forestero variety, the Arriba from Ecuador.

These chocolates all have different flavor profiles which reflect their genetic differences, the terroir and the care in which they were processed. The only flavorings used with these creations compliment the flavor profiles of the chocolates and extend the flavor finish. Taste them so you can experience the delights of finely crafted chocolates made with these rare beans.

Robert Spano and Rosemary Travis have been designing fine chocolate confections using single origin chocolates since 2002. They have been using fine flavor single origin chocolates (and some of the most expensive as well) available and are usually found searching for new chocolates, flavors or just some combination of ingredients that will spoil you and your friend's taste buds forever!

R and R Chocolate Palace, Inc is located at 5505 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Unit B, Valley Village, CA 91607 United States.


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I would like to take a moment of your time to tell you what an amazing employee I have found Ann  to be. She was so helpful to me during all facets of the gift ordering process. I have never dealt with your company before and it was with fear and trepidation that I emailed for help. I need'nt have worried because Ann was there. She took care of everything and made my holiday giving a pleasure. I have since ordered chocolates for family members and Ann was right there to be of assistance. Because of her I have made you guys my chocolatier of choice and record. You have a star here!  - Meg from Ontario, CA