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As legend has it, a number of the Klein's friends who heard the idea said you could go nuts trying to name a store like that. In their excitement, the Klein’s thought their friends said "Oh Nuts" instead of "Go Nuts" and proceeded to throw caution to the wind—and themselves into designing a 15x15 retail space into a warmly cozy experience that would become their flagship store.

While their products were both dairy and non dairy, their first Oh Nuts hand a definite dairy dynamic if for no other reason than the fact they used milk crates as display shelves.

Though as these shelves were displaying absolute freshest selections of imported and domestic nuts, dried fruits and confections, they quickly realized that consumers liked their fresh approach to retailing.

And while the milk crates were eventually replaced by more conventional retail displays and shelving, and the flagship store welcomed an even more impressive sibling less than a year later, one thing that didn't change then—and won't ever change, is the Klein's approach to retailing "Keep It Fresh," "Keep It Fun," "Keep It Phenomenal."

Today, the Oh Nuts brand is a nationally recognized one stop shop for everything in dried fruits, nuts, chocolates, candies, related confections (both finished products and raw ingredients,) custom and pre-configured gift baskets for any occasion, (real or imagined)—even hard to find items like sugar-free and organic products—become remarkably easy to find when you enter the world of Oh Nuts.
Gift Box Oh! Nuts is based in Brooklyn, NY and has been a seller in our gift network since August, 2009. Chocolate.org offers 145 products from Oh! Nuts.

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