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NIRVANA CHOCOLATES BEGAN FROM - a desire to find truly fresh chocolates in the US...Those equal to the quality of chocolates found only in Belgium. So exquisite, in fact, that you find yourself making them part of your daily life, just as the Europeans have. Soon into our quest, we realized that if we wanted our daily chocolate indulgence, we had no choice but to bring this exceptional chocolate to the US ourselves...imported fresh from Belgium. They come from a small shop that still prides itself in crafting artisanal chocolates using only the freshest ingredients and making each morsel with a passion and commitment to creating the best chocolates. Nirvana Chocolates are made in a workshop close to Brugge, the romantic city in Belgium known for artisans that produce the highest quality products, be it medieval architecture, lace and, indeed, the finest Belgian Chocolates.

TODAY, NIRVANA CHOCOLATES ARE - a favorite Belgian chocolate across the US and have received many accolades from the press such as the New York Times, Time and Chocolatier magazines. As we continue to grow, we remain dedicated to bringing you the freshest Belgian chocolates this side of heaven... and hope that these fresh Nirvana Chocolates give you another reason to savor every day!
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