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Blending a rich history of artisinal Belgian chocolate making with a unique approach to flavors, NEWTREE chocolates are naturally rich in antioxidants, each with a unique benefit to promote inner and outer well being.

Explore NEWTREE and discover the ultimate gourmet chocolate experience for mood, body, and soul.

NEWTREE originated in Belgium in 2001 with the vision of uniting science with the art and romance of chocolate making. The name NEWTREE was borne from this vision: "NEW" refers to a new, holistic approach to well-being via mood, body, and soul, while "TREE" alludes to the use of only natural ingredients to represent the best, most authentic flavors in chocolate. In 2003, NEWTREE America Inc., was established to bring this European treasure to the U.S.

Our Mission is to provide the ultimate chocolate experience in taste and well being.
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